Kaisi Yeh Yaarian (Special Episode) 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan MEETS Warrior High 1 Hour Special Episode

Manik and Dhruv were the best friends at Warrior High, who are now curt at each other. Aaliya always loved Manik and now wants to create a balance between Manik and Aaliya. Cabir has been the most notorious of the history of Warrior High. Mukti never believed in love while Manik never thought about anyone other than his friends. They are coming for two days here.
Vibha’s grand mother call her for tea and asks if she met her friends there. Vibha says she liked going there but it reminded me of most of her past. Her dadi says she had already told her she would be hurt. Vibha says she wasn’t hurt, she just realized how far the past has left. She shows dadi the bag

that was so costly, and now they don’t have money to afford it. She promises dadi to stand all that umpire again.
Parth gets ready for Fresher’s party, recalling his maa saying that his papa wanted him to study where his father taught. It was his father’s dress. He says thanks maa.
Vibha goes for the party too.
Utkarsh wakes up when everyone was getting ready for party. He keeps hand on Sid, Sid cleans his shoulder. Utkarsh asks for his box, Sid takes it out but denies giving it to him. Sid pushes Utkarsh and he fell down. Parth steps in the dorm room, holds Utkarsh up and asks Sid to return the box. Sid poses to be afraid of him and denies giving the box to him. Parth asks again, to give him the box. Sid asks where he got this old fashioned clothes, did he get them for cheap or his mother sent them. Parth punches Sid on face, Sid punches him back. Both have a confrontation, seniors come and stop them both. They say we have some standards at Warrior High, they must fight in the ring. He suggests about a boxing match. Utkarsh says it was Sid’s mistake. The senior says it is a challenge. Utkarsh asks Sid for his box, it is his and Siali told him that this box is his. The senior asks who is Siali, Utkarsh says it is Angela’s name. Sid says she must take her by herself. Sid says to Parth that he can take the box after winning the match. The senior says we already have a fight in first year, it is going to be fun.
Vibha comes to Warrior High.
Mukti watches her on video call, they all wish her saying she has changed a lot. She asks Manik to move from front. Manik says it has been three years, but Vibha asks him to move away. Aaliya tells her that they are so excited, Manik got us late so we are driving now. Mukti asks why does she look so change, has uncle stopped taking her on vacation. She asks about her papa. Vibha asks about Dhruv, Vibha tells him she thinks it is not new batches but ours Fresher’s party. Manik says the name of school rings up all the memories. Mukti says life only had tension of exams. Mutki recalls ragging Manik and Dhruv. They recollect about past. Dhruv says he doesn’t get his alone time on dorm room. Cabir asks if he remember they used to fight so much in the dorm room.
Niti takes Siali to dorm room and asks her to try this. Siali says she can’t do this. Niti says she always said what we wants, we get it. Siali says it isn’t her dress, nor is she a part of this school. Siali says she will go back to school. She asks Niti to try this. Suzanne comes there and mocks Niti for her dwarfness. Siali shouts at her that why she interferes in others matters, they can take their live’s decisions. Suzanne calls Siali a psycho, Niti calls her friends as chunto bunto, but they don’t want to follow her anyway. Suzanne calls their talk as low class. Niti gets into bed along with the dress.
The next morning, Sid comes and asks them to get up as it is five o clock. The seniors come to ask them to get up, it is time for jogging. Charlie wasn’t ready to get up, the senior put a cup full of water on his face. The senior asks them to get used to it, as it is warrior high. Parth and Sid give each other looks. The boys get ready.
Parth comes across Vibha in the corridor, as the rows of girls and boys passed. The PTI asks everyone to hurry up. He says they are all new, so all the juniors will follow juniors. In 45 minutes they will all meet here again, then they will get fresh and go for breakfast. Utkarsh curses the PTI, he remembers Siali said life will be easier here; they are making him run half asleep. He fell down half way, and left behind. The boys take a turn, Utkarsh tries to take up. Charlie asks Parth where are Sid and Utkarsh left. Parth says he doesn’t know, Charlie asks if he has done something to Sid. Siali and Niti come there, and asks about Sid and Utkarsh. Siali asks Parth if he is hiding something, Parth go inside. Niti says his speaker has a fault.
They were in the changing room, Charlie comes to Parth and asks if he has done something to Sid. Parth says where is Utkarsh if he thinks he has hidden Sid anywhere. Charlie gives Parth a push on shoulder, both holds hand and confront. Charlie says no one in school dared move Charlie, Parth says the same. Kamini comes there and says they must be ashamed that instead of stopping their friends from fighting, they are bucking them up. She scolds Charlie and Parth both, stops Parth and says she isn’t done now. She smiles saying she recalls her old student looking at him, he was called Shaktiman, he also took care of his body more than brain. He says his body is sweating in the hot weather, takes the towel to dry his body. Charlie comes there, smiles at him so does everyone else. Kamini is shocked to see Rishab, and scolds him to be careful how they fought the next time. Kamini asks about Sid and Utkarsh, Charlie says they have already left for breakfast.

