Would you watch Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant without Karan Grover?


Life Ok’s Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant will get the lead actor Karan Grover replaced. The show is going great with Karan and Riddhima’s amazing pairing. Shaan and Rajni are the wonder couple of Life Ok. The viewers love to watch them together. Karan plays the role of a scientist Shaan, who has created a helpful robot Rajni. He eventually marries his creation. The show has gained good popularity because of the unique concept. The viewers have appreciated the show a lot. All the characters are humorous. The show’s aim to provide light comedy with a family drama is successful.

The show currently has Bubbles and Amartya’s love story track going on. Shaan and Rajni plan to unite the lovers, while Surili is against it. Karan has put his best talents in Shaan’s character. For those following the show since the start, the role of Shaan belongs to just Karan. Karan is quitting the show for starring in a movie. Karan’s fans are very much upset with his sudden exit. Viewers will miss to see Karan and Riddhima’s sparkling on-screen chemistry. Mohit Malik, Himmanshoo Malhotra, Zain Iman, Shaleen Malhotra or Ashish Choudhary may replace Karan in the show. It has to be seen which actor steps plays Shaan’s character. Would you watch Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant without Karan Grover? Let us know in this fun poll. You may leave your opinion in comments section below.

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  1. No I will not watch Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant without Karan.Plz somebody do something.Karan is best in Ishaan’s role

    1. Yes i too feel the same @ maryam

  2. I love shaan please dont change change or else show will lose its charm

  3. there’s no denying fact of its being one of best concepts…but…?…shaan made it an iconic one….without shaan??…i think no can replace karan ever….no matter how much perfect he is..

  4. NO, i will not watch BHRK without karan , this show without karan is flop show , so i like most this show in lifeok. it is my favoruite show on this channnel .. i back on this show as soon as possible…. without karan trp is go down .. and this show off air soon…

  5. No never Shan I best don’t change

  6. Karan had made Shaan the scientist adorable. I don’t know if someone can replace karan. But I’ll miss karan the creator of Rajni. Any other actor can only copy karan can never be the original Shaan. Please be back karan this is my favorite show.

  7. Don’t replace anyone.. all are perfect. Esp. Shaan and Rajni superb pair.

  8. Without Karan, it is the beginning of the end of the show. The viewers will not find the show any more interesting with the change and definitely stop viewing it.

  9. Shaan’s character is a very intricate character.The one who can portray the naturally without any overdoing should be able to do it.Its an undeniable fact that Karan did a very amazing job as Shaan. His emotions always comes along with his sense of humour.Its a very challenging task and Karan pulled it off with ease. I dont know whether other actors would be able to give the same justice to Shaan as Karan as they might overdo it or even underdo it and it might look super artificial on the screen.I would like to see him to stay. I would like wish best for his breakthrough in bollywood.

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