Warrior High 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh was watching the magazine and sleeps with it, smiling on and off. He dreams of a girl in saree standing with her back while he spreads his arms to her. The girl turns to him and moves to him; other boys of the school fell off watching her move towards Utkarsh and pass him. Utkarsh also fell down as she touches him.
He comes to the class and watches a teacher in the dress, he calls her the maam but it was the same girl. He asks may I come in, she throws a chalk towards him and says he knows he is late. He says I am sorry, I woke up late. She calls him to herself, drags his tie open. She asks him to remove his pants, he is astonished and asks what? She says yes, open your pants. Utkarsh smiles unbelievingly, gulps and was smiling and talking in sleep. He opens his eyes to find himself asleep,

he covers himself with his quilt, then looks around.
Vibha was worried that there isn’t even a window through which they can go out. Parth says not they must wait for someone to come. She opens the tap, it breaks and the tap hurts her. Path holds her hand, both get wet under the shower. Their times together go through their view. The door clicks, Vibha keeps her hand on Parth’s mouth and asks him not to make a noice, if someone sees them this way there would be a big problem. It was Utkarsh, he asks Parth what he is doing here. Vibha takes her dupatta, Utkarsh asks what is she doing here. Vibha runs out, Utkarsh asks Parth what was happening here. Parth asks him to get his clothes from out, Utkarsh brings them and asks how he got wet and what was going on here. Parth says he is fine. Utkarsh says he wants to talk to him about something, and tells him he saw a girl. Parth smiles, Utkarsh hides his trousers, Utkarsh says this is natural it happens. Utkarsh is worried, it happened to him for the first time with him. Parth says sometime the male body reacts this way, he reads about it and asks Utkarsh who was the girl in his dreams. Utkarsh goes inside asking him not to be naughty to him this way. Parth asks who was the girl, Utkarsh says he won’t tell him. Parth asks isn’t he his bro, holds him from shoulder hugging him. Utkarsh asks him not to be naughty, Utkarsh says he is feeling shy about it; both leave.
Kamini walks through the corridor, comes to the washroom and wonders the door here is open. She gets inside, thinking this means that Vibha wasn’t long there with her Parth. She calls Parth and finds his towel on the washbasin. She holds it, smells it and says his smell must be there in it.
in the morning in class, Kamini announces that a teacher is absent so she will take tests and 10% of them will be included in their final papers. She distributes the tests, but doesn’t leave Parth’s paper. She announces they have only one hour time. She walks through the class for invigilation, Krissane looked around. Sid and Charlie were worried. Sid asks Siali the answer for third question, Siali doesn’t mean. Sid asks her not to be so mean, he helped her as well. Siali moves her paper to the front, Sid smiles and writes his answer. Krissane changes paper with her friend.
Siali asks Sid to do it fast.
tkarsh comes to Ayaz in the corridor and takes him aside. He sits with him then says it is really awkward, last night I had a dream about Rose as their teacher. He got late for her class, she punished him by hitting him on his bump. Ayaz says he is a grown up now and take it for granted. Utkarsh says infact he is enjoying it.
After the test, Kamini catches a student for cheating. The test is over, Sid thanks Siali. Siali says he saved her and she helped him to balance it. He says how can it be balanced, he saved her respect. She asks what is good in watching those vulgar films late at night. He says they give you knowledge, else how will one get it. He asks does she know about it all. Siali says her Utkarsh is wandering on wrong ways because of them. Sid says they won’t let him wander. Siali says he is such a useless man, he says he isn’t useless. She leaves asking him to try for once. Siali leaves, Sid sits lost in her thoughts.

PRECAP: Sid beats Utkarsh in boxing again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  4. Fantastic Movmnts Of Vibarth…..
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    Nd precap Me aisa q?

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    Wow…sidiali was jst awsm….
    Bt wht happened in d precap??

  6. A beautiful epi with some nice moments between sidali…..their mmnts we so cute …. After talking to siali sid was lost….and I didn’t understood the precap again a boxing match bt why

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