WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 1



the prana gang including prithvi,riya,abhay,nessie and arohi was passing through the middle of a jungle in manali.they were returning from their college trip when they got lost and ended up in jungle.
now what ? prithvi the leader of the gang asked while driving.
according to the map we have to move left said abhay the crazy one.
abhay you idiot u are holding the map topsy turvy said riya the fashion star of the grp.
according to the north pole star we shld mv west said nessie the nerd.
abhay:oh hello brainy dont use your sci knowledge in such a situation or we might land in the mouth of a hungry tiger
.guys maybe we shld mv back said arohi the one who kept the gang tgthr.
the fog was covering the forest and only a part of the way was clear in the sunlight.suddenly prithvi stopped the jeep prithvi :guys i think we shld wait here till the fog lifts and then continue with the journey. thats cool everyone agreed to him
Abhay:.hey i can see some kind of building over there
Riya:.now iam pretty sure you’ve gone nuts abhay only u can expect a building in middle of a jungle like this

Arohi:no riya he is right look over there
Riya:.oh no arohi u too
Prithvi:riya they are telling the truth lets mv that way he said sowhile moving to the building.
Nessie:maybe that might b a monument or ruins of some castle
Abhay:yeah right and we will find ms.sleeping beauty along with a dragon riya:maybe its a shopping mall .she was all excited
abhay:.god didnt u get anyone else to get me stuck with
as they neared the building they understood that it was the ruins of a cemetery gate.a chill ran down arohis and nessies spine.the cemetery was looking haunted with the sculpture of demonic creatures on the walls of the gate.a chain was crossed against the gate and ended with a rusted lock that can be opened by just a pull placed in front of a large cross which has blackened with time.an inscription in the front read enter at ur own risk but make sure u dont hurt urself bcz the souls are thirsty 4 bld.that was the last of it that nessie wanted and she jumped bck pulling arohi with her.

Nessie:we are not gng in there do u get it we r not means we r not.
Abhay:ah did ms.nerdies blood drained out.come on nessie u knw such things as ghosts doesnt exist +the dead bodies are buried deep down that too long ago so just chill and come along
arohi:.maybe i shld stay bck with nessie prithvi.:come on arohi the place looks interesting + me and abhay r there to prtct u girls na.right abhay.
Abhay:yes but we cant guarantee ur safety frm any wild animals if u decide to wait here
riya:.come on girls it wld b fun
Abhay:.yeah and since riya is also entering iam sure even if ghosts are present here they will flee off.
Riya: ha ha very funny abhay please dont say these jokes inside the cemetery or the dead bodies will run off

.prithvi pulled the lock and pushed the gate where it opened with a loud creek.as they entered they felt quiet cold.the graveyard was full of red roses.

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  1. It’s superb, a ghost story,i like it.pls update fast


    1. Thanks bisha

  3. Thanks mash .ur comment means a lot to me

  4. Good one…

  5. By the way i forgot to give the description of thw characters prithvi is the most handsomest he used to.wear tshirts and knee length trousers.abhay is very shabby and he likes to.were jeans and tshirts with a shirt on top.of it.riya wears short dresses and like to follow the trend .arohi is the prettiest lady in the gp and she likes to.qear long skirts and top.nessie is bit unattractive type has round spects and likes to wear full slewved sweater like tops and jeans

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