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The manager scolded the workmen for not completing the painting, mam will be here anytime soon. Vibha recalls her old times here, someone saying the result has been announced and other old familiar voices, she smiles. Her dadi calls her and asks if she took her medicines, Vibha says these are her own people and her own place, they will surely consider her. She watches Urmilla passing by with pride and arrogance into her room, and prays for help.
Niti and Utkash were discussing why they always have to study geography, geometry and sciences for tests, they are interested in arts. Siali scolds them saying they must also know about a world that resides outside the orphanage. Utkash says that this is the reason he is saying she must give the test and not him. Niti calms them both and says only

she can solve their problem, holding the maa’s jar. She asks if her son should give the test tomorrow, it croaks. Niti asks him to take her blessings and prepare. Siali asks her to stop this and study.
A lady tells Nibha to come inside, Misha calls Nibha inside. She asks if she is the ex student of warrior high, she was an oxford gradute but had to leave the degree in middle. Misha asks why she dropped out, Nibha says her father had an accident due to which she had to come here as her family is her responsibility. Misha says she can offer her a job as an assistant as she doesn’t qualify as a teacher, by the time she completes her studies. Nibha says she will do her best, warrior high is her place, her school.
Niti tries to make Utkash understand that he doesn’t need to be worried so much. They can do this much for Siali, he has to attend for once only with full heart.
Misha dances classically with heavy anklets on. Urmilla comes there and says they have really VIP applications this time, they must limit some scholarship seats as those students hardly adjust the set up. Misha says to Urmilla that she has been associated with their school for a long time, she has to understand that the students here are recognized because of warrior high and each student is selected here, purely on merit. She should leave the tensions and concentrate on her son who is the part of this system because of his name and not his performance.
Maa wakes Path up that he has to go for scholarship exam. He says he doesn’t have to go, she says strictly that she is the one to decide about his life and sends him to bathroom.
Dadi asks Nibha that she is going to the city where they lost everything, when she will meet her friends she will recall everything again. Nibha says she will make her weakness as her strength. Dadi wishes her best of luck, and asks her to call them as soon as she will reach. Nibha says she must also look after her.
Parth’s mother wakes her up, dad asks where is he going. She says today is his exam. Dad says he has been rusticated, maa says he will complete his studies in warrior high. He says warrior high is very expensive, he won’t pay lacs for his fee. She says her son has an ability to win scholarship for warrior high. Dad shouts at her that this is his home, she gets strict in tone and says this home is his but he is her son only. She takes Parth’s hand and leaves.
In warrior high, Parth says he is giving the exam for her only, he won’t go there. She says she has done this courage for the first time, he shouldn’t let it waste. She says all the best to him and leaves.
Siali arrives at warrior high, Parth looks at her approaching. She, Niti and Utkash passes him. Utkash tells Siali if he won’t understand he will not write even a word. Niti says she must focus on her exam only. Siali murmurs what is the use of this exam. Nibha hears this on door, and says she must not get nervous, one she can concentrate she will be able to see the future of herself and her family really bright. Parth was also behind there and hears this. Nibha calls him in as well.
The exam bell rings, papers are distributed. Siali looks at Utkash not performing well, Niti was also not able to solve it and marks the answers on doubts. Utkash closes the answer sheet, Siali watches him go out handing the paper over. Nibha asks why he hasn’t even written his name, but he leaves. Nibha asks for the papers as the time has ended up. Siali writes her name as Utkash on her paper, she thinks sometimes our loved one’s future is more important than us. She leaves the hall, Parth notices her.

PRECAP: The sister announces that two students have been selected for warrior high, Utkash and Niti awaits Siali’s name being announced.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. mjhe parth koi b angle se std 10 ka bacha nhi dikhta h…. frankly spkng mtv lacks casting knowledge… itna asan hta agr cast krna to aamir ko itni mehnt nhi krni pdti 3 idiots k liye…. kya yaar mtv kuch to dhang ka kro… kbhi to reality check kro

  2. Wtever bt he is cute I mean parth

  3. Exactly achu … parth is damn cute n hawt .. so hw does it matter ki woh bada lag raha hai.. m waise bhi 10 th k bacche itni acchi body wale ho sakte hai .. i have a frnd who is has better body than parth since 9th class 🙂

  4. Oh nia now I love this parth than kyy parth

  5. u r ri8 daisy….parth bahut bada hai….but aaj kal ke show mn chars match nahi kar rahe hain esp ky2 mn manik ki mom nyonika…jyada age diff nahi manik n nyonika ke beach phir bhi role play kar rahi hai….kyy parth is better than warrior high parth khali body dekhane se kuch nahi hota hai.accha role karna padhta hai…abhi ish parth ko bahut time lagega…abhi initial phase mn hai ye parth RAVI DUBEY jaisa lagta hai..not same

  6. yup!!! @kyyrox

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