WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 6

Hi friends i was about to stop.my ff fearing that its bcmg dull but thanks for the comments and this one is for all of my tellyupdates friends.

Arohi:it was me prithvi….it was me….the wound,the dream.now it all makes sense.thats why in my dream i couldnt see my attackers face but only her hand.while i felt that it was a dream everything was actually happening.it is all bcz of that cursed land.oh god,why did we even go to that place?
Suddenly abhay began to shake arohi by holding her shoulders tightly.his face was red with anger and he was crying.
Abhay:do you know what you did arohi ? Do you know what she was to me?
Pritvi released arohi from abhay.
Prithvi:all pf the prana members are missing her abhay.she was one of us.she was our friend
Abhay:no she was more than a friend to me.i loved her.we were never able to confess this to each other but i know she loved me too.today you have killed 2 of your friends arohi.you have killed me along with riya
everyone was shocked to here this confession bcz they never expected the 2of them who used to fight with each other a lot were in love with each other.
It was more than bearable to arohi and she ran off

nessie:its ok prithvi,you stay with abhay.i will pacify arohi and drop her home.
When nessie went behind arohi prithvi turned towards abhay.
Prithvi:we still are not sure whether she is the culprit abhay
abhay:you are saying this bcz you love her and care for her.
Prithvi:no, its true that i love her but the main reason why iam saying this is because if she has done thos intentionally thwn she would never confess it.
Look abhay i dont know whether this is actually the haunting from the forbidden land or something else.however,if arohi.has really done something like this then we should take her to a psychiatrist.
Abhay:you are right prithvi.iam sorry
for overreacting
prithvi:its ok bro.we need to keep a watch on arohi tonight.can you help me with it ?
pritvi:call nessie and ask her to be at home itself.i dont want to take any risk of its not arohi
abhay tried nessies phone but she was not picking up

Abhay called nessies sister jessie on phone.jessie was the only one for whom nessie lived.nessie had lost her parents at a very young age and went into depression since then.it was the prana gang and jessie who made nessie come out of it.jessie was like an extended member of prana gang

jessie: hi abhay.sorry to hear about riya
abhay:yeah its.our.great loss.anyway jessie of nessie has come back then please tell her not to come out of her house today.we should be more careful about the attacker from now on
jessie:ok o will inform her.take care

jessie was about to enter into nessies room when.she found something shocking
abhay and pritvi came to arohis room at 7

Arohi:prithvi,abhay what are guys doing here?
Prithvi: we are going to watch you tonight yo make sure whetger you actually getting pocessed or its just your imagination
Arohi:no prithvi,its dangerous.i dont want to lose you guys just like the way we lost riya
abhay:you wont arohi.moreover it will help us to bring you back even if you are really pocessed.
Arohi:ok then i will only agree to tie me to this chair
prithvi:its not necessary arohi.we will be safe
arohi:no i will only allow you guys to stay here if you agree to tie me
abhay:ok as you say
Abhay and prithvi tied arohi to the chair and was keeping a watch over her.
At 12 in the midnight arohi started behaving wierdly.she was trying to untie herself and started mumbling something.
Prithvi and abhay tried to stop her but by that time she was able to untie herself.
Prithvi and abhay was shocked and starred at her while she moved towards them.but she went pass them towards a corner and acted as if she was stabbing some one and slitting their wrist.
Prithvi and abhay went near her and woke her up.by shaking her
arohi:what happend?

Prithvi:i think you were hypnotized
abhay:yes me too.but who will do it?
Just then abhay got jessies call.
Jessie:abhay,it was all nessie.it was she who killed riya and attacked you she said in a whispering tone and she sounded panicky
abhay:what are you saying jessie?
Jessie:believe me i have seen her planning something and she was having a red rose in her hand.i cant say anything else.
Abhay told everything to prithvi and arohi
arohi:no.i dont believe it nessie would never do anything like that
just then prithvi got nessies call and he put it in speaker
Nessie: pritvi please help me arohi is here and she is trying to kill me.
Saying so she disconnected the phone
abhay:it was nessie.she is the one

I hope i didnt confuse you .next one will b the last update and we will get to know why she did this

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