Was it all planned by destiny ? ff epi -2

Hello everyone ,so here comes epi-2 of my ff was it all planned by destiny ?
The episode starts with dev and Vicky coming to college .
Dev : Vicky did u booked the tickets for us
( Vicky tune tickets booked karli na )
Vicky : yes bro . (Haan Bhai )
Dev : finally today is the graduation day from now on I don’t have to see her face (aakhir kaar graduation day aagaya ab se mujhe uski shakal nhi dekhni padegi )
Vicky: about whom u are talking bro?(aap kiski baat Kare hai Bhai )
[ nd from other side Sona nd elena are coming and are talking about the same ]
Dev : that Sonakshi ( uss Sonakshi ki )
Nd there Sona also says the same to elena

Sona : that dev ( uss dev ki )
[ they both say at the same time nd they are in front of each other ]
Nd again they both together says think about the devil here the devil comes ( shaitaan ka naam lo aur shaitaan haazeer ??)
Elena nd Vicky laugh seeing them like that
Elena : wow so much Love ( wah kya pyaar hai ?)
Sona nd dev both look at her angrily

Elena : don’t u think Vicky ( Hai na Vicky )
Vicky : yaa ( Haan) nd they give each other Hi-Fi
Dev nd Sona get more angry by seeing this . Sona then takes elena with her towards the hall. The graduation happens with the full blast everyone enjoy take photos together .
Sona : Elena I want to go to class room one last time ( mein aakhri baar aapana class room jaana chati hu )

Elena : k after that u call me we will go together home ( Haan thik hai uske baat tu mujhe call kar aapan dono saath mein ghar jayenge )
Sona: k ( Haan )
Dev : Vicky I will go to class room I have left something their ( Vicky mein class room jaara hu Meri koi cheez hai waha )
Vicky : k ( thik hai )

So I will end the episode with suspense nd u can think what will happen next . Hope guys like the episode nd from now I will be regular as finally my exams have ended ?nd i am free .

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  1. Niyati

    Awesome episode…..lots of love to u & Devakshi….I also love them?

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