Manik is falling asleep while driving and they almost have an accident. Mukti gets mad and asks if he even slept in night. Cabir calms her down and drives the car now.

Urmila tells the students about Vibha managing the party tonight. She asks her to come and share plan. Kamini gets angry. Siyali asks Parth about Utkarsh. He says he is in dormroom and will take time to get ready. Vibha tells the students not to forget their classes are starting from tomorrow in party’s excitement.. and then says this party is going to be different. The night will be full of surprises and talent so all will have to give their best performance. If anyone needs help, then they can contact Kamini man as she’s senior. Urmila wishes the best to everyone. All students leave. Urmila tells Vibha she is impressed with her and leaves. Kamini stops Vibha and asks what she thinks of herself. First she insults, then gives respect. She again reminds her she is in this school since 12 years and no one needs to know from her how senior she is. She had enough while she was student, but not anymore. She challenges her to throw out of Warrior High after tonight’s party.

Manik is again lost. Mukti asks him where he’s lost. Cabir asks her to stop it, he fell asleep. Mukti asks what he does in night. Cabir changes the topic and talks about their Warrior High experience. Aaliya asks whether everything will be same in Warrior High as before. Manik says it will be same, Warrior High will never change.

It’s morning. The boys are jogging. Sid and the seniors stop at some tea stall. Utkarsh also joins them saying he fell behind and he saw them so joined them thinking they are taking a shortcut. The senior says it’s their ‘maggie-point’. Utkarsh says they are supposed to jog..if coach sees them, then he will scold. The senior says they come everyday, nothing has happened so far. Fab5 pass from there and they stop their car.

In next part, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Holi episode recap is shown.

In last part, there’s Warrior High Freshers Party promo.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Tera Haat Se Haat Chodna Tera Sayonka Rukh Modna Tere Palat Ke Phir Na Dekna Nahi Maaf Karunga Main
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    love this song

  2. soundarya

    First my hearty wishes to our hero Manik Malhotra ….. Happy birthday…….
    Hi guys ….

  3. Nutz

    Can any1 plz tell me wen 2dy’s epi’s repeat telecast ws aired? Its really urgent, plz help guys

  4. Anonymous

    [email protected]

  5. Laura

    Gud night to all my kyy friends missing u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much nutz i think it is available in hotstar app

  6. Nutz

    I thought u’ll cm aftr midn8, so i invitd carru n sam to cm den, carru said she’l cm n sam said no guarentee

  7. Nutz

    Bt m wondrng wat hppnd 2 carru, she told me she’ll b here nw as her xms endd frm 2dy. She’s nt here, neithr she’s answrng her mails

  8. Nutz

    Dats bcoz u weren’t conscious abt ur health, m i r8? Arreh oreo, u must take care of ur health na

  9. Nutz

    U hv xms on fridy! I knw i knw sunday is ur offical holidy bt stil a board xm on fridy makes me feel weird. . .gues its bcoz m habituatd to hvng holidy on friday . . . .hehe

  10. Nutz

    Guys if any1 sees dis msg plz do reply.
    Can any1 plz tell me wen 2dy’s epi’s repeat telecasts were n are gng 2 b shwn?

  11. sara

    kal koi anonymous ne kaha tha na ke wo bhang chadha ke aaya tha jo bhi tha wo usne boht sahi bola tha

  12. Max

    @ sara nw he will cum aftr sum tym. he will say o so many fakes r hre. I wonder hw a fake cn say others as fake lol.

  13. Nutz

    Arreh sara i undrstnd hindi talks fully or else hw m i supposd to watch kyy, bt readng dem is bit tough fr me

  14. Max

    akal aur shakal se pehle naam chahiye na. mere ghar ke kutte paas bi naam h. I really pity tat poor thing ha ha. I think let us giv hm sum name

  15. Max

    He will cum nd say dont trust max. u wil cum 2 knw his real face stuffs I think he wil say dis na @sara

  16. Max

    actually sara I think dis @? mark suites hm. cauz hs brain nd personality is also a big mark lyk dis ? ha ha ha. He being a @? mark lyk dis expects answr 4m all. wt an irony na

  17. Max

    sach mein i feel pity most tymz 4 hm. 1 day he said me tat all kyy members welcumin me in a nice way. I think he is jealous of tat thing. o poor @?

