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Parth’s mother hugs him, he says she has loved him a lot, he will make her proud. His maa says such emotional talk doesn’t suit a strong student like him, he must join sports and gym in school. He hugs her back.
Vibha packs her mother’s sarees, her dadi asks why is she doing so. Vibha says now she is a teacher, she must wear these things. Her dadi says it isn’t required, she must try to leave an impact on students and that will only matter. Vibha notices dadi’s mood off, and says when she will come every Saturday and Sunday she must watch how much she has changed. Dadi cheers.
Parth watches dad in the window, his maa asks him to smile for her once and not to worry as she will take care of herself. He smiles and leaves. His maa cries watching him go.
In the school, students

came with their parents. Vibha stood for registrations. Siali, Niti and Utkash come to school. Niti says there are so handsome boys here, Siali asks her to control herself and focus on studies. Siali watches Parth coming to Vibha for registrations, Utkash comes downstairs with the three.
A girl arrives school with two friends of hers, and asks them to find him. She calls Rohit and asks about his gang’s leader, Rohit says he will just be here. The girl says this semester is about her and Sid. Niti comes across her, she asks Niti can’t she look forward but Niti asks her to remove her black glasses. The girl makes fun of her but Niti pushes her which ruins her dress. The girl shouts at her friends to find the bathroom, as she needs to change. Siali asks Niti why she is taking enemities, Niti says she isn’t going to compromise.
The girl changes in the washroom, and says this semester Sid is going to propose her this time, and the whole Warrior High will watch, she asks her friends to throw the dress away as she won’t wear it anymore.
Sid was flirting with a girl in the car. He lays the girl on the seat of the car, but recalls that he is late and hurries as the train’s siren rings. Parth gets in with a heavy heart, Siali says bye to Niti and Utkash heavily, as they both cry hard. She tells them to study well there and call her when they have reached there. Utkash cries hard, and hugs her back but she asks them both to go assuring she will be gine. The train heads to leave, the girl still waited for Sid. Utkash and Niti run towards the train, the girl worried at the station waiting for Sid. Niti fell down, as the train leaves while Utkash keeps on calling her to come up. A girl takes Utkash’s help, the train leaves the station. A boy came running, holds Niti up from the floor and runs towards the train shouting, putting his full force. He gets the train, Niti asks him to put her down. He says had he not helped, she must have missed the train. She says his help wasn’t needed, he puts her down and leaves. Utkash sat in the window, Niti comes to him while he cries asking how he will stay away from Siali. Niti says she understands but he says he can’t live without her. She promises that they will ask Maa and she will help them.
A boy sat on the bench asks his papa that the warrior high school has great uniform. Siali passes by and hears them, his papa was saying he will send him straight to Warrior High, if he gets good grades. Siali comes to washroom, and cries missing Utkash. She watches the thrown uniform of the girl in the dustbin, picks it up and thinks about her craze about Warrior High. She comes wearing the uniform, looks at herself in the mirror and wishes she could also go there with Niti and Utkash.
Utkash opens his trunk, but can’t find something in it. He is frustrated and says his maa has also been missed. Siali hears the croak in her bag, watches the box of frog in her bag. She hurries down the stairs, while Sid runs down the stairs. Both come across, and Sid fell on the ground catching maa’s box.

PRECAP: Parth beats up a guy in the train, Vibha tries to get them separated but he holds her on the wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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