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Rahul again sees Prerna and Dishank talking.. he was jealous and asks Prerna why she is helping junior. She says she us not answerable to him.. Dishank is weak in chemistry so she is just helping him in that subject as he is a junior.
Vibha looked stressful .. Uttkarsh asked her to keep calm and listen to her heart. He says his mom is in his heart and he takes all decision by asking his heart. She should do same and not take stress or else she will not be able to complete her work.
Siddharth asks boys to sleep and they will go to morning walk at 5AM. Kamini was shocked and wondered how Sid is performing his duties well?
On the other hand Niti asks Siyali to sleep. All girl pretends to sleep.
Urmila takes Uttkarsh and Krissane out. She says she has planned out something for them as they lost head boy/ head girl’s position even after working so hard.
Parth doesn’t want to go to party so he decides to read book in library.
Vibha was writing Hindi and working there. Parth asks lots of questions to her like she ate dinner or not? what she ate? Vibha gets irritated and asks why he is asking so many questions today? He says coz she only said he is boring so he though of talking today. Vibha smiles and asks him to get a book for him.
He was lost in her while taking out book from shelve.
Something was there inside Vibha’s hairs Parth takes it out.
Uttkarsh thanked Urmila mam for ice cream. She thinks she knows how much his child loves ice cream. Krissane wondered why Urmila is giving treat to them as they lost. Winners deserve treat.
Uttkarsh asks her to eat her ice cream as its melting. She says she doesn’t want to celebrate her defeat. Uttkarsh says winning loosing is part of game. They worked hard but may be Sid Siyali worked more hard. Urmila was impressed.
Krissane says she will become fat if she ll eat ice cream. Uttkarsh says even if she eats ice cream she will be hottest girl in school. Krissane was like is she really hottest girl of school? Uttkarsh says yes. And Krissane becomes happy.

Precap – VibhArth scene , And WH party.. Sid – Uttkarsh’s dance lol

Update Credit to: Warrior High – Admirers

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