Warrior High 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh and Parth tries to make up Parth’s mood, Parth says that his mother has suffered a lot because of his father’s drinking. He has resolved not to drink ever. Vibha hears this all. Parth still leaves angrily. Vibha says she is trying to go away from Parth though he needs her the most right now.
Utkarsh sat in the garden alone when Siali comes and asks what happened to him. Utkarsh says that he was thinking he and Niti shouldn’t have gone to the party yesterday. He says that Sid is the owner at school, no one will question him. Now they will only fulfil their own dreams. Siali says she already told them this. Siali notices there is something else as well. Utkarsh says he is guilty for her and Parth. He tells her about the drink in Parth’s drink, Sid says he hasn’t done anything. He

goes for Parth. Siali thinks that Sid would never think about anyone else but himself.
Charlie comes to the class where Niti was sitting alone. He bucks himself up and asks Niti why she is sitting here. Niti asks would she need a permission to sit here alone, she is here because she wanted to be. Charlie sits on her bench and asks if she is reading chapter 5. Niti was rude and asks if he can’t see, she is studying for monthly test. Charlie says that yesterday in party… Niti was not interested. Charlie wonders what to talk to her so that she shows an interest. He speaks to her about Rohit’s dance, and laughs. Niti makes face at this. Charlie brings about a chocolate and offers her a bite. She turns away, and thinks the offer is nice. He has a heavy hand with which he picked her a lot of times. She accepts the offer and takes a bite. Charlie smiles. She takes her books and leaves, then turns to see him and shies away. Charlie dances in the class. He says this girl is going to drive him crazy.
Krissane and Utkarsh comes into each other’s ways. Krissane says she has so many problems in life already. Utkarsh asks what kind of problems. Krissane says she has to pick her shoes herself, tie her hair herself and press her uniform as well. Utkarsh listens interestingly, and says they used to do this all by themselves since childhood. Krissane asks how they can stay so cool so easily. Utkarsh says he was cool since childhood. Krissane leaves stressed. Kamini watches her passing the corridor and thinks what will happen to this generation, Kartik comes there.
Kamini comes to staffroom behind Kartik. She watches a box in table and asks what is this, she watches the box that had anklets in it. She thinks romantically about it, that Kartik has brought it. She thinks he wants her to ask him, then thinks she won’t question him. Anmol tells Kamini he has kept the file, she must tell Rishab. He leaves, Kamini thinks he has shown his love though didn’t show it. She dances with the box of anklets and comes to the corridor, swirling happily around.
Sid was in boxing hall when Siali comes there. She stops him and shouts what he thinks of himself, if he thinks he can do anything with anyone. She thought he only has problem with her, but what did Parth do to him. Sid was quiet. She says he only thinks about himself, how can he enjoy doing wrong only. She asks his answers. Sid says yes he mixed wine in Parth’s drink, he is a bad man and enjoys doing bad with others. He is like this. Siali says he enjoys creating problems with others, but when will he understand how disgusted a person can feel because of him. It is because of him Parth drank, today, he is feeling so bad. She says why is she saying this all to him, she must be with Parth who needs him. Sid says now she knows how Siddardh is, now go to wipe Parth’s tears. Siali goes away, Sid was enraged.

PRECAP: Kamini tears Vibha’s assignment being unhappy with it. Parth, Sid and Charlie have a fight in dorm, Anvesha walks through the corridor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Ayaz tried seducing utkarsh but he slapped him and later ayaz called him to library and again tried seducing him but parth comes and saves him and sid also supported utkarsh then krissan tells ayaz utkarsh weakness who is is maa frog and he kills her and utkarah beats him but urmila comes and slaps him but when sid tells her everything she suspends ayaz

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