  18. Max

    S samridh. i was making his work easy. i tld evrythin wt he wantd 2 say, nw let me c wt he will bark ha ha ha

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  22. Ammyyy

    Wow sana ve yaha hain…..wow….tm aasli wali ho na???mein ve assli wali hun…..sara tm ve asli ho na???
    Ye Samridh shayad nakli hain……lagta hain….lol

  23. Ammyyy

    Ye sam nakli hi hain….jis sam ko mein pehe chahti hun he is a student…..ye toh doggy ka doctor……lol…..achhe baat…..? Vil cm to u sam ridh

  24. sara

    ha ha mai asli hun chahe to mail krlo aur guys wo phto chck ki tum logon ne jinhone chck ki unko kaisi lagi

  25. Drama Queen

    Woh sirf abuse nhi karta……he has turned dis site into an abv 18 site…..not suitable fr children’s viewing

  26. Drama Queen

    Meriiiii twinnnnyyyyy
    Srry hv to go nw…..charge loww…..waise kabhi ve nhi kyy family chodungii…….loveeee uuuu alll

  27. Max

    real human wil hve a name. rich poor educatd r nt. all hve a name wch dey cn say it belongs 2 them. dis mad fellw has nothin

  28. sana

    Jab wo mail kar rhi h me nhi hoti hu jo me krti hu wo nhi hoti
    uske boards chal rhe h isliye wo bhi busy h

  29. yeh lijiye durga mata.
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  30. sara

    thnks sam & I am not durga mata & 1 more thng I got to knw abt u dat is u vl not tel anythng straight frwd

  31. kuch purani yaade.
    04/03 Banglade 322 – 318 Scotland
    06/03 India 185 – 182 West Ind
    07/03 Pakistan 222 – 202 South Af
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  32. Max

    Speech 4 recivin award
    Thanks samridh. Thakz a lot 4 dis award.
    I dedicate my award 2 my sis sara nd sana.
    Finally 2 queen. She is d reason 4 wt im hre.

  33. //\\

    Chalni karde seena mera
    chalni karde seena mera
    Dhaag de saari goliyaan ni ajj mera jee
    Marjaneya ni ajj mera jee karda.

  34. sana

    tadap tadap k iss dil se aah nikalti
    Mjhko saza di pyar ki k esa kya gunah kiya
    jo lut gay haa lut gaye ha lut gayr hm teri mohabat me

  35. Max

    Tat fellw feels it as defeat. Bt i dont feel lyk tat.
    Shakespeare says If u win a love, u will win a life.
    bt if u lose a love, u will win d world. so no prblm

  36. Max

    1st I met hr in Ek hasina thi serial WU. I was abusing al girls. Queen came nd replid in my style tat I couldnt reply.Tat second I fell in luv wit hr. I lykd tat attitude very much. Finally I askd her bcum my frnd, She didnt reply. Den I strd searching hr in all Updates. I hd a feeling tat i wil find hr back. Den 1 day I saw. hr IN SH. aftr tat u knw i think

  37. Max

    Evn I cant beliv. Queen tld only 1 thin 2me. U can get a girls body just lyk tat. bt 2 win a good girls heart takes ages togethr. Nd nw Im going through same thing

  38. Nutz

    Impressv max, u changd urself so much fr her :-), wish may u hv da patience to continue ur journey in dis looong path

  39. Max

    nutz i hve thank queen 4 dis. if i would hv continued lyk dis. 1 day i will nt b able 2 c myself in mirror. she savd me 4m tat.

  40. fairy

    Hahaha..max, really swt stry of ur….if u hv really chnged 4 her, ofcrse she ll undrstnd u 1 day….jst hv patience…:)
    Hi sam.

  41. Max

    ya. Im happy just seeing hr comments. Tatz enough. Thoda zyada senti hogaya i think. Letz change d topic

  42. sana

    Hope tht day will cm soon max
    nd activa scooty ka naam h aapne pleasure liya isliye mene activa le li lol!

