Warrior High 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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It is night, someone runs through the corridor, and wakes Niti up and puts hand on her mouth. He asks her to come along, she asks what if Siali sees. He says they won’t let her understand, she says she has to sleep. He says it is his mother, he will find her. The both go out calling aunty, he says he is sorry to leave her alone. Someone from behind her taps his shoulder, Niti hides behind the wall. She comes running to Siali and says she didn’t do anything. Siali asks why he didn’t do what can put them all in trouble. He asks how can he sleep without maa. Siali gives him a jar with a frog, he is happy. Siali says this is so stupid of him but he is sure it is the next birth of his mother. Siali says there is nothing like emotional connections, he asks his mother should they go inside. The frog

croaks, they run inside feeling themselves safe but hide as they see mother in the corridor. They were worried that they might get expelled from the school, the frog croaks, the mother comes back again. She scolds them for going out so late at night. She tells them to go to superior mother for punishment. Siali asks him to ask his mother what will mother superior react, he says she is very sweet and will just scold a bit.
Siali and Niti come to room, Niti says there is nothing wrong in feeling someone as his mother, they both have parents and still they sent them to this orphanage. Siali asks her to sleep, but Niti cries getting a flashback when her dad was angry and said he can’t let such a girl live at his home and left her to orphanage. Siali feels she was crying, and gives her water. She says crying isn’t bad, but now these three are her family so she must not cry and sleep. She says she speaks such emotional things with such ease. Niti puts on kajal, Siali asks who is coming. She says Mohit is going to come in her dreams, and she doesn’t want to appear silly in front of him.
In the morning, they all run for breakfast and have a fight over servings. Niti saves her serving, mother comes to them and asks what are they three doing, get up. Niti murmurs that the will have to fill their stomach with scolding.
The crowd cheers Fahad Parth as some boys have fight in corridor. Parth deters the guy being beaten, not to come here again.
Parth’s father asks why he beat him. He says it wasn’t his mistake. Father says he isn’t a goon, and doesn’t go to gym to send children to hospital. He says they said false about his papa. Father asks the principal to take his guarantee, he says he can’t guarantee a goon. The principal tells his mother that from tomorrow her son can’t come to school.
A fat boy was watching warrior high scholarships on the board.
A lady come to a hall, under high media coverage. She takes the seat, and welcomes them to warrior high. A reporter asks Urmila what makes her school distict from others. She says their discipline gives them their place, all the foreign universities welcomes their students. A reporter mocks that all the rich students study here, what is difficult for them to study abroad. Another lady enters the hall, Urmilla even stands for her, she takes the second seat. She appreciates that they all are a part of her celebrations.
The superior mother punish them to remain empty stomach for a whole day. She stops Siali and says she needs to talk to her. She asks what has she heard. Siali says the mistake won’t be repeated. The mother says it isn’t about her mistake dear, but about her future.
The reporter asks Ms. Misha, that Urmilla talked about foreign inductions of their students but isn’t it because of their bank balances. Ms. Misha says it is true that some of their students are from rich families, but the selection is purely based on merit.
The mother tells SIali that warrior high conducts scholarship tests. She wants her to take this test.
Urmilla says they are conducting tests in selective schools. Misha says they will make sure they take students purely on merit.
Siali says she won’t leave them alone, the mother asks her not to think about Utkash and Niti, she has only two years left in school, after that she will have to leave the orphanage as well.
Urmilla says warrior high is one of the best schools in India, Misha says it isn’t one of the but the best school in India.
The mother says in life we have to take difficult decisions. For a girl, securing the future is the most important.
Urmilla announces the results will be declared one day after the exam.
Siali argues but the mother says if her future is better, only then she can support her friends as well.

PRECAP: Siali talks to the other two to plan to stay together, and tells them about warrior high. Parth’s mother tells him she only knows his papa wants him to go to warrior high, where he used to teach and where he still dwells.

Update Credit to: Sona

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