“Let him leave. He will realize when he will have to suffer for living when he will not have OBEROI name to protect him” I closed my eyes when I remembered Mr. Oberoi’s words. I always wished for a normal family. Was that such big crime? He never understood me. My mom was always busy with her alcohol bottle and her own tragedy of unsuccessful marriage and he always busy with his unethical business tactics and his hot secretary. I had only my siblings with me. Rudy who always spoke dumb and used to cheer me, Prinku my life and my support system my Shivaye. I’m not sad because I left a luxurious life but I’m sad that I have to leave my siblings who are equal parts of my heart. How will I live without them.

“Hey Ajay. Will you do me a favor?” I asked my best friend as I was standing outside the Oberoi Mansion. “Hey Omi tell me” he spoke from the other side. “Actually I need accommodation for some days” I said hesitant. I just prayed he will not ask me why. “Yup sure Omi. You can stay in my Juhu Apartment. Anyways it’s unused from an year after Rahul Bhai shifted permanently to UK” said he much to my relief. “Thank you so much Ajay. You really are my best friend” I said thanking him. “Oye Omi. You call me best friend and then you say thank you also. That’s not fair” he said complaining. I laughed a bit and said “Oh I’m sorry Aju” then I bit my tongue as I knew what will be his next sentesnce. “Now Sorry business. Stop being formal Omi. You know you are bad in any business” he said chuckling. Somewhere I remembered dad’s words of similar context. It hurt me but I covered up my feelings and said “Okay I will be there at your place in half an hour” “Oh that’s great, I will be waiting for you” he said and disconnected the call.
“Okay this is your new nest Mr. Artist” said Ajay opening the door of the apartment. It was not clean. Obviously I cannot expect it to be clean, it hadn’t been used from an year. So I have to first start cleaning it I thought to myself. “I’m sorry yar Omi. If I knew you will need the apartment I would have arranged someone to clean it” he said apologizing. “Now you don’t start your sorry business” I said him to cheer him. He smiled at me. I could see number of questions in his mind which were peeping from his eyes. But I just avoided eye contact with him. He was my best friend from first grade. So he understood I’m not in a position to tackle his questions. So he avoided the topic and spoke “How about you stay in my bungalow today and I will arrange someone to clean the apartment today” “No Aju. I don’t want to bother you more. I have to get used to this life now onward” I said confusing him more. “What about the rent?” I asked him to brush his confusions. “Oh please Omi. It’s your apartment from now” he said smiling. I know he is gem of a person but I cannot misuse his goodness for my needs. “See Aju. Friendship is different and life is different. I agree I don’t have anything to pay you right now but as soon as I settle my life I will pay you. Please don’t say no” I pleaded him. He knew how ethical and stubborn I was. So that I don’t be homeless he agreed to my condition. I smiled at him widely. “Okay chalo let me help you” he said folding his shirt “Aju please don’t embarrass me more. I will manage, you go home Nisha will be waiting for you. She needs you at this stage” I said giving him apt reason of his pregnant wife which he could not refuse and left from there reluctantly. I smiled nodding my head and closed the door as he disappeared from my sight. I turned and looked at my new home. Ajay was right. It really looked like a nest right now. So let me start the process of making it a home I thought and started cleaning the home. Ahh it took my whole day to clean the whole house. I was so exhausted I just collapsed on the floor in the living area as I switched on the fan. It felt great. I have never done all this work. I have to learn the things and then clean. But when the fan air touched my skin I felt so good. It was heavenly feeling. Now my stomach started making churning noise. Then only I realized that I’m hungry. Uff God.
“OmRu taste this I have tried new Pasta recipe.” said Shivaye placing the Pasta plate in front of me and Rudy. I saw Rudy’s mouth watering, He is a big foodie. Anything can arouse his taste buds. I nodded my head smiling. We both took fork and ate the pasta. It was actually amazing. Our eyes widened feeling great. I looked at Rudy who had the same expression.

