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Girls were getting ready for party in washroom.. Simmi asks Niti to get ready.. Niti says she will get ready after crowd leaves. As all girls leave .. Niti dresses up. She sees herself in mirror and says she has to look hot like other girls. She was not satisfied with her dress. She does make-up. But still she was not satisfied but thn she thinks this look of hers is OK as no one is waiting for her specially in party.
As she comes out of washroom. Charlie was passing by.. she was about to fall.. Charlie hold her .. They share eyelock and Tum miley in background.
Niti says she is going to call Siyali now for party. Charlie stops her and says they ll call her later as still Party preparation are left.
In library.. Parth asks Vibha to help him in prouncing a word and asks her meaning of

word. Oh humnava in background.
Parth thinks Uttkarsh will come here finding him and Vibha will get to know about party. Parth leaves saying he is sleepy. Vibha assures Parth she too will sleep as soon as she completes her work.
Uttkarsh says Krissane let’s go to party. Krissane thinks how he got to know about party.. She asks him and Uttkarsh says Niti told him.
Krissane says she is going to change as she can’t go in party in this dress. Uttkarsh says what’s wrong in this dress? She looks good in this dress too. She says he will not understand as its girl thing. God made girls so that they look pretty always. Uttkarsh asks thn who made them? lol He asks how he is looking. She says he is looking good and leaves to change.
Parth comes to party Uttkarsh compliments him that he is looking hot and girls will be impressed. A girl comes there and looks at Parth .. As girl leaves Uttkarsh taunts see I told you. Parth says shut up.. you are enjoying alot. He says he is in party only coz of him and will leave soon.
In library Vibha imagines Parth .. Parth was looking at him and she was blushing. She was kinda hallucinating Parth and smiling.
In Party.. Niti sees Sid coming and asks Charlie to call Siyali too. Charlie says some idiot spoil the plan of surprising Sid. So they ll call Siyali later.
Sid feels uncomfortable while dancing with Krissane and leaves.
Niti changes the music.. Sid says its his fav song and Uttkarsh too says same thing. They both start dancing on Him dono hai alag alag lol.
Siyali comes to Party & asks all to stops the music.

Precap – Parth says Siyali not to get angry on Uttkarsh Niti as someone told them its surprise party for you and Sid
Siyali points at Sid and says it was your plan right?
Niti says to Charlie he wanted Siyali too yo suffer with his friend Sid when they ll get caught for party. Siyali is so angry now coz of him.
Dream sequence of ‪#‎VibhArth‬ romantic moments. Parth takes Vibha’s hands and kiss them.

Update Credit to: Warrior High – Admirers

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  1. Hey guyz whr is d updt by sona…
    I hv copied an updt….bt it is too shrt..hp u all cn undrstnd…
    Bt d credit goes to warrior high’s admirers….

  2. VibhArth scene – Rohit mixes alcohol in his drink but Parth drinks it without acknowledge. He leaves Party.. Vibha sees him & asks what he is doing here in this dress? She asks him Is he drunk? He says god promise I am not drunk .. But I am feeling free.
    She takes him to library and makes him drink water. He comes close to her and says she is very beautiful. She says you are not in senses. She was smiling too and trying to handle him. He says today he is feeling and is able to say what he feels easily.
    SidYali scenes –
    First was – Siyali shouts at Sid for party..
    Later when Siyali was alone in corridor blaming Sid he comes to her and puts his fingers on her mouth & says her kitna bolti hai tu.. He asks her to come to party not for him but fr students coz of whom they became head boy / girl.. 2nd – Sid says Siyali kuch aur pehn k nai aa sakti? Short dress something? She says she wears dress which comforts her and she doesn’t HV branded clothes like them. Sid says you are wearing simple but still you look different and beautiful.
    CharNiti scene – Niti scolds Charlie that he wished Siyali too will be punished with his friend and invited them for his own selfish reasons. Charlie says she always misunderstands him as he really wanted her to come here as he feels good in her company.
    2nd – They had tum hi moment when Niti took mango juice and Charlie came to him.
    Precap- All dancing & enjoying. Peon comes there and stops the music saying Kamini mam is coming. All gets panic.

    1. Thnx fairy.. Anyways d credit is to u fairy..

    2. Plus #Vibarth moments wer d bst.. Nd u r caught vibha mam.. Coz Hassi toh Fassi.. Guys, it means vibha is in love wid parth.. Ughh.. Sorry i think u all know dat.. I was late to realize it. Anyways #Sadu siyali dint take any action, thank god..

  3. Thanks fairy
    I think de r not preparin dere own updt nowadays …….
    Thats why copying d updt……………..
    Copy catsssssss

  4. Shikha, r u calling sona, the copy cats??

  5. Yes annu de have started copying updt s which our fairy gives to us
    Luk at 1 nd 2 june updts u will know bout dat

  6. U r welcm shikha nd anu…
    Shikha, sona dint updt 2nd nd 1st june’s updt…it was updated bt warrior high admirers..l had also copied it frm d admirers….so sona dint copy it….updt hd gvn d admirers..nt sona..

      1. Thanks I wanted to kno sidyali scene Thank u

  7. Guyzzz 3-may-2015 k episode m jab siyali last m Sid k paas aati h to Sid kuch boltaa h siyaali ko to backgroud tune play hoti h aap wo gaane ka naam btado plzzz

  8. Thanks fairy for clearin my misundrstandin…….
    Sorry sona hope u come back sooon

  9. tnqqqq fairy
    n yes princess we know dat already
    I too love vibharth scenes <3 <3
    btw, wat hpnd to sona?
    no updates on timet,y /?

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