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Dadi calls Vibha, Vibha coughs and asks how is she. Dadi says she doesn’t appear to be alright. Vibha was in medical room, she was having flu and bad throat. Vibha says it is cold here, she got flu. Dadi says she packed all her warm clothes, she must not have used them. Vibha promises to take care of herself. Dadi asks her to take ginger tea meanwhile. They hang up. Kamini comes to Vibha and asks how is she, her actions made her fell ill. Vibha asks what she means, Kamini says she is intelligent to know. Kamini gives her the test papers to check here, and asks her to be a bit quick.
Sishanth’s mother scolds him on phone about not concentrating on his studies. Her mother says he has to be an engineer like his father and must concentrate on his studies. Parth comes to medical room, where Vibha

was checking on papers. He says she is ill, she must do this work later. She says it is really important. He asks if he can help her. She says this is exam papers, she will have to mark them. He says she can’t do anything if she doesn’t eat something. She tries to take the papers back, he gives her a plate and asks her to eat it first. He sits there. Vibha says he is stubborn and caring, just like her dadi; says thank you and eats from it. She gets cough, he pours her water which she takes.
Charlie comes behind Sishaanth and asks did he tell his parents he can’t study science. Sid also comes there, Charlie says it is the family pressure, his parents doesn’t understand he can’t study science. Sid asks him to work hard, Sishaanth was frustrated why his parents do this to him and goes inside. He comes across Annie who asks why is he worried. He tells her, she says parents never understand them, he must drink water and relax. She takes him along. One of the other boys was listening to this conversation and goes behind them.
Utkarsh comes to the classroom of dream, and day dreams about rose. He thinks about boxing where he faced Charlie and Sid and beaten badly. He lay on the floor, everyone was worried and asks him to get up when Rose comes asking him to go and fight. He opens his eyes, she keeps her hand on his face and says he can do it. He faces Sid and blocks his arms, beating him hard, punching him in stomach. He fights Charlie as well, beating him unconscious. They have a tough confrontation, Rose bucks him to box him hard and he does. Rose gives him a flying kiss, comes to caress his hair and moves her hand down to his face. He was about to kiss her. Niti comes there and seeing his action of lips, hits him. He scolds her for destroying his dream. She asks what he was dreaming of. He asks her not to tell anyone, he has a pretty girl in dreams these days. She asks him to get perfumed before sleeping, because he smells bad today. The students come for the class.
Kamini comes in the garden appreciating the students for sowing trees. Charlie watches Niti digging the earth for plantation, she makes face as he comes watching her. He looks at her, she was smiling at him, stands and opens her hair. She holds the water container, he smiles at approaching her. She smiles, sits with him, takes the scalpel from his hand and digs with him. They plant the tree together. She vanishes at once. He looks at her still in a bad mood, digging her portion. Irritated with his smile, she leaves. Siali and Seemi where working on one portion, Seemi asks Siali why she put this stick with this plant. Siali says sometimes a few things need support, and the right support at perfect time makes him stronger. Siali spreads mud on her face, Seemi offers to wipe it and brings water hose. Both begin the water fight and have fun.
Sid appears from the corridor and watches them play. Ayaz comes to him and asks where is he lost. Sid says in Siali. He says there is something in this girl that isn’t in anyone else. Ayaz asks him to see Krissane, his baby is watching him. Sid still smiles looking at Siali.

PRECAP: Niti asks Siali to find a good book in library. Utkarsh comes with Parth to read a book, Parth pushes him in library. Sid watches Siali in her dorm.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I want more Sidali scenes. I am a little addicted to them 😛

    Also, Thanks Sona for the update 🙂

  2. Tnx sona fr d updt…
    Yes, l like sidali mr thn vibarth or nitarlie….
    Sidali is sooo sweet…pinch suvarna l want mr sidali’s sweet scene…
    And guyz wht happened to utkarsh?? The boys are mkng him bad..
    Btw epsd was gud….

  3. Fabulous movmnts of vibarth…….

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