Was it all planned by destiny ? ff epi -3

So the episode starts with Sona remembering her fun in classroom, teachers, exam time nd also her fights with dev in class nd then goes near desk just when dev enters in the classroom .
Sona : what are u doing here ? [ tum Yaha kya Kare rage ho ]
Dev : oh hello is this ur own property that I can’t come , this is my class room too nd it’s my wish to go where ever I want [ yeh tumhari personal property nhi jo mein nhi aasakta , yeh mera bhi class room hai aur Meri marzi mein Jahan jaana hai jaa sakta hu ]
Sona : u can go where u want I am least bothered but I was just thinking that u are following me [ tum kahi pe bhi jao mujhe koi matlab nhi bus mein sochri thi kahi tum mera peecha toh nhi Kare the na ]
Dev : god can give any one thing but should not give misunderstandings ?[bhagwan kisiko kuch bhi de par galatfami na de ?]
Sona : you ? [ tum]
( with this she goes near him nd stamps on his foot because of that both falls as dev looses his balance nd they share a cute a eye lock but it was interrupted by someone voice . Dev and Sona both hear someone who was near window talking with someone but he did not notice them as they fall down on each other )

Aditya [ the guy who was near the window also who studies with them ] nd he was talking with his frend
Aditya’s friend : finally adi u can confess ur feelings for Sonakshi and now that dev also cannot come between u guys [ adi aaj tum finally jaake Sonakshi ko propose karsakte aur yeh baar dev bhi tumlog ke beech nhi aayenga ]
Aditya : yaa today I will propose her and that dev will also not come between us .From the day one of the clg I always wanted to say Sonakshi how much I like her but that dev always used to come in between us that’s y I created more misunderstandings between them so that they can always fight nd he says about all the misunderstandings how he used to create between them [ haan aaj mein Sonakshi ko propose karunga aur woh dev bhi beech mein nhi aayenga . Clg ke pehele din se mein Sonakshi ko bolna chaatha tha par humesha woh dev beech mein aajata tha isliye mein dono ke beech mein galatfami pedha karne laga ]
Aditya’s friend : but I don’t think that it was needed , i mean they both always fight from the first day [ lekin mujhe nhi lagta ki tujhe yeh sab karne ki zarurat thi Waise bhi dono clg ke pehele din se humesha ladte the ]
Aditya : ya first I too thought that but whenever I went to her to talk she always used to say how bad dev is nd always be on angry nd always in class both used to see each other only though they used see in angry look but I hate it , that’s y I did these things [ haan pehele mein ne bhi yehi hee socha tha ki koi zarurat nhi hai par jab bhi mein Sonakshi se baat karne jaata woh humesha dev ki baatein karti rehti thi ki ussne yeh kiya , woh aisa hai waise hai aur toh class mein bhi dono srif ek dusre ko dekhte the jo mujhe bikul pasand nhi tha isliye mein ne yeh sab kiya ]

So this is it in today’s episode . Don’t forget to give ur reviews in comment box nd let me know if u liked it or not . The next episode will be on air today or by tomorrow .

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  1. Shekhar.yash01

    Amazing Writing Skill Didi
    I was also writing FF on Channel V serials.
    But due to studies I was unable to complete them.
    And Opened TU after long time.
    It’s really amazing

  2. Niyati

    Your write very well dear….described everything very beautifully….Fantastic update…

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