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Parth hits his dad, he goes down on floor. His mother cries. Parth comes to the room and asks if his maa if she remembers the book black beauty, his papa liked it a lot. It is about a horse, whose fears resided in his mind, one day he face those fears and then everything gets easy.
Siali stops Utkash at night. He says he was coming to her, and takes her to a side. He says he brought her a gift and asks her to open it. He opens it for her, it was a pendant. Siali asks where he got money, he says he broke his coin box. She says she had collected them for himself. He says that when he will leave, she will cry. She says she doesn’t cry, he gives her the pendant saying it is good and asks her to keep the pendant with him always. She asks for his arm, and binds her lucky charm around his wrist.

She says he must keep it with him, and study well there. She asks if she will be his best even there, he says he can’t guarantee because he has heard there are very hot girls there. Both run, Siali gets him, he says she was his best, and she will remain so. Siali smiles.
Parth’s dad gets up, his face wet. Someone brings candle, he asks his wife if she is crazy and will burn him. Parth’s mother says he remains drunk each day, she will burn him one day. Parth comes there, she stops him and says today she wants to tell her husband that if he ever tries to hit her again or her son, she won’t leave him alive. She asks him where is the letter, he tells her about it afraid.
Nibha’s friends were all settled, and met her warmly. Nibha says they shifted to Switzerland and is holding the business of her uncle now. A friend asks her to drop her, Nibha takes a leave and comes to the washroom worried what she must do now, and where to bring the car. She and her friend waited in entrance, a car pulls over. In the car, Nibha’s friend says she will plan her honey moon in Switzerland and if she comes, she will definitely come to meet him. Her friend leaves, Nibha thanks the uncle, he says he has worked with them for a long time, but he says her friends aren’t true, else she wouldn’t have to lie. She says they are her childhood friends and give her a hope that everything will be back as it was. She looks out of the mirror.
The mother tells Utkash and Nita that their uniform and trunks of some belongings have arrived. She tells Utkash she is proud of him, and tells Siali that her marksheet must have mis placed, she is a brilliant student of the school but she must not lose hope and must try next year. The mother says she has think that she can go to drop her friends to Dehli. Siali asks is she telling the true, Nita says she never jokes. The mother says she understands their emotional bonding, and asks Siali to get some files ready before leaving. Utkash and Nita cheer. They hold the trunk and excitedly open it, they cheer to see the blazers, stationaries, bags and other things. Utkash finds a watch as well, she asks him to lock it for him. Utkash gets emotional, cries hard and says he destroyed it all, warrior high and scholarship was her dream. Siali says when has he learned to do urs or mine. He asks how will he stay away from her for a year, she says he has to spend all his energy on studies for this one year. He says she will never understand and takes his blazer off dumping it in bag. Niti comes with all her hair-pins on and asks how she is looking. Utkash makes fun of her, Siali tells her all these pins doesn’t have to be worn together. Niti says what is wrong with new fashion, Siali says her attitude doesn’t let her worry about Utkash.
Parth’s mother tells him that his mother is very strong, gives him the letter and asks him to go and make his life.
PRECAP: Niti comes across some girls in school. Siali and a boy run down the stairs, passes each other and boy fell down holding a box she left.

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Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. And that boy is ashwini.. Kya entry maari hain aswini ne.. <3<3

  2. Anjaana anjaani…

  3. Guys !! I want to pair Siali and Ashwini 😀
    Ya I want Parth to fall for Siali but I want Ashwini to win her heart. Wad du say guys?

  4. Guys !! I want to pair Siali and Ashwini 😀
    Ya I want Parth to fall for Siali but I want Ashwini to win her heart. Wad du u say guys?

  5. Yeah zoya.. Bt parth wud b much better.. Nd Suhash wht do u wanna say??

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