Was it all planned by destiny ? ff epi -4

The episode starts with dev and Sona listening every thing and then they see each others face and recollect every major fight between them and notices that Aditya was involve every where . They get up and come out of the class nd goes to Aditya who was standing near the only .
Dev and Sona : why adi ? Why did u do ? [ adi tune yeh kyu kiya ]
Sona: I thought we were good friends [ mein ne socha the ke hum aache dost hai ]
Aditya : ( have a shocking look ) but I love u Sonakshi I really really love u a lot and I did everything for u only plz try to understand .[ lekin Sona mein times bhaut bhaut pyaar karta hu aur mein ne yeh sab tumhare liye kiya samaj ne ki koshish karo plz ]
Sonakshi : i never loved u I just thought u as frend nd u did this thing if u have really loved me you would have never did anything like this . In fact from now on our friendship also ends here nd never show me ur face [ mein ne Tumse kabhi pyaar nhi kiya aur tum yeh sab nhi karte agar tumne mujhse saacha pyaar kiya hota toh . Mein aaj se humari dosti thodti hu aur mujhe tumhari Shakal bhi maat dhikhana ]
Dev : what u did was very wrong nd if u have trusted ur love towards Sonakshi u would never done that . [ tune jo kiya bhaut galat tha aur agar tujhe tere pyaar pe bharosa hota toh tu yeh sab kabhi nhi karta ]
( Aditya gives a angry look nd leaves from their with his friend and then it was awkward silence between them as now they feel guilty to misunderstand each other and don’t know what to say )
Dev’s pov : how stupid was I to misunderstand Sonakshi at least I should have think to verify about the incident but due to anger ……[ mein kitna bewakoof tha jo mein Sonakshi ko galat samajta tha mujhe ek baar toh bhi baat pata karne chaiye tha lekin Güsse ke kaaran ….]

Sona’s pov : how stupid was I to shout on him nd to misunderstand him . But I was irritated with him that for every big or small bad thing I used to thing this must have been done by dev without of thinking [ mein kitni bewakoof thi ki mein ne humesha dev pe chilaya and usse galat samajha sona tumi ek dum boka lekin mein bhi kya karti dev mujhe itna pareshan karta tha ki choti ya Badi cheez jo bhi buri hoti thi mere saath seedha dev ne kiya hai sochri thi ]
Dev’s POV : now what should I say ? Every time when I had to fight with her I used to have lot now what should i do ? [ ab kya bolu jab bhi jagadh na hota tha tab itna bolta tha aur ab
Sona’s POV : ( she was also thinking same as dev nd then both together say )
Dev & Sona : srry . Actually that [ woh mein ]
( and then they both laugh )
Dev : u go first [ tum pehele bolo ]
Sona: dev I am srry I did not thought that he would something like this nd srry to blame u for everything [ I am srry mujhe nhi pata tha ki woh yeh sab kar sakta hai nd srry ki mein humesha tumhe blame karti thi ]
Dev : its k Sonakshi nd srry too
Sona : but dev why are u saying srry
Dev : actually I also never thought to verify anything nd just used to fight with u so srry
Sona : its k ?
Dev : so if everything is okay between us then can we be friends . ( nd then he forwards his hand )
Here Vicky and elena see each other nd greet each other . Then both Vicky and elena together ask each other
Vicky : where is Sonakshi ?
Elena: where is dev ?
( nd again both at a time )
Vicky : he went to class room
Elena: she went to class room
Now both are shocked that they both are at class room
Vicky : what ? Dev and Sonakshi both went towards class room [ kya dev Bhai aur Sonakshi dono class room mein ]
Elena : till now they Must have seen each other nd the war must have began [ abhi tak toh dono ne jagadhna bhi start kar diya honga ]
Vicky : ya elena . I think we should go fast otherwise they will be disaster . [ haan Elena . Mujhe lagta ki humein bhaag na chaiye iss pehele bhukam aajaye ]
( Both ran towards them )

