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Kamini comes to see Siddardh in the dorm, Sid comes sleepily from washroom and gets into bed. He leaves and goes to girl’s dorm. Everyone was there in the place.
In the corridor, peon was playing music. She stops him and asks why he is playing music so loud at this time. He says he loves music and doesn’t get time the whole day. She tells him not to play it again in corridor.
Sid was in the bed thinking about Siali. Charlie lay in bed thinking about Niti and smiled. Niti was also thinking about Charlie, Vibha and Parth were sleeping in the library, Parth in Vibha’s lap. Vibha wakes up, while dreaming herself with Parth. He keeps Parth’s head on the floor aside and gets up. She takes a book goes away. Parth wakes up soon and thinks how he reached here. He recalls the drink Utkarsh

had given her, VIbha asking if he is drunk and stands up and leaves the library.
In the morning, Krissane asks her friends about her uniform and shoes. The girls all leave without responding. Niti and Siali also leave. Krissane was irritated.
In boy’s dorm, Utkarsh asks Parth to get ready, it is time for class. Parth shouts Siddhardh Ranjput’s name, comes to him and beats him asking how dare he? Utkarsh stops him, Parth says he doesn’t know what Sid has done, and he mixed wine in his drink. Rahul remembers mixing wine in the drink. Sid asks if he has gone insane, he didn’t mix any. Parth says only he can do such thing. Utkarsh takes Parth away, Charlie asks Sid he did so. Sid asks if he has gone insane.
Parth comes to corridor, enraged, thinking about his father who used to stay drunk. He tells Utkarsh he hates wine, he has hated it since childhood but this Sid mixed wine with his drink. He is feeling dizzy. Utkarsh asks how it happened, they all had taken the drink. Parth says he mixed it in his drink only, he says he doesn’t know why he did so but he is hating himself because of Sid. Utkarsh says Sid has done wrong with him, he will suffer for it. Parth says it isn’t a small thing for him, Sid robbed him of his own respect, and he won’t leave him now.
Niti and Charlie say good morning to each other before coming to class. Sid and Siali confront each other, Siali passes on. Vibha comes to the class nervous. She thinks why Parth is not in the class. Krissane comes late to the class, the girls laugh at her while Siali thinks where she got the uniform. Vibha warns her not to be late again. She asks Krissane to start reading, but couldn’t concentrate and was worried about Parth only.
After the class, Vibha asks Utkarsh about Parth, he says he wasn’t feeling well. Vibha is worried about him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  6. Precap – Sid was in boxing room. He was practicing , Siyali comes to him and confronts him that Why he spiked Parth’s drink? Sid was angry and in frustration he says he spiked Parth’s drink coz he is bad person and also told many things in anger. He asks Siyali to go out and wipe Parth’s tears.

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