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Utkash stops Siali, Siali says this place isn’t good for them. Niti asks what is wrong, Siali says they don’t get clothes, food, chocolates with their own choice. She says only two years are left in this place, for a better future they all must pass Warrior high test. He says he doesn’t pass school tests, Siali offers him to get him prepared. Utkash says the future is so far ahead, but Siali says they must think about tomorrow.
Niti and Utkash go finding some food, they had a wish that their parents were here as well. He takes her to find something to eat.The mother comes in the kitchen, Utkash was kneeding when Siali comes and says that this is his future. Niti comes frustrated, Siali says they have a big chance in life, if they go to warrior high, they won’t have to do this all.

Niti says she only sees burgers and pizzas in front of her eyes, Siali says they will get it all in warrior high.
Fahad’s Parth’s dad stops him from leaving and asks how will he take the beer. With water or without it. He pours drinks for them both, his mother also come there. He doesn’t take the drink. His dad says today his son has changed to a man, his school has ended. He must send his books, will he be a teacher of some school. His father couldn’t do anything, what can the son do. So from tomorrow, he will go to shop with him. He says his father was a teacher, and since he died I am working and feeding him. So from tomorrow, he will work at his shop and look after his accounts as he is a topper in accounts. Parth was angry and says he won’t go. His dad shouts at Parth’s mother, calls him bad name as son. Parth shouts at him, his dad slaps his mother. The mother sends Parth into the room, as the guests of his dad had arrived. Parth breaks the rear view mirror of a car while going out. He gets a call that his fighting video went viral.
Siali asks Niti about using principal’s video. Niti shows her the video of Siali, they appreciate the handsomeness of Parth. Siali watches Niti chatting with a guy, and asks if she has written her height and weight as false. She asks if she must tell the truth, and leaves handing the computer to Siali. Siali opens the website of Warrior High.
Parth’s dad comes and slaps him asking if he thinks his father doesn’t know that it is him who broke the car mirror. He throws Parth’s phone in the flush, and says he won’t get food today. Parth shouts but his mother takes him inside.
The three take food upstairs, they pray and thanks God wishing no one else sleeps hungry at night today.
Parth was boxing in his terrace thinking about his dad’s words. His mother asks why is he pouring so much anger, and asks him to sit down. She says he knows about his routine, why worry. He asks why she married this man. She says he was six when his papa died, his grand dad said that if she will remarry, he will get a new papa. He didn’t know that the same man will make them realize daily that his papa isn’t with them.
She asks him to forget about it, she will make it all good. He asks what he will do if he knows he has eaten. She says when he takes two packs, he isn’t conscious. He says he will work at a call station, she says he isn’t even twelth pass, who will give him job. He asks what should he do then, to go to the shop in morning. She says she wants him to go to warrior high, the place where his papa taught and may be he still resides there.
Siali asks Niti and Utkash that do they love this life, where they don’t have well to eat. In warrior high, they will atleast get good food. Siali makes face, Utkash says he knows how important this scholarship is for her, she deserves this all but he doesn’t. He asks her to promise, but she says she doesn’t want to go alone. She says she wants to start the life with him. He says it isn’t possible for him, she asks atleast they can try.
Parth tells his mom he won’t go anywhere leaving her with this mom.
Niti tells Siali that they are so weak at maths, she must go to warrior high and she will take care of herself and Utkash. Siali says they won’t understand what she wants.
All spend the night disturbed. Utkash cries.

PRECAP: Siali is offered a job as assistant in Warrior High. Parth’s mother tells his dad that only she will decide what her son will do or not.

Update Credit to: Sona

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