A tear dropped from my eye when I came back to reality. My unorganized life was beautiful because of ShiRu. I started missing them badly. My cell phone ringed bringing me out of my trance and I saw Shivay calling. What will I say him now. I just ignored him and came out of the house. “One for all. All for one” Shivay’s signature sentence ringed in my mind. I looked at my cell phone painfully. I broke him again. He is my soul and he is mine. And I just left him and came. How will I talk to him now. He called again. I picked the call with difficulty. “Hello” spoke Shivay in cracking voice. There is no painful voice in the world that Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi’s cracking voice. I closed my eyes placing my hand on my thumping heart. “Hello” I spoke controlling my emotions. I don’t know why they guys should be emotionally strong and should not cry. I felt it is so wrong that we guys are expected to be always emotionally strong. “How are you?” asked Shivay bringing me out of my thoughts. “I’m good” only I could say. “Omi you started telling lies” he said in painful voice. I just controlled my urge to scream and tell him that No shivay I’m not good. I’m missing you people terribly. But I have to be strong. I have taken the challenge and I have to fight it. “I don’t want talk about it Shivay please” I pleaded him. “Okay fine. Where are you?” he asked. “Aju’s flat” I replied him. “Are you going to stay there?” he asked me concerned. “Shivay” I said. “Okay fine. You had food?” he asked. “I was just going to prepare” I told him. “You know you are a terrible cook” said Shivay and laughed a bit. God Anika has changed him so much. My Shivay is cracking jokes also. “I know that. But not worse than Rudy” I said and chuckled, “Woh tho hai” he said. “What is he doing?” I asked him. He was my first kid. I could never even thought that I have to live without him someday. “No Bhayya don’t go who will accompany me in teasing Shivay bhayya” I remembered his sobs and closed my eyes painfully. “He is still crying in his room” said Shivay. “I know I need not tell you Shivay but please take care of him” I said as I could not control my emotions anymore. “I will” he said assuring me. “I don’t know how Prinku will react when she comes back” said he and my Prinku’s innocent face flashed in front of me. “She will also accept it” I said smiling through my tears. “Om can’t you come back?” he asked stopping my heart beat. How will I disappoint him again. How will I. I closed my eyes again. “No Shivay. Now looking back is really impossible for me. Okay bye. Talk to you later” I said and disconnected the call immediately as I fell I was falling weak. I cannot fall weak. I know I will miss them terribly and my life will not be easy but I cannot support Mr. Oberoi’s unethical decisions. I cannot. Now I have to search for a job soon. But before that I have to think about food. As I was thinking of ordering food my door bell ringed and opened it and found a boy who looked like delivery boy. “Yes?” I asked him. “Mr. Omkara?” he asked me. “Yes It’s me” I said to him. “Sir your food” he said forwarding a carton box. I looked at him confused. “I think you are mistaken. I did not order food” I told him. “Sir it’s for you only” he said and I asked him “Can you tell me who ordered it?” I asked him. “Mr. Ajay Chopra” he said and I smiled widely and received the carton box. As I went inside the apartment after closing the door I placed the box on the dining table. I picked my phone to dial his number but my phone beeped with his sms. “Dare you called me to say thanks or iski kya zarurath thi, I will break your bones when we meet next time” I read his sms and nodded my head smiling. Ya family is an integral part of our life but friends are not any less. I have spent very less time with my friends. But whomever I had in my friend list were just outstanding people. They just loved me the way I was, without judging me.

Life a strange word to define. But so unpredictable yet engaging. I want to explore this new shade. I want paint my life with new colors and new people. Till now I was busy talking and spending time with lifeless statues but now I want to meet and explore alive people. People with different characters, people with different emotions, different challenges. I sipped the last drop of my coffee from the mug and turned from the balcony railing to enter my room.
“I just hate you Jenny” I heard a female voice probably from the next balcony. I don’t know why I wanted to see her face. But as I turned to my left I found no one. And I turned to my right but my apartment was the last apartment in the row. I brushed my thoughts and entered my room

Hey guys. I’m actually first time writing a ff in Ishqbazz category. Om is my fav among all the characters in IB. I even stopped watching it when he was not shooting and was hospitalized but I kept a track on the story. I was thinking of writing a OS at least for my favorite tv series but I was not getting a start or concept to fit. Now when my Omi is back and whatever happened with him in the last episode I thought of a ff for him. I have really not decided a lead for him. And I’m damn confused about it. So you people can suggest me and help me with it. I hope to entertain you people. Thank you so much for your time.
1. Tejaswi Prakash
2. Mrunal Thakur
Or any of your choice. Please don’t confuse me as I’m already confused and no bashing of any actor or anyone. I hope you people will concentrate on story and characters than actors.

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  1. Renimarenju

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