WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 4


Hi friends.hope u are going to like this part too.
Prithvi and arohi were walking to prithvis car since he had offered to drop her.
Suddenly prithvi noticed a bandaid on arohis finger
Prithvi:arohi what happend to your finger?
Arohi;nothing prithvi its just a small cut.I noticed it only yesterday after coming from trip.
Suddenly arohi realised something
Arohi:prithvi, what if the cut was present while we were in the graveyard
Prithvi: so what?
Arohi:dont you remember the inscription the souls are thirsty for blood.if the wound was present when we were in the graveyard means.oh prithvi maybe i was the one you awoke the souls by my blood
Prithvi:come on arohi its nothing like that moreover iam sure that you might have got the wound after that otherwise you would have noticed.
He hugged arohi and took her to car.
Prithvi dropped arohi to her house and drove off
arohis parents had gone for shopping with her younger brother while the maid was busy in kitchen.
She climbed the stairs and went to her room in first floor.
Arohi kept her bag on table and was about to lye on her bed when she saw a red rose kept on the middle of her bed.
She screamed out her lungs and ran from there.
When she reached the ground floor she saw prithvi entering through.the door.she ran and huged him.
The maid came running hearing her scream.
Arohi:rose ……red rose
Prithvi unserstood that arohi has experienced something similar to riya.
Its ok i will handle this he told to the maid
The maid nodded and left
prithvi made arohi sit on the sofa and gave her cold water.
Arohi became ok after sometime
prithvi:what happend arohi?
Arohi:prithvi when i reached the room there was a rose on my bed
Prithvi:do you mind me checking
Arohi nodded no and they went to her room

Prithvi saw the rose and picked it.
It did look similar to one in the graveyard he thought
He looked around and noticed that her window was open
Prithvi:did you leave this window open before going to class?
Arohi:i dont remember
Prithvi:maybe someone entered through your window and kept it.
Arohi:i dont know.iam not able to think anything right now
Pritvi:you take rest. I came to give your phone back which you left in my car.so iam leaving
arohi:no prithvi stay for a while.iam scared
Prithvi:ok,i will stay till your parents reach
They chatted with each other till her parents came back.
Next day the gang discussed everything.
Abhay:this is going completely out of hand
Nessie:guys i know a fortuneteller maybe she can help is out
Abhay:when did all of you became so superstitious?
Prithvi:yes nessie even i think its done by some human so why to simply go to a fortuneteller
Riya:please guys just once for us
Everyone looked at abhay
Abhay:do i have a choice other than to say yes.

They entered into the fortunetellers tent and sat opposite to her
The fortuneteller looked into the crystal ball for.sometime
fortuneteller:you have entered into some place where you were not allowed to enter.now you have to pay for it.one of you have got pocessed and she or he bound to take revenge.be careful each one of your life is in danger.
Everyone sat numb.finally they gathered enough courage to pay the fortuneteller and get out of this place.
Riya:guys you know what the irony of the situation is ?
Everyone looked at her

Our gangs name is prana meaning life and our prana is in danger.
Abhay:come on do you believe her that one of us will kill the others
prithvi:its either a prank played by one of us or something deadly.Anyway iam sure that it is one of us since no one else knows about us visiting the forbidden land.and we have to find who among us is doing this.
Eachone of them looked at one another

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