  43. Nutz

    Uff!! My connection’s wrkng so slow:-@. . . . . . .why hs it bcum soo lazy nw! Feel in beatng it. . . .lol

  44. aarey wo wala nahi. Mein baat kar raha hu jab wo glass ka bhang waiter pe phek diya. Pir bolta hai aab mein party organise karunga. Loog mujhe sir kahenge. Nd aab dhruv bolega. Hahaha.

  45. //\\

    Tu phir na soya hoga, shayad phir roya hoga.
    Aason meri phalkon pe, yuhi na aaya hoga
    Dena mujko aawazien, ya sum meri fariyaden
    ghere h mujko yaddien, bin tere,
    Tuje hi bas pana chahu
    Khudko main khona chahu
    Bas tera hi hona chahu

  46. sayng seriously sana, i hv nt gt any f ur mail. M usng azq. Nd yaha dur dur taak koi name nishan nahi hai. Jaab se kahi ho check ur mail tu pe frst tm. Taab se ek bhi mail nahi mila. Y?? Kisko mail bejh di. Aab jake k dekho.

  47. sana

    Hey bhagwan
    shant wala fir tmne bheja bak bak wala
    fir mene expln kiya me kya bol rhi ye wala nhi mila kya??

  48. Nutz

    Guys last n8 wen ws da repeat telecast aired? Can u plz tell me da tym? Arund 9pm wat wen?at wat tym?did any1 see?

  49. fairy

    Nutz…tor suddenly ki holo…hindi bolar flood hoye jachche tor cmnt theke….
    Sry sana..no othr lang ..any mr…

  50. yeh dekho, mein suhu ko kya bejha hu.
    bro, enjoy karo. Yeh saab chote chote xm toh aate hi rahte hai. 9th , 10th mein bhi diye the. Aakhir brd hi toh hai. Koon sa bada xm hai. Hahaha. Enjoy. Nd best f luck 4 yeh sab bhote chote xm k liye.

  51. Nutz

    Evn u saw her photo. N mind u, dnt forget u r da 1 who startd al dis, if it hadnt bn fr u, den dis dy wud hv nvr cm!

  52. Nutz

    Hehehe fairy :-D. U knw dat dy i ws mailng in hindi n vaishu doubtd whthr it ws me or sm1 else!. . . . .hehe, arreh yar, at tyms i strt talkng in hindi, its cmpltely normal relax:-D

  53. gio

    nutz, honestly speaking i don’t feel like coming here
    comments on vaishu! disgusting,who to blame ? partially my fault!

  54. Nutz

    Nyc mail sam. . .haha.
    Bt i wondr if bhai wil see ur mail nw. .he’s so busy wd his studies, he didnt reply my mail (evn wen i said its really URGENT n i need his help on emergncy basis!)

  55. Saale gio. Wo ? tera hi dost hai. Teri bajase wo yaha pe hain. Tu teri dosto k leke bhaag ja . Jail tum dono k liye wait kar rahi hain.

  56. Max

    Its simpl gio. u strtd praisin vaishu as beautiful. so al gt attrctd to tat. wen u cn hack id evn dey cn hack. gt hr photos. really bittr truth is ur luv is burden 4 hr

  57. Max

    gio nw cam diff b/w u nd me. u tld tat ur bettr than me. no way. I ws distrbing queen bt i nvr let others 2 do tat. nw if vaishu facin sch prblms is just cauz of u

  58. Nutz

    Hahahaha m runng runng runng.
    Bt luk at me m still lyng in my bed. . .hehe.
    Actually i hv seen ystrdy’s epi fully, bt i wnt b able 2 c 2dy, i’ll return hme frm tutns aftr 8pm. . .so m gathrng info as to wen i can c 2dy’s epi, i’ll need dem 2n8 n tmrw

  59. Nutz

    Max u said naa u wnt let othrs trouble queen, so i ws just askng if queen ws in vaishu’s situatn hw wud u stop dos jerks?

  60. Nutz

    U mean lyk f8ng fire wd fire. Bt max no matter hw hard i try i cant stoop so low down to dier level, its imposible fr me to f8 dem lyk dat

  61. Max

    Nting wrong I feel. Itz defense nutz. Snake if it doesnt hve poison no respct 4 tat.
    we shld hv poison 2 defend nt 2 kill

  62. Nutz

    Bt f8ng lyk dat isnt gng 2 mak dos freaks flee rathr da only thng dat wil hppn is dis syt wud bcm lyk hell whr abusng ki baarish hogi n da whole envrnment wud get spoiled

  63. //\\

    Bheegi bheegi se h
    yaade bheegi bheegi
    baatien bheegi bheegi
    aankon main kaisi nami h
    najane koi kaisi h ye zindgani
    hamari aduri kahani

