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Niti goes away from Charlie and says she now knows he is her hero. All the batch mates laugh aloud behind them. Sid and Krissane comes to them and mock them. Sid asks Niti if she is setting dreams with Charlie. He calls a junior boy and says even he is higher than her in height. Krissane breaks an egg on Niti’s head, then spills ink over her. Everyone take their turns to break egg over Niti. Charlie stood there, while Niti was crying. Krissane says this is a wonderful makeover. Krissane asks Charlie if he liked her, even 1 %., Charlie doesn’t reply. Siali comes there and asks what is going on here. She is shocked to see Niti and says they all are being so inhumane. Sid says to Siali that her friend is trying to be a part of their huge Charlie’s life. Sid asks Charlie if he wrote any love letter

to her, Charlie says he didn’t write any love letter nor does he think about her. Niti is shocked. Sid shouts to Niti that Charlie accepted in front of everyone he doesn’t love her. He tells Siali to take her friend now. Siali slaps Sid hard, she says to Sid that he must tell his friend not to wander around Niti again. She took the step only because Charlie came forward. Siali says to Niti that her choice was very bad, a guy who can’t accept his love in front of his friend is a loser. Siali says it is a trend of warrior high that boys move around girls then deny in public. She tells him that he wanders around her all day doesn’t mean he will win her, she will never be good to him. She takes Niti’s hand and heads to leave. Krissane asks Sid why he doesn’t do anything. Sid takes the egg to SIali and breaks it over her head saying he is Siddardh Rajput, he never comes behind her ever. Everyone breaks eggs over Niti and Siali. Someone arrives with a hose in hand spraying dust over the batch. She says this is so wrong, but she likes breaking things. They all turn to see the girl, Krissane goes to her but Sid stops her. Amini watches this and comes inside, she shouts what the hell is happening here. She asks if they have a little shame in themselves, they always get to see the same faces, Siddhardh Rajput and friends. Angella holds Kamini’s ear when Kamini holds hers. Kamini asks her to leave her ear, ANgella asks her to leave hers. Kamini asks who she is, and what is she doing. The girl announces she is Angella Fernandas. She tells Kamini that she dislikes if anyone punishes her by touching her. She says to Kamini that everyone is so sticky, they must all change now. Kamini says she will deal with them later, right now they must go inside. Everyone leaves.
Siali thanks Angella for helping them and she is a good girl. Angella says she does only what she wants. She was only having fun and who told them she is a nice girl. She leaves.
The boys were taking about Angella in the dorm room. A boy comes to Utkarsh to apologize him for what he did to Utkarsh and Parth. Utkarsh says that they must go and say sorry to Parth today. He tells Utkarsh that even today there was a big drama. Utkarsh didn’t know about it, he tells Utkarsh that Siali slapped Sid and then Sid insulted Siali so much in a fight today.
Sid and Charlie were changing in the dorm when they come across Parth who confronts them. Parth asks Utkarsh to go now, Utkarsh takes Parth out to talk to him.
In girl’s dorm the girls say there is someone to confront Krissane now. Krissane calls Angela and asks what the hell she thinks of herself. Angella comes to stand by her and repeats her sentences. Krissane asks why is she micky me? Angella laughs and corrects her that it isn’t micky, it is mimic. Krissane says she speaks better than her, Angella goes away. The girls think they must be friends with her. Angella asks for a hairbrush that she wants to borrow her. Prerna gives her to Angella, Krissane says to Siali that isn’t this against the school’s rules as it is against the rules to order others. Angella says she wasn’t ordering anyone, she was borrowing. The other girls come to Angella to ask if she wants something else, Angella asks them to get her bag and pencil box. Siali asks Niti if she will go to class, Niti was in a bad mood.

PRECAP: Anvesha questions Angella and advices her to follow the rules saying this is warrior high, here the rules don’t change for anyone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sid y r u behaving like this…. ?

  2. Who is playing the role of Angela? Is it scarlet rose?

    1. No

  3. Hmm…wht happened wid sid……whyyyy did he insult siyali…:( 🙁

  4. hate this Charlie kayer kahika

  5. waiting for parth to break a bone or two of Sid & Charlie

  6. Disappointed with Charlie. But did not expect anything else either and as for Sid… he has to grovel!!!

  7. garima bhatia

    charlie did very bad and hate all for making fun of niti . If she is dwarf its not hers fault .if you dont like her then leave her alone atleast dont play with her emotions . I am also short in height. I know love is not made for us but dont make fun of our enotions .we have feelings too. We can spend our life alone and happy no need of all those bastards who make fun .

