WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 3

Hi friends .hope you like the story
the gang returned back to mumbai.Since it was night and they all were tired everyone. went back to their respective houses
Riya entered into her flat .Since she had come to mumbai leaving her hometown for studies she was staying alone
She locked the door went to her bedroom,switched on the light and went to freshen up.
While she was in bathroom she heard sounds from her room but since all the prana members had keys to each others house she thought it was one of them.
When she came out of the bathroom she found her bedroom to be on complete darkness.

Riya:someone must have switched off the light.”abhay” who else would play such stupid pranks.

Suddenly she heard sounds from the main hall. when she reached the main hall she saw the main door open.she rushed out and looked at either side of the corridor.but there was no one
when she came.back.to hall she saw a wild red rose on the table just like those in the graveyard
Riya:abhay you have to.pay for this
Next day the gang met in the canteen after the classes
Abhay:riya can you please pass the.ketchup
She took.the ketchup and poured the whole content onto abhay
everyone looked on surprised and were trying hard to.comtrol.their laugh
Abhay:what the hell i asked the ketchup for eating not bathing.why did you do this?
Riya:tit for tat.you tried to scare me yesterday with your pranks and i pour ketchup on you.simple
Abhay:what pranks? what do you mean?
Riya:oh please abhay.now dont tell me you are not the one who.broke into my house and kept that red rose to frighten me.
Prithvi:but riya I was with abhay the entire night since my parents were having party at home and i was too tired to attend it
Riya:what then who broke into my house.did any of you?
She asked looking at nessie and arohi
Arohi:No riya we will never do something like that.
Nessie:guys iam not feeling good about it.
Arohi:same here nessie.can you please check in net aboit forbidden land.
Abhay:oh come on.do you girls seriously think that a ghost broke into her house.you know riya.she might have been imagining things
Riya:no i was not and there was a rose similar to those in the graveyard too.
Riya was in the verge of breaking down
Abhay:ok ok we believe you .now dont cry

He wiped her tears

Nessie:go it.the forbiiden land consists of dead bodies of the villagers who were killed by a psychic king who thought his citizen were going against him.everyone including women kids and aged were bled to death.later the souls began attacking the nearby villagers by draining their blood.once a priest came that way and on knowing upon the forbidden land he locked the souls inside the cemetery and placed a cross in front of it.he warned tbe people about entering the graveyard by placing a inscription in front of it.no one has entered the cemetery since then.
Nessie finished reading.Everyone was thoroughly shaken up and riya was crying badly
Riya:we should never have entered the place
prithvi:its ok riya.you know such things as ghosts never exist
Abhay:yeah and even if they exist no ghost would attack a devil.so you are safe riya

Everyone understood abhay was trying to deviate her mind and joined him.They talked about all the other things exept the incident and the forbidden land.
But each one of them was scared inside and were confused as to whether they were actually being haunted

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  1. Hey..it’s amazing..can’t tell you how much I’m in love with your story..it’d incredible and awesome..superb..dear you are brilliant..can you check out new story “music sheet” by bella..hope you will like it..love you so much

  2. Wooo!! It was soo Spooky…loved this story..u r superbb..awesum

  3. Thanks aruhi and bisha.aruhi, i read music sheet.it was quite different and i loved it

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