  64. \\ //

    Q mjh se khafaa tu h mere khuda
    deewane se tere kya hogayi khata
    jo hagaya judaaa jo hogaya juda
    ho kaunga tabhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  65. Nutz

    Really max i cant help nt being impressd, u hv chngd so much fr her. I mean wen u cum here 2 dys bck i cant deny da fact i ws wndrng hw cm u r behvng so well, i ws bit surprisd coz i hdnt dis sight(well-bhvd) of urs b4 dis.
    Nt 2 mentn i hv seen u only once n dat tym ws quite enuf fr me to endure ur wrds, i met u on dat param vs parth zone once nd fr da last tym if u dnt count dese dys.

  66. Nutz

    Hey max m curious. I wana c ur first meetng wd queen. Can u plz tell me da date? M sure u remembr coz dat meetng n dat dy ought 2 b vry special fr u

  67. Nutz

    Aab ye bandar kon he!
    Guys take a luk der’s a new monkey on loose, if u spot it, plz contact da zoo authorities, we need to keep dis syt clean, already we hv lots mental patients crumbng here

  68. \\ //

    Is darde dil ki sifarish ab kr de koi yaha
    mil jaye ise wo barish jo bheega de puri trh………………..

  69. //\\

    +++ teri meri meri teri prem kahani
    yeh mushkil do lufson main bayaan na ho paye
    ek ladka ek ladki ki ye kahani ye nahi
    sarre din beet jaaye, sarre raat jagaye,
    bas hayal tumhara lamha lamha dhadpaye

  70. Nutz

    Arreh told u naa lots of on da lose on dis syt dese dys. Poor ppl hv lost dier sense of seasons

  71. Nutz

    Wat?!! She doesn’t evn talk wd u? I didnt knw dis prt. Actually nw i cum 2 think of it, i dnt knw anythng abt u guys, coz i hv nvr gn to sdq. N max u stil hvnt told me da date. . . Tell me da date naa…

  72. Max

    nutz u dont knw. Queen doesnt lyk me. I wantd becum hr frnd. She tld no. I ws torturin hr. she doubtd tat I came hre 2 just insult hr. I tried alot. no use. Its nt hr fault. Many fakes strtd cuming nd scldin queen. Al thought itz me. Finally she agreed 2 bcum frnd. A girl chinky came nd spoild evrythin. Nd queen left d forum

  73. fairy

    carry on guyz….
    max, really 4 ur chnge , l ll request 2 queen 2 talk wid u whnevr l ll talk wid her…:)

  74. aisa desh hai mera

    Gehu k kheto me kanhi jo kare hawayein
    rangbirangi kitni chunariya ud ud jaye
    panghat pe panharan jab gagri bharne aye
    madhur nadhur tano me kahi bansi koi bajaye
    lo sunlo….
    kadm kadm pe h mil jani koi prem kahani esa deah h mera ho….esa desh h mera

    aisa desh h mera…..

  75. Nutz

    Dnt wry, u’ll meet ur queen soon, if u cntinue 2 remain so loyal towrds her, smdy she’ll definitely acknwledge u

  76. Max

    chinky strtd abusing queen. queen’s frnd went tld hr tat im only doing tat
    Tatz d prblm. whoevr sclds queen dey say itz me.@nutz

  77. aisa desh hai mera

    Mere desh me mehmano ko bahgwan kaha jaata h wo yahi ka ho jata h jo kahi sebhi aata h
    Tere desh ko mene dekha tere desh ko mene jaana jane Q lagta h mujhko jana pehchana
    yaha bhi wahi sham h wahi savera
    aisa hi desh h mera jaisa desh h tera

  78. aisa desh hai mera

    Sara u r so cheap wht abe o i m talking abt
    India nd u r disrespecting my country
    so shameless

  79. Max

    No worries nutz. queen came back in SH. wen I tld gud n8 2 hr. she wishd me back. U remembr 1 day I commnt hre tat im vry happy. dis ws d reason

  80. Max

    @Mr desh bhakt. 1st respct women. den u respct country. cauz we say mother India k. Dont use sch wrdz 2 sara

  81. beautiful monkey

    If queen has 2 cum 2 shq more often , then shq should b nice , 4 shq 2 be nice sandhir should stop fighting , 4 them 2 do that durjoy and sumrit should rite nice script ….

