Warrior High 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Krissane performs classical dance. Siali comes to the auditorium door and peeks through it. Siddhard comes to ask her give way, he enters the hall where Krissane was performing. Utkarsh and Niti ask Siali where was she, Siali tells them the door was locked from outside and that Sid was also with her in the changing room there. Krissane is done with her dance, the teachers mark her. Rishab announces it is Siddhard’s turn, Sid hugs Charlie before coming to stage. He breaks a bottle on his leg before beginning his song, he breaks another bottle on his face later in the end as well. Everyone claps for his performance.
Parth’s parents arrive at Warrior High, his mother tells Pankaj that warrior high has given exceptional people to this country, here talents are also polished. Atleast this is what

Parth’s father used to say. Pankaj says this school could even not take up her son, they even called them here. His mother says one day warrior high will be proud of her son. The peon asks them to wait in the room, as a function is going on. Pankaj thinks he won’t let her goon son study in such a luxury school, and will take him out of here.
Siali and Niti come to stage for performance. Utkarsh sings the song on which Siali dances. Niti gives beat with a hand instrument to the song. After the performance everyone claps. Rishab comes to stage, Urmilla comes to take the mike. She asks Anvesha, their judge and principal on stage. Anvesha says some performances are memorable for lifetime, after 2013 batch performances, she will not forget the performances of this batch. She announces that Mr. Fresher for 2015, Sid was about to get up but Anvesha announces Utkarsh as winner. Sid sits enraged and jerks Ayaz’s hand. She announces Miss Fresher to be Niti, she says her first choice was Angela but Angela isn’t a student of this school actually. She asks SIali is it so, should she call her Siali? She calls them on stage, Utkarsh was worried as Urmilla notices her. Utkarsh says she is right, this is Siali. He says she is a topper of their orphanage, she couldn’t get admission here. She wanted everything better for them, but they haven’t got any good day here. They couldn’t sleep a single day peacefully here, he says I am sorry to say here people have money but have no heart. The child Utkarsh’s call of mama echos in Urmilla’s ear. Utkarsh says to Siali that she must also know now this place isn’t woth them, here honesty isn’t treated well. Everyone was silent in the hall. Siali says to Utkarsh he is right, this place isn’t theirs. Neither this place could adopt them nor they could, they must leave this place. Anvesha calls on the students who all stand up, Anvesha asks Vibha and Kamini to the office for a meeting with the three of them; Urmilla passes Utkarsh tear-eyed. The students call on them as losers. The whole journey of Warrior High plays as a film in Siali’s mind. Utkarsh asks Siali to lets go, they have proved what they wanted to.

PRECAP: Vibha tells the three they are going to regret their decision of leaving the school. Parth’s father isn’t ready to take his responsibility and asks him to come home along with them, he and Parth have a fight together. Anvesha is angry saying they have done the biggest ever cheating of the warrior high’s history.

Update Credit to: Sona

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