WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 2

The graveyard was full of wild red roses
.the scene was like a painting with all the graves, red roses and the fog.
each and every tomb stone had a spooky sculpture on top of it and a wild rose near it
.they moved around for a while and then decided to return back as the fog was thinning
.while they were moving away one of the prana members pricked his/her fingers on a rose thorn and 2 to 3 drops of his/her bld fell on a tomb.while they fade into the fog we are able to see the bld drops being sucked into the grave
.the gang soon got out of the jungle and found their friends waiting for them at a dhaba.since all of them were hungry and thirsty they ordered food and drinks.
while waiting for their orders abhay asked a nearby villager abt the cemetery.
he was shocked and was trembling like a leaf.he drank a big jar of water and began telling about it still frightened.
The cemetery and the land around it is known as the forbidden land.no one since ages have entered the graveyard.people in groups used to come there on a specific day and light candles in front of the cross other than that no one dared to come near that place even in broad daylight.it.was told that the cemetery consists of dead bodies of innocent people of that village who were killed a long time ago by draining their blood and thus they are thirsty for blood.
Otherthan this I cant tell u anything more stay away from that place.saying sp the villager ran off.
Nessie : told u its haunted we shldnt have entered the place
Riya: .come on nessie its over and we are safe so leave it
.little did they know of how everything was going to chnge in their life.

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  1. WOW!!! SO SPOOKY..Loved this epi..but please write a bit long

    1. Yeah sure

  2. Nice one i just love it vaga

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