Warrior High 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Siali comes to changing room and gets into uniform. She comes out when Sid enters the changing room and gets into washroom. Siali comes inside again as she notices she had forgot to wear her dancing anklets. A boy from outside locks the door. Siali opens the door, Sid comes out of the washroom. Siali asks what he is doing here. A friend tells Rohit that he has locked Sid in washroom, now he will be Mr. Fresher. Siali blames Sid that he did this deliberately so that Krissane can win. Sid says had he wanted this, he must not be here.
Utkarsh and Niti come to the auditorium. He asks where is Siali, Niti says Siali has gone to change the costume. Upon his query, she tells him Vibha gave them the costume else they must have been disqualified. She asks Utkarsh if he would be able to perform, Utkarsh

tells her not to worry as he is alright now. He assures her that they will show them they aren’t anything less. Parth comes there, Niti says it is because of him this happened. Utkarsh goes to meet Parth, Niti stops him saying they don’t need to forgive all the times. Parth asks Utkarsh how is he, Utkarsh says he is fine now. Parth keeps hand on Utkarsh’s shoulder, Niti tells him to stay away from Utkarsh. Niti goes to bring Siali, Charlie comes from behind and calls that he is really courageous. Rishab doesn’t allow Niti out, she comes back and notices Utkarsh disturbed by Charlie. She comes to Charlie and scolds him, he couldn’t listen to a single word she said and circled around her. He gets into his senses only when she pushes him, Niti leaves. Charlie’s friend asks why he didn’t answer her, he says she is a girl. He thinks someone couldn’t make him move ever, but she has done it, there is something special in her.
Rohit comes to Utkarsh and asks what he will do, Ayaz comes and scolds them for never underestimating your contender. Niti says to Utkarsh that she will get Siali as she hasn’t arrived till yet. Kamini stops her, and tells her she can be called anytime. Niti comes back.
Vibha stops Parth where he is going. He says Angela is missing somewhere, he was looking for her. Vibha says she thought he is going somewhere again. She goes inside, he looks at her leaving.
Urmilla announces about the talent show, and invites Anvesha on stage. Everyone claps as she comes to stage, Anvesha says she is really happy. She announces that they are really eager to perform, and let the best ones win. Niti and Utkarsh were worried that even Parth isn’t here, Urmilla looked in the crowd for Sid. Siali shouted at someone to open the door, Sid says everyone has gone for competition and no one will come. Sid tells him to stop shouting. Siali says she wants to win, they are participants so someone will definitely come to look for them. She tells him that they aren’t used to give up, she will compete. He has nothing of himself but his name, he is a loser but gets everything because of his name only. He holds her on the wall and keeps hand on her mouth. He says he knows it didn’t go well with Utkarsh, it shouldn’t have happened; why can’t she understand it was game. Siali pushes him away, and calls him disgusted.
Urmilla hands Rishab the mike and gets her seat. Rishab announces the first performance will be from Rohit Agarwal. He dances in his performance. The teachers mark Rohit’s performance. Rishab announces it is Krissane’s turn.
Siali still called for someone to open the door. Sid murmurs these girls have such a stamina to shout. Parth passes by and hears Siali’s voice. He calls from outside, Sid says a superman has come here. Siali asks him to open the door, Parth says he will do something then spots screwdrivers and breaks open the lock. The door opens. He come in, and asks how was she caught here, he asks did Sid? Siali stops him and asks will he begin another fight. Parth says there was a reason that he couldn’t come. Siali says she is uninterested in talking to losers like him. She leaves, Sid says to Parth that she called him a loser, right. Parth says that he is definitely going to be beaten.

PRECAP: Krissane performs, Sid sings and breaks a bottle on his face. Utkarsh and Siali say to Anvesha that this place hasn’t been able to adopt them so they have to go.

Update Credit to: Sona

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