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Siali tells Angella they don’t want her opinion and takes Niti. Niti says he doesn’t care what she feels and cries again. Siali asks her to smile now and takes her out saying she doesn’t need spoil her mood for these people, she doesn’t want her smile go. Utkarsh comes there and asks about Siali and Niti’s fight with Sid. Siali says they will talk later about it. He asks Niti why is she crying. Niti says that Charlie made a drama of her in front of everyone, he said he loved her but she shouldn’t have believed him; he was Sid’s friend and a bad guy. Siali goes behind the crying Niti. Utkarsh recalls Charlie had given him a chocolate bar, he brings it out and goes enraged through the corridor. He calls Charlie and gets him, he asks what he had said, do a favour for him that give Niti a

love letter, it said that I love you Niti. He says his muscles and abs are just a show off, infact he is a coward who can’t express anything in front of anyone. He throws the chocolate away. Sid comes and asks him to put this wrapper in the dustbin. Utkarsh goes with the wrapper, Charlie also leaves. Angella was hearing this all, he says to Sid that he has an influence in school, someone should learn to obey rules from her. ANgella tells Sid that her mom is a Christian but her father is a hindu, Sid says he is Siddardh Rajput. She asks is Anvesha his mother, Sid says no, she is grandmother. Angella leaves saying he will definitely do something then.
Charlie watches Niti coming from the corridor crying, he thinks I am sorry Niti I did wrong with you. Niti takes the anklets that she had dropped and moves forward. Vibha took the dance class with the girls. Urmilla was standing there, Urmilla says she is glad with Vibha as she got good practice of girls. Angella comes late in the class, Urmilla asks why she is late. Angella says it is her first class, Urmilla says Anvesha told her about her, she must work hard. The class is dismissed, the girls talk that ANgella hasn’t been scolded instead of being so late.
Sid throws a paper that goes near the dustbin not inside. Utkarsh stops Sid and tells him to put it in the dustbin. Charlie heads to pick it, Sid asks if he wants himself beaten. Utkarsh says he is asking very politely what he had misbehaved him for. Angella heards this all. Sid picks up the dustbin and throws it over Utkarsh’s head. Utkarsh still smiles, Sid hands the dustbin to Utkarsh and says he won’t leave him. Sid passes by Angella, she comes to Utkarsh and asks to remove the dirt away. Utkarsh says thankyou. Angella introduces herself, she says he dislikes Siddardh and did this all to him but still he is smiling. Utkarsh says nothing is a greater punishment that to smile at someone who is really angry at you. Angella says it is interesting but I will tell you someday how to deal with it, she winks and walks away.
Kamini was worried saying these students aren’t effected at all. She thinks she must talk to Urmilla, then thinks Urmilla will be angry at her only. She thinks she can’t punish these students, that Angella held her ear in front of everyone, what if someone else repeats something else. She says she will have to tell them all what it means to do something like this with her. Kartik comes in and says good morning to her, she stares at him. Kamini says it is something important, she needs his help. Kartik asks what. In the corridor, Vibha thinks neither Parth came to mess nor class, is he alright. She watches Utkarsh sitting alone in the classroom and asks what he is doing here, if he knows the class has been cancelled. Utkarsh says alright. She asks about Parth, Utkarsh says he is better he won’t tell even if he feels pain. Parth comes there, Utkarsh asks him to come to mess to eat something but he stands there. He closes the door when Utkarsh leaves and comes inside. He asks Vibha why is she avoiding him, he had done something wrong but it doesn’t mean she ignores him. He is sorry for that. He says she is the only one he can share his heart out, he says she is angry with him, she can slap him but please talk to him. Vibha turns and says enough Parth, she had told him she doesn’t want to talk about it, she asks him to go. Parth leaves, Vibha’s eyes filled with tears. She thinks I am sorry Parth but I am not avoiding you but my feelings, I can’t fell weak else this all will be very difficult for them both. She cries. Parth goes into the corridor,
Thinking why can’t she be his friend when she is a teacher. She never said so before, what will be wrong if she becomes his friend. He walks restlessly remembering her words. He comes to the ground thinking she doesn’t know she is so important for his life, he likes her so much as he can share his heart only with her, why she wants him go away from her life. He has apologized they why? He remembers he had dragged her up the table, he had told her his heart beats hard whenever she comes to him. He had told her he loves the feeling which he never felt before. Parth closes his eyes to get some peace, Vibha was crying.

PRECAP: Kamini announces to students, she tells them that they are going to get a punishment that will teach them how to behave with a teacher.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ✨pradishma✨

    Pls show some sidyali scenes…. ??

  2. Wow ur first sanyu

    1. ✨pradishma✨

      Loser don’t follow me u coward

      1. yes these fattu log are usng yr name

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      3. ✨pradishma✨

        Right piya…. n m checking it don’t worry

  3. hai telly i am sona tnk u
    gud mrng

  4. oh ho neeti need not take stress upon u . these boys r like tis only. ignore him and do not pay a damn 2 him and he will come back 2 u . this is a vry common thng in real life 2 if u make boys feel tat they r imp in yr life then they wl definetly show attitude

  5. Thnxxx sonaa fr d updt…
    We just want our sidyali scene…plz shw sm gud parts….
    Btw..hiii guyz…..missed u all…hw r u all?

  6. hey guys!!! Todyas episode wasnt good.. Judaai between #VibhArth ?? And guys hav u noticed that angella wers gloves in her hands.. So what do u think whats d reason behind it?? Is it reel or real??

  7. Yes, anjaana.. l too noticed…..dont knw d reasn…….nw may b vibha ll feel jealous of angella fr parth….
    Anju…may l knw u?.?

    1. Yeah ofcourse!! My dairy milk!!!!

  8. I think angella has some dangerous decease thats why she wears gloves n someone touch her she don’t likes that

    1. yaa i too noticed tat she ws wearing gloves whyy??????

  9. I am missing sidyali scenes . Without them the show is boring.

  10. Kyy and Wh!! Tu!!! You guys are taking too long to update these two!! C’mon.. Its been nearly 2 hours

    1. ✨pradishma✨

      YA right m also waiting for it but I saw wh precap its intersting…. angella slaps utkarsh and parth asks kamini mam if he can go to his home for some days

      1. Whoaa!! Now i am all the more impatient! Thanks dude 🙂

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