WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 7


Hi friends ,this is the last part of was that you.iam extremely grateful to all of you who have read my ff and supported me.

Arohi,abhay and prithvi reached nessies home.
Abhay:arohi you stay outside while i and prithvi go and check.
Prithvi:and please inform the police .she can get very dangerous
pritvi and abhay rang the bell and jessie opened the door.
Jessie:why did you guys come here.iam afraid nessie will.do some harm to you
prithvi:its ok. We came here because nessie called us.
They all went towards nessies room.
The whole room was in a mess as if a cyclone had striked.Then they found nessie lying unconscious with a slight cut above her wrist

jessie ran to nessie and tried to wake her up.
Nessie woke up and started screaming then she saw prithvi and abhay.she ran towards prithvi and hugged him.
Nessie:prithvi abhay thank god you guys arrived.see this wound.arohi came and attacked me.
Abhay:are you sure its arohi?
Nessie:yes i saw her face clearly.we need to take her to a mental asylum prithvi she can be dangerous.
Prithvi:ok.one sec let me ask someone else
prithvi called arohi
prithvi:could you come here for a moment

arohi came up to nessies room
Nessie:what are you doing prithvi?she will kill me
abhay:is this the arohi about whom you were talking nessie bcz she was with us this whole time
nessie:what?then it might be someone who looks like arohi
jessie:how much more will you lie nessie.i saw you messing your room and cutting your wrist.moreover i read your diary and got to know about all your plans
nessies face turned pale and she stood there shocked
nessie:so you all know that it was me who did all this.
Abhay:yes.but we need to know why you did all this?
Nessie sat on the floor crying.

Nessie:i dont know.From the day my parents left me i was having psychic problems and had to take treatment for it.i lived only for jessie and wanted to take care of her.in that process i shrunk myself from the outside world.then you guys came and made me a part of prana gang. I was so happy but there also o was.all alone prithvi was always with arohi and abhay with riya.no one cared for me.i was just a wallflower. Moreover i loved you prithvi but you never even looked at me.this made me more angry.when i got to know about the history of forbidden land,i knew this was the right time.i felt that if i remove riya and made you.guys believe that arohi was behind all this then prithvi will hate her and he will start loving me.
Arohi:but why was i having those dreams

nessie:thats bcz i used to hypnotise you .i used to describe you each and everything that happend during the attack but in such a way that you will feel you were the one attacking her.
Jessie:oh god,why nessie how can you be so cruel?
Nessie:iam sorry jessie please dont hate me
Abhay:i feel like killing you now for all these deeds nessie.but i think its better if the police handle you

nessie:the police
she was quite bewildered
Arohi:yes,i have called the police and they will be here any moment
nessie:no,i will decide my punishment

jessie come on close your eyes.i dont want u to see this happening
i will sing the rhyme that i used to sing 4 u when we were kids.
by saying so nessie began moving backwards from the balcony while singing the rhyme
nessie:.rock a bye baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock when the branch brakes the cradle will fall down comes nessie cradle and all.
She sang the last part with a chuckle proud of the twist she brought to the end.
Nessie:good bye friends please forgive me i love u guys
.saying so she jumped from the balcony while prithvi and abhay in a last try tried to save her.but they were late and nessie fell off with a smile on her face.both arohi and jessie were thoroughly shaken up and were clutching each others hands
Prithvi went near arohi and hugged her tight while abhay went near jessie and pacified her.

prithvi arohi abhay and jessie reached the tomb of nessie and riya to place flowers.just when jessie was placing the roses on nessies tomb her fingers got pricked by the thorn and 2 drops of blood fell on nessies and riyas grave as she kept roses over them.while they were leaving the cemetery our focus shifts on to the blood drops being sucked into the grave while the blood red roses lie next to it.

Once again thanks everyone and do tell me who was your favourite character in my story

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  1. Hi my favourite character was prithvi and a aarohi. Y u ended soooooooo soon . Please start season 2

  2. Its all awesum…but i really didn get y blood gets suck inside the grave n wat was its relation with d story..i will u…u may not blv.. i loved Nessie as her character had such shades.. i live shady characters.. as i love horrors n mystries.. u nailed it.. its really too awesum… but yes.. all the characters were too good…i will b happy if only u can xplain my question.. i wonder how much talent is puored inside u.. i hope u come bck with another such horrific or mysterious story… i wud love it..oh yaa.. u may hv wantd such an end but i wonder y cudnt the others present in d scene go n try to save Nessie!! Well its ur story after all n it wass soo awesum…all d best thank u.. i wrote so much..pks dont get irritated 🙂 <3

  3. Thanks blossom and bisha.well bisha the answer for your question is that i wanted to add a horror element in the story at first so that the readers would feel at first that all this was caused by the forbidden land

  4. awesome!! superbly too good !!???

    1. Thanks angle

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