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Sid fell down holding the box that comes off Siali’s hand. She bends down and grabs the box. He asks couldn’t she see, she says he could also have seen it. He says the thing they are both running for has gone, she asks why. He says at warrior high one isn’t allowed after 8 o clock. Siali thinks she has to get Maa to Urkash in anyway. Sid says he has to think something to get there and asks Siali to come along.
Utkash and Niti come to a cabin. The students make fun of them both. Utkash asks Niti to go ahead.
The teachers take attendance. Siddhart Rajput is missing, he is worried and asks Vibha asking her to recheck. He was Rishab and calls the maam to inform that Siddhart is missing. The girls talk how can Sid miss the train this way, though she knows he will reach the school.

asks Siali about her name, he says he is a good boxer but still there is a child inside him. Siali says he is weird. Sid enjoys that this all is so romantic, that they both are going together. Siali asks him to stop flirting. Siali says she will find her own way, moves ahead and asks for lift. The man misbehaves with her while Sid comes to her rescue. Sid taunts at Siali if she will take lift from such people. He says he will show her how to take lift.
Niti and Utkash comes to a cabin where those girls were sitting. Utkash keeps the luggage up on the cabin. The boys come to the struggling Niti, and holds her up in the air in a quest to help her climb. The girls come there too, taunting Niti. Utkash is held back by others. Niti asks him to leave her, he leaves her while her rescuer once again holds her. Niti goes away crying, the boy too. Utkash curses the boys what their parents have taught them. The boys get him, saying it seems his father hasn’t taught him to be manly. Parth sat in a nearby cabin. The boys made fun of Utkash that he has no father. Parth comes to them and asks them to leave Utkash, they make fun of him. Parth holds one of them from neck and drops him down. He was enraged at him, while another boy come and asks Parth to talk to him. Parth confronts him, holding him by neck to a wall. The boy asks him to leave, while Parth beats him badly. All the students watch them fight. Someone calls for Charlie.
Vibha comes there and stops Parth saying he will die. Parth holds Vibha on the wall, she looks at him. Utkash asks Parth to leave her, she is mam. Parth leaves Vibha, says sorry and leaves. Vibha gets hold of herself, and asks the students to get back to their seats. Rishab says he will complain the principal about them all.
Sid stops a car, the lady in it asks if he can’t see. He flirts with her, saying she is so beautiful he could come under the car. She asks if he is from warrior high, he says she know about them and tells her problem. She agrees to drop them. Sid calls Siali and says she is his sister. They get in the car.
Vibha was standing on the door of the train. Rishab comes to her and says she has to be strict with these students.
Sid introduces himself to the lady, she says she is Ria. He introduces her to Siali as well. He asks Ria if she is college student, she appears so young. Siali wonders if he is insane. He appreciates the music track. Siali complains sunlight is disturbing her, Sid gives her eye blinds to wear. Ria asks for her bag and leaves the car. Sid observes her, and wakes Siali saying this lady is in mood, please save her. Siali asks him to call that childish Sid, she has come from village. He begs her. Ria gets back in the car and tells Sid she has got what they need. She tells Sid there is a good hotel ahead, they must take a break. Siali asks what is her age. Ria asks her why she should tell her. Siali says she has passes out college in 87, means she must be married and have a sixteen years old son as well. Ria minds and asks them to leave the car.
Utkash brings medicine for Parth, he says he doesn’t need it. Vibha asks Utkash to give it to her, sits in front of him and places the cotton on his bruise. He irks. She says he was being really smart while fighting and now has so much pain. She tells him not to move from his seat and asks Utkash to go on his seat.
Utkash thinks about Siali, Niti was also crying thinking about Siali’s craze for warrior high. Parth thought about her mother’s ambition for warrior high. Vibha thinks warrior high is her school, she is coming back to her school.

PRECAP: Niti says she knows she is different, and not beautiful; but why can’t God accept her this way.
Sid runs with Siali’s box in a jungle.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. God. .it’s too awesome S2 (siyali n Sid) :*

    1. Yes zoyaaa

      1. Love they so damn much. ..Aww dey look xo cute n romantic together ^_^

      2. Love them so damn much. ..Aww dey look xo cute n romantic together ^_^

  2. but earlier sid name was told as abhishek mmm confused ;( but so intresting, i thought parth will be for siyali i think we should wait to know 🙂

  3. Parth for vibhaa.nd sid nd siali itink so aswini

  4. Ok yarr wat ever its cool I love parth a little more than sid

  5. Hi guyz…
    Wow, nc serial. So mny pairs

  6. Bt guyz, l thnk veeba is elder thn parth……… wht abt utkarsh ? Who ll b gonna pair up wid him?

  7. Parth with siyali plzz nd nt wid vibha

  8. Tat attitude gal may be pair for utkarsh.
    princess I too want parth and siyali but looks lik its siyali and sid .aand the guy who saved niti was also cute :3

  9. Parth is really a man but guys look at Siyali , , she’s too innocent and sweet she doesn’t even joke much and sure Sid’s da one for her ..As we say “opposite attraction” nah 😀
    Flirty falls for an Angel <3

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