Warrior High 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vibha comes to Niti and asks her to say whatever she has in mind. Niti says she knows she is different from everyone, she isn’t pretty and tall like others. She cries that if God has made her this way why can’t people accept it. She says she made a place for herself in the orphanage with much difficulty. Vibha says she knows it will be difficult, and there will be difficulties in life. It is her first experience in teaching, she is also nervous. In many things, height isn’t important, she must not let anything effect her; she will go far away. Niti asks does she really mean it, Vibha leaves saying she is her teacher.
Siali begins to walk, as they are getting late. Sid follows her.
The train journey continued.
It was dark, Siali asks what she must do now, they have got no

means to go still. Sid asks if she has ever travelled in a big car. He offers to take her into big car and comes to vagun. It was a Sardar ji and offers to drop them. The get on the truck. The Sardar ji tells them he always take selfies with his passengers. Sid wears eye blinds, closes his eyes and fell on Siali’s shoulder. She slaps him for getting over with her. He says he is tired, if she has problem she may keep distance. In a while, Siali fells on Sid’s shoulder. Sid shows Sardar this girl is now sleeping on his shoulder.
Vibha comes to ask why is there a crowd in the train. The students tell her the washroom hasn’t been free for a while. Someone texts from washroom, the girl comes there. Vibha gets the washroom door open, a boy comes out and the girl goes in. She takes her friend out after a while. She takes her in their cabin and says if she really like Rohan she must not listen to whatever he asks for. She says I really miss you Sid, looking out of window.
Sardar wakes up Sid and Siali, saying their stop has arrived. Sid and Siali prepare to leave, Sid thanks the Sardar and says they must take one selfie. Sardar says he already has taken one. They bid him farewell. Sid stops Siali and asks her to go from a shortcut. She says it is desserted, why can’t they go from the other one. He says that the other way is really long, they will reach really late. She agrees to opt the short cut.
Utkash and Niti sat saddened, Utkash says he told them they can’t stay away from each other happy. He says he dislikes everything even before reaching warrior high. Niti asks him to stop the drama. Utkash says he isn’t worth anything, neither studies nor worth saving her. Niti says she also misses Siali. Utkash smiles that she always found maa, and her morning started with beating him.
Siali and Sid go through the forest. He asks Siali what is in the box that she is holding it so tight. She asks what his problem is. He asks why she can’t speak to him quietly. He runs with the box, it fell on the ground. She comes near him, then looks around and asks him to find her box. He says it has gone, she asks him to find it for her. He says he will buy her a new one, she says that one is important for her.
Vibha notices Parth checking on his bruises.
Charlie goes take his dad’s call, his dad asks why is he angry at him. He says he isn’t a child. His dad says he brought so much for him, his favourite shake but his mother says he didn’t take anything. His dad says he will come to meet him next week. He is frustrated and says everyone here is asleep now and hangs on. The boys wondered how adventurous is Charlie’s dad’s life. Charlie says they will meet him when he comes back to India.
Vibha waits in the train, saying this hectic journey will end in a while.
Siali locates the box, she asks Sid to get it from there. Sid says he is Clastrophobic, she must make that other person understand he will get him another one. Siali goes to take it and fell down, she screams.

PRECAP: Utkash and Niti appreciates the school building, Utkash says Siali deserves this all.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Anjanaa

    Princess relax!! Nothing is cuter than me not even u!! ;-):-P jst joking dont take it srsly.. As u know u r the most.. Rest u knoe.. So neednt to say

  2. daisy

    So pairs made… sid-siali, parth-vibha n niti-charlie!!!! Parr yar seriously sid doesnt deserve siali at all. She z so simple n caring n good. Utkarsh z bettr choice. Hope cutie utkarsh gts a match too. ;p

  3. Anjanaa

    I think the one who loves sid nd sys that sid wud propose her nd who holded the hand of utkarsh nd got in the train.. That girl wud be paired wid utkarsh i think so

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