    1. I agree with u last time also he did the same thing if he didn’t have guts to tell everyone that he likes her then no need was there to play with her emotions…. and that sid he will never change siyali shouldn’t give him a damm then will will know…. what pain niti went through and also that coward Charlie loser…

  8. Guyz now the part is going to b interesting.. Our 2 jodis r mad(angry) on each other.. Now isnt it fun dat how sid and charlie will make deir lovers??Nd nowsid will flirt wi angella.. She is too cool.. Finally, she will make krissane down in every way nd she will even sid from krissane.. Waiting for d upcoming episodes.. Nd to say now.. I really hate sid.. Siali shud ignore sid

  9. Guys, Our angella is gonna fall for our parth nd she is coming in between of our VibArth,. Vibha is gonna realize her feelings for parth.. Nd she will b jealous of angellla who has soft corner towards parth.. Interesting!!

    1. Thanks yaar but I wish I could see sid getting jealous or mesmerized… what’s say

      1. Yep, i also want sid to get jealous.. Cant wait till Monday

      2. Me too yaar y don’t they telecast it on Friday also

  10. Involving or entering between two love birds is not a good thing.i think every writer and director should change their mentality in this regard.

  11. I nd my frnds want sid and siali jodi bcse they are hot and glammour realy they are the jody in warrior high tell the truth plz then we r more interested in this show

    1. Yes they r on screen couple and ya I love sidyali most in the whole show….. hope they soon show their more scenes

  12. ?siyali and sid?

    I don’t know why sid is behaving like this he was being so good to siyali earlier and know he is doing like this.. Why sid??
    This is to clear that sid will be with siyali
    Niti and charlie
    Parth and vibha
    And what about Utkarsh?
    Guys pls think and reply..

    1. Mayb angella or krissane… Or her dream gal(Scarlett rose)

      1. FOr utkarsh it’s krissan and they have started to show their scenes also…. m sure its krissan …..what u all think??

    2. utkarsh would b with anjella , as per i believe cause wo dono sath main moments share kar chuke hain like jab wo sath main party se bhag rahe the and jab wo dono competetion haar gaye the tab sath main treat enjoy kari thi!!!!!!!!

      1. oh sry sry by mistake i wrote anjella it would b krissane . pradishma is right……

    3. Yaa guyz. It can b krissane. But what abt his dream gal???

      1. It was a dream yaar think about it na he looks small in front of her…. its krissan AND after that ayaz thing he forgoted about her completely….

      2. Yeah pradishma!! U r ryt.. Well, we will see dat whoz gonna pair up wid utkarsh? 90% krissane!!

      3. Right anjanaa

      4. again i would agree with pradishima it was just a dream yaar <3 ;D

  13. Prads dr how to download emoji app can u give me the link please dr?:-)

    1. I don’t know link sry….. but u go to play store and download go keyboard 2014 emoji one and go to settings and apply that….it will appear ??

  14. K dr will try it now and that kissywala smiley is a emoji ah? 😉

    1. Yup….

  15. Could tu pls update today’s episode?

    Parth Samthaan (Manik Malhotra of kyy) would b seen performing amazing dancing moves on the new season of reality show jhalak dikhlaja on colors.please humble request to u all that vote for him and wish that he may b the winner!!!!!!!!

    1. But it was later said that he will not come….. infact none of kyy r taking part btw u should say this on kyypg

      1. IF its true then my damm excited….. ??

      2. M*

      3. as per i have read it today on internet it is told that jhalak team contacted him n he has nodded his head means yes and he has started practicing for the show

  17. yes yaar i @2 i just looooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee parth he is sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuttee and such a sweetipie

    1. ANd hot too or simply mr perfect…… ??

      1. i love parth soo much thats why i watch kyy a few times otherwise after d entry of soha i wouldn’t hav watched d showw..i love u parth.. but i read an interview in which he said tat he is vry different in real life from his reel life . but thn 2 only his looks r enough for me.

  18. sonaaa plz today’s update!! plz,plz baccho pr rehem kro na!!!!!!!!!!

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