Sona: k lets be friends
(nd she forwards her hand to shake but dev back her hand nd then Sona gave a angry type look where he smiles nd by saying srry they shake their hands )
Dev : but Sonakshi we have almost wasted two years nd now at graduation day we realising our stupidness [ lekin Sonakshi Hum ne pehele hee do. Saal barbaad kar diye Hai aur ab graduation day pe jaake hum aakal aayi hai ]
Sona: ya you are right nd in fact day after tomorrow I and elena are going back to India [ haan tum Sahi bol rahe ho aur toh mein aur Elena parsu India jaa rahe hai] Dev : ya I and Vicky also going backup India after a week but we have time till tomorrow so we can enjoy a whole day together at least we can have some good memories of each other [ haan mein aur Vicky bhi ek Haafte baad India waapas jaa rahe lekin humare pass kal tak waqt toh hai toh kyu na hum kal pura ek din ek dusre ke saath rahe ]
Sona: but dev ….[ lekin dev ..]
Dev : Sonakshi please ur friend have asked u something for first time so don’t say no and we both don’t know if we would see each other again or not [ Sonakshi dekho plz mana maat karna pehli baar tumhare dost ne tumse kuch maanga hai toh mana maat karna aur Humein yeh bhi nhi pata ki baad mein hum milenge ya nhi ]
Sona: okay [ thik hai ]
Dev: so Tomorrow at 9:00 am wait for me near clg [ so kal 9:00 am mera intezaar karna clg ke pass ]
( while this whole thing their were holding each other’s hand nd then they smile seeing other while at same time Vicky and elena seeing this are shocked that how come tom and jerry are smiling nd holding each other’s hand that they pinch each other to verify it ?nd then they both shouted due to pinching each other which grabbed the attention of devakshi nd they released their hands )
Elena : Vicky did u saw our tom nd jerry are smiling instead of fighting [ Vicky tumne dekha humare tom & jerry jagadh ne ke alawa hass rahe hai ]
Vicky : yaa Elena I thinking we are dreaming or this are not our tom & jerry [ Haan Elena mujhe lagra ki hum Sapna dekh rahe hai ya yeh humare tom & jerry nhi hai ]
Dev & Sona : enough of u guys now would you stop plzz [ bhaut hogaya tumlog ka ab bus karo ]
Sona : nd ele what happened to u that u are talking like this[ aur Elena tujhe kya hogaya tu aisa kyu bolri ]
Elena : what happened to me ? I think I should ask this question to u nd how come u re talking to dev so calmly nd smilingly[ mujhe kya huwa hai tu puchri baaki mujhe puchna chaiye ki tujhe kya huwa hai ]
Vicky : yes bro how come u nd Sonakshi are talking so peaceful ? When we came to know u both are at class room , we thought u guys must have started fighting nd we came here running so that we could stop u guys nd here …..[ Haan Bhai aap log Itni shaant tarike se Kaise baat Kar rahe hai . Jaise humein pata chala ki aap dono Yaha hai ek saath ho humein laga ki aap log ne jagadh na bhi shuru kardiya honga aur hum bhaagte ve aaye taake aap log ko rokh sake lekin Yaha toh ..]
Dev & Sona : it’s a long story
Sona : Elena we are late so I will tell u everything at home k
Elena : k

( Elena & Sona say bye to them )
Dev : Sona don’t forget ( nd he smiles towards her nd she also smiles )
Vicky : bro at least now u can say me
Dev : no first we should go for shopping nd then when we will reach home I will say everything
Vicky : okay
Dev and Sonakshi both say how Aditya did everything nd how they Sorted the things,
Dev was about to say about their plan for tomorrow but stops and also runs to call sona and stop her from telling elena nd their Sona was about to say elena about it but then her phone rings nd she picks it
Dev : hi sonakshi . Is elena near u ? Just reply in yes or no nd don’t take my name k
Sonakshi : yes
Dev : then can u just go to a corner plz
Sona: k ( nd she goes to a corner ) yes say now what happened
Dev : Sona did u say anything about our plan to elena
Sona: no i was about to tell
Dev : thank god . Sona could u plz not tell those things to elena
Sona: but y
Dev : see if both elena nd Vicky came to know that we are going together out they would tease us nd talk rubbish nd more importantly they both can come secretly to see us so plz
Sona : k fine
Dev: thank u nd I know as u don’t hide many things from elena so u can say after wards
Sona : k but how do u know that I don’t hide things from elena
Dev : because the bond I see between guys so I thought
Sona : k then bye
Dev : bye

So bye to u guys also . To know further what will happen in the next episode stay tune ? nd don’t forget to give ur reviews in comments .

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