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In the orphanage at night, everyone run excitedly. Utkash asks Niti where is Siali.
Parth’s mother comes with the food, he was lost. She asks him to eat, he says he doesn’t want it. She says she has cooked such great food, and asks why is he worried. He says he doesn’t has tension of result, she asks what is the tension then. He eats.
Utkash asks Siali to eat, she has done a good paper. He says she has to go to warrior high, she must not take tension and put a bite in her mouth. He says it is his lucky time going on. Siali was upset.
Nibha’s dadi talks on phone to her, she tells dadi she had a lot to do and asks if she has eaten. Dadi says she has took the food, Nibha asks what about mama papa. She says her mama will feed her papa first, then eat herself. Nibha asks if

maa went to court, dadi says they gave them a new date. She asks when is Nibha meeting her friends, Nibha says tomorrow but she is a bit nervous as she doesn’t know how they will react. Her dadi says they are such old friends, they will welcome her warmly and wishes her to enjoy well.
The next morning, Parth’s mother waits for a post man on the door. She asks the servant if he saw a post man. Parth watched her from upstairs his room. When she comes back, he hugs her from behind. She says everytime the result comes on the next day, why hasn’t it arrived. He says may be he is selected. She says he is surely going to warrior high, it will make up his luck. His dad comes out of room asking for tea. She says his result hasn’t come, his dad says may be he isn’t selected as there are a lot of candidates. If he has to complete the twelve, he can do it from open school and look after the shop as well. It is good he failed himself. Parth is quiet as he listens to all this.
Utkash says to maa that he is sorry, he knows his result. He hasn’t even written his name on the paper, but he had to fail. He says he disappointed Siali so much, should he say sorry to her. He goes to say sorry to her. Niti was in the class, Utkash comes and asks where is Siali.
The postman brings the results to orphanage. The mother receives them and goes for announcement. She says two children have been selected for warrior high, Utkash says one must be Siali for sure. The mother says the names are, and gets quiet. They were getting impatient. The mother says it is Niti. Niti cheers and hugs Utkash. The mother announces the other name as Utkash. Utkash is shocked, the mother was saying they are very proud of him. Utkash goes out looking for Siali and runs around the campus. She wasn’t in her doroom, he finds her in the garden. He shouts that why she lost her scholarship for a loser like him. He won’t go leaving her. He will tell mother. Siali stops him and says she had only one way for them to secure their future. She says he and Niti will go this year and she will come to them the next year. He asks how he will stay without her for a year. She says this one year will make them together for a life time.
Parth’s dad comes home, maa asks why is he late. He smiles and asks if she was waiting for him. He says he stopped by a friend to have two drinks of his. She goes to serve food, she sings while she makes him his drink. He is impressed by her courtesy. She sits with him on the couch. He takes a gulp and says to Anuradha that she today seems as the girl, his Annu, whom he loved. She must always stay like this. She asks if he wants her to be happy like this, he nods. She asks him to give her the letter of scholarship. He laughs and says her son has failed. She says the principal called her and said only Parth got the scholarship in the whole school. He says Parth won’t go from home, she says this is her son. She always called her as her son, he was never his son. She asks what he did to him, he always made him realize that he isn’t his real son. He shouts, Anu asks him for the letter. He was stubborn. Anu holds his collar and asks for the letter, he beats her. She calls Parth, Parth comes shouting enraged. He says she isn’t his mother only, but his wife as well. Parth says if she is his wife, he must respect her. He pushes Parth back, deterring him. Parth pushes him and in one jerk he goes down on floor. Parth says to maa that this is her husband, he won’t go.

PRECAP: Parth’s dad is afraid of Anuradha bringing candle near him. He asks if she will burn him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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