  82. aisa desh hai mera

    So u also thi k sara told right thing ha?? She said dnt make site boring right u all r same

  83. Nutz

    Well dats gud max, dnt wry, thngs wil get evn better.
    Moreovr queen’s busy wd her studies fr xms dese dys, mayb dats y she isn’t regular nw lyk b4

  84. Whnevr selfishnes comes in b/w ur rltnshp, datz d end of that rltn .
    For ex : money . If a grl gv mny to boy,aftr sm tym if thy brkup ,thn all blame boy bcz he used dat grl n all . OMG .
    If a boy gv mny to a girl thn if thy seperate, thn all blame grl for being so expensive n all . OMG .
    So I just suggest that dnt RUIN ur rltnshp for any of ur selfishnes/EGO . Whnvr u feel ur ego is overpowering u,thn just stop for a while n thnk If it shud overpower uh more or it shud stop it now for ur welbeing …..

  85. It's Complicated ¤ Relationship Status ¤

    Whnevr selfishnes comes in b/w ur rltnshp, datz d end of that rltn .
    For ex : money . If a grl gv mny to boy,aftr sm tym if thy brkup ,thn all blame boy bcz he used dat grl n all . OMG .
    If a boy gv mny to a girl thn if thy seperate, thn all blame grl for being so expensive n all . OMG .
    So I just suggest that dnt RUIN ur rltnshp for any of ur selfishnes/EGO . Whnvr u feel ur ego is overpowering u,thn just stop for a while n thnk If it shud overpower uh more or it shud stop it now for ur welbeing …..

  86. ?

    yo donkeys i didn’t make that 100 rs comment on vaishu,fake! i’m not scared of any one, i don’t have to earn good respect/name here,but that was some one else..poor fellw making hand shake with max, one guy sh used to carry ‘loser gio ‘as his user name,you should ask him about max……..!

  87. beautiful monkey

    people whi think they r not so pretty or beautiful are beautiful monkeys !!!!!! But beautiful monkeys r very nice ….

  88. Gud Nun Frnds
    #conditions apply
    Whnevr selfishnes comes in b/w ur rltnshp, datz d end of that rltn .
    For ex : money . If a grl gv mny to boy,aftr sm tym if thy brkup ,thn all blame boy bcz he used dat grl n all . OMG .
    If a boy gv mny to a girl thn if thy seperate, thn all blame grl for being so expensive n all . OMG .
    So I just suggest that dnt RUIN ur rltnshp for any of ur selfishnes/EGO . Whnvr u feel ur ego is overpowering u,thn just stop for a while n thnk If it shud overpower uh more or it shud stop it now for ur welbeing …..

  89. sara

    yeh panauti aagaya lagta hai yaha sw khisak lena chahiye cnt brng bad luck by my own hnds stayin here

  90. ?

    lol@ max,these donkey will learn their lesson one day! now i can open my mail.who’s sam ridh said hello to me!

  91. ? is loser

    Y u need to cmmnt on evryone sara? Dnt cmmnt so mch or else sb tere pe cmmnt pass krne lag jayenge lol lol lol

  92. Max

    1st u learn a lesson @? na tumare paas akal h baat karne ka aur na shakal dhikane ka. pehle bi bata chuka hu. Phir bi bol raha hu. akal na hona logo ko baar baar bolna padta h

  93. ? is loser

    Ohh sara ko lol ka spelling nhi ata kya likhi hain pura blank chod di hain lol
    kaha se ayega spelling pura din to online hoti h sif din nahin rat me bhi online hotti hain padhai nahin karti hain lol
    ananya sesikho kitan padhai karti hain lol

  94. ?

    ? is loser, cute princess = max,man just now you told us wasn’t prediction! that was u buddy@ max

  95. Max

    @loser mind ur wordz. If i start speaking. den tatz it. Sort d issue in d smoother way. Nd hre english xmas r nt going k.

  96. sara in todays era 90% of the children don’t touch books other than school
    I also don’t study much just sumtimes and for exams
    new generation is sooo weird and funny
    we score good marks without studying heheheh…..

  97. tell me nutz didi have u got it???
    shazana didi I will hav to call u didi as I m in 7 one more sis nice to meet u
    hey sara u r also in 7 na dear?

  98. shazu didi max bhai is right we should not talk to jerks it will harm us
    its not good for us top talk with shameless people

  99. sara

    ananya I read the stry I dnt cry much means not for much things but dis stry really really made me cry atleast little but it made me cry I luvvvvvv two scenes 1 b4 the baby birth & the other was roshini’s prayer.