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Utkarsh was excited to go away. Siali says they have lied and have broken the rules of school, they won’t let them go. Vibha was walking with them, she says they are happy with this decision of leaving, they will regret it one day. She asks Siali why she stayed here lying, Siali says there were situations when she couldn’t leave them. Vibha says this will send her and Utkarsh out of here, not Niti. Niti says if they have to, the three of them must leave. Vibha says they remind her of her friends. Parth enters the office before them, Vibha asks them to stay outside. Urmilla complaints to his parents that he has broken the rules of the school by running away in the middle of the night. They are really strict with the rules, and it was good that the teachers and the guards stopped him. Parth’s father

says he was expelled because of being a goon in his previos school. Urmilla asks if they are telling her their son has a criminal background. His mother denies, but Pankaj goes to ask Parth to tell him the truth. His mother tells Pankaj that it was because of him that Parth did so, he had snatched the phone of her hand and this made her scream. Pankaj jerks her, Parth holds his hand. Pankaj slaps Parth, Parth pushes him back. Utkarsh tells Niti and Siali that he told them Parth must be in some problem. Urmilla tells them she isn’t interested in any of their personal matters, she wants him to take responsibility of his son. Parth’s mother is about to sign the paper, but Pankaj stops her, holds her hand to leave. Parth holds his hand and asks him to leave his mother, Pankaj is about to slap him when Anvesha holds his hand. She says if as a father he isn’t ready to take the responsibility of his son, she as a principal is ready to take it, he won’t go anywhere. Anvesha says she didn’t call them that they are fed up of his behaviour, they just wanted to know the reason behind this behaviour and it has become very clear now. She says a student when enters the school is their responsibility, she says it is unlawful to hold hand on his wife and his son. Pankaj says he is his son, Anvesha says he is his son at home only, in school she won’t bear anyone hold hand on her student. Pankaj leaves the office, Anvesha tells Parth’s mom that she must meet Parth anytime she wants to, right now she must leave and take care of herself. She says that she is happy her son is in safe hands, Pankaj shouts at her to come. Parth asks his mother to take her along, she says she knows his father used to say responsibility is taught in Warrior High. Anvesha inquires about it, his mother tells them Pankaj is his step father, his father is Vivek Samdhan. Anvesha is happy to know this, she tells him that his father’s favorite book is Black beauty, and he used to say a person’s fear just rests in his mind which can be removed anytime. Anvesha gives Parth’s mother a number of Mumbai’s police commissioner saying he is a good friend of mine, she may call him anytime needed and take care of herself.
Siali, Utkarsh and Niti come inside the office. Anvesha asks them any explanation about anything they have done. SIali says she came to meet them the next day, but couldn’t leave them alone. Niti says they stopped her here, and she will also go with them. Anvesha scolds them that they have done the biggest cheating in the history of school. First, Siali wrote Utkarsh’s name on her answer sheet and then she lied about being Angela, she says they must take an action and will tell in assembly. Urmilla is worried what decision she is going to take.
Parth’s mother tells him she can’t leave a person whom she did the second marriage. She tells Parth to stop thinking about this, and hugs Parth. Parth says I love you very much mom. Vibha comes to keep a hand on Parth’s shoulder, his mother says her son is a good person by heart, his anger is his only problem. She requests her to forgive her son, Vibha assures her that they are all here with him. She leaves for the car, heavy heartedly. Vibha again places hand on Parth’s shoulder and tells him they are all with him. Parth says he is only worried about his mother. Vibha says she has seen his mother today, she is strong enough and will take care of herself. He must secure her future, only then will he be able to take care of her.
Urmilla asks Anvesha what she has decided. Anvesha says they have lied to get in school. Urmilla says they can’t expel them, they came here on scholarship and Utkarsh had been badly beaten. What if media gets to know? Anvesha says she doesn’t care about media, she only cares about what’s wrong and what’s right. Warrior high has reached this position because of its values only.

PRECAP: Utkarsh tells Urmilla that his maa left his when he was a child, that Siddhard snatched his mother from him and asked him to do boxing with him for getting her back, so he fought. Urmilla looks at Utkarsh with motherly love and tear-filled eyes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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