Warrior High 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Warrior High 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

‎SidYali‬ scenes – Such an awesome scene it was
Everyone rushes to their dorm as Kamini mam heard music voice & she was on round..
Sid holds Siyali’s hand & they escape through back door.
They were in stuck in washroom.
Siyali blames Sid for everything and Sid too starts blaming Siyali and calls her bad luck.. Jahaan jaati hai wahaan musibat aati hai. Siyali looses her control and sprinkle water on his face. He pins her to wall.. Comes too close to her and wipes off water using his cheeks.. Awww moment..
Sid leaves and Siyali looks herself in mirror and those aww moment flashes in her mind BTW Kamini mam goes to dorm and checks Sid’s bed he was missing from there..
‪#‎VibhArth‬ scene –
Parth stands on bench and asks Vibha to join him up there as he is feeling awesome. Vibha tried her level best to make him come down but instead Parth pulls Vibha tightly towards him and they were too close.
Later Kamini mam came in library.
Vibha Parth were hiding.
Kamini mam leaves.. And Parth says Vibha she should not fear as he is there with her. She asks him to go to dorm room but he keep his head on her lap and sleeps. Vibha caresses his hairs.
Charlie – Niti – Uttkarsh – Krissane were stuck on way in corridor.. Kamini mam was on round.. Uttkarsh asks Krissane why she looks so cool? Aren’t she scared of Kamini mam? She says she is scared only of ghosts and Uttkarsh laughs saying ghosts doesn’t exist if it does tell them to meet Uttkarsh .. He will befriend one of ghost and will ask them to do his homework.
Niti blamed charlie for everything LOL.
Later they reached dorm rooms safely.

No Precap today..

Update Credit to: Warrior admirer


  1. Princess

    Precap : Parth Angrily shouts d name of sid n then he punches sid on his face and then sid punches parth on his face nd they hav a fight in d dorm..
    I think parth is angry coz he thinks that sid is behind d drinks
    And guys sid is gone kamini wil catch our sid..
    Anyways SidYali n VibhArth scenes wer amazing.. <3

  2. Joys

    Awesome episode …. vibarth scene also was cute and sidyali also nice too ….. can any one tell me plz wat was the bg music name played for sidyali in the washroom plzzzz plaza anyone …

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