Warrior High 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Vibha comes in to meet Utkarsh, she asks how is he feeling now. Utkarsh says much better now. Vibha says she is happy he is improving now, but he won’t be able to participate in today’s round. He says he is just fine, and the three of them will now participate. He says they have decided that they won’t leave their heads down from here. VIbha asks where they are going, SIali qualifies that she didn’t want to participate but Utkarsh says they will now. She will do classical dance, Niti will sing. Utkarsh says his talent is a surprise.
Ayaz comes to men’s third contender who was distributing candies to his friend for being Mr. Fresher. Ayaz comes and announces Sid is also participating. Sid says he can’t let a loser be Mr. Fresher, a boy announces that Utkarsh is also participating. Ayaz

tells the third contender that his runners up chances have also gone.
Krissane tells Vibha she is performing classical dancing, VIbha tells her Angela is also doing that. Krissane calls Niti and Siali losers, and is sure about her victory.
Parth stood out of sick room, and watched Siali feeding soup to Utkarsh. He thinks how must he tell them that he didn’t want to leave him alone, he couldn’t forget his mothers pain. Vibha comes there, she says she is sorry for his disqualification. Parth says he wasn’t interested, VIbha says he must be interested in knowing that Utkarsh is participating. Parths says he is a very good human, he is strong in his trusts; he says I feel bad that I had got such a good friend after a long time who accepted him as he is but he couldn’t come up to his friendship. He says he never wants Utkarsh’s friendship with his friends ruined because of her. Parth leaves, Vibha thinks he is good at heart man and hopes he doesn’t get a heavy punishment for his behaviour.
Parth’s mother comes to his father’s shop for money for electricity bill. She gets Kamini’s call asking her to come to meet principal because of Parth’s behaviour. His father says he won’t go with her, she says he is responsible, he snatched phone from her hand and Parth was disturbed by her voice. She says she will definitely go.
Charlie gets his dad’s call asking about his boxing match. Charlie says they lost because of a girl. His dad makes him understand that he loves the girl, that is why he got defeated by her. Charlie thinks there is something special in her, he says I love you to his papa. His papa is happy that because of a girl, he loved his papa today.
Charlie meets Sid in corridor, Sid was going for practice. Krissane comes there, Sid makes her go as he is leaving for practice.
Ayaz comes to Utkarsh, he hands him a letter as ma’am had given. He says he came to say sorry. Utkarsh says it wasn’t his mistake. Ayaz asks why he didn’t give up, Utkarsh says he wasn’t taught to give up ever. Ayaz asks about his talent, Utkarsh says that is a surprise. Ayaz wishes him luck and goes.
Krissane was practising dance, SIali and Niti come there. Siali was worried that she doesn’t have a costume for classical dance. Niti thinks about asking Vibha, they come looking for Vibha. They come to staff room, Vibha says the problem is really serious, she tells then she also performed classical dance in her fresher’s party. She gets a dress, and tells them it is really lucky for her. Niti asks did she win the competition, Vibha says yes she did. Siali says she will now be able to fulfil Utkarsh’s promise. Niti goes to get Utkarsh.
Parth’s mother offers to go through taxi in car with her husband. Her husband says he is going with her, she believes him to be a villain. She always complain he comes in her way, this time he is going with her. Though he is her son, but I have brought him up. If he needs her, I am the one who will take her to him. His mother says she doesn’t believe in this. He tells her to believe, and thinks to herself he has to see what her goon has done in warrior high. She must see how he brings him back from warrior high, after much insult. He has to look after his shop only.

PRECAP: Siali changes into her costume, a boy locks the door from outside. Sid comes from the other changing room. Both were stuck in.

Update Credit to: Sona

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