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Rohit tells the boys that they are caught, and blame came to Sid. They must not go in front of him, else Sid will kill them. Krissane says to girls that they are losers and always get them caught.
Utkarsh was coming down the stairs, peon was holding some luggage in which Utkarsh’s shirt was stuck. Utkarsh asks whose luggage is this, and reads the name on the box as Angella. He goes saying she has caused trouble even when she hasn’t come here.
Charlie was sitting alone on the bed. Utkarsh and Siali insists on Parth to take milk. Niti turns behind and gives the apple to Charlie who smiles and takes it. Sid comes there and is shocked looking at this exchange. Charlie takes a bite from the apple. Niti thinks that he was right, we belong to two poles of friends still we can’t lose each

other in between. Sid thinks Charlie is also gone now.
Kartik returns school with the students, he announces they have run for 45 minutes but from tomorrow boys would run for an extra 20 minutes to prepare for boxing championship. He tells Siali to take her responsibility and make sure that every girl get in time.
Niti was peeking through the door to see Charlie. She hides when Charlie comes out, but he finds her and smiles. She looks at him shyly and smiles back. Charlie sits on the wall nearby, both smile for a while after which Niti runs away.
Parth comes to the corridor looking at the boys. Utkarsh meets him and says wow, he is ready; they must go to doctor first for checkup. Parth says he is fine now, but Utkarsh says no excuse, he is going now. Parth watches Vibha come out of a room, he makes Utkarsh leave and comes to Vibha to talk to her. Vibha stops Kartik then, he asks Parth what is it. Parth says he has to talk to her. She asks if this is about subject. He says no. She says then he must talk to Kamini, she is the right person to talk to. Vibha cries behind the door, Parth stands still for a while thinking she is so angry that she doesn’t want to talk to him, he blames himself for all this. In the staffroom, Vibha walks restless and then thinks why she is so restless. She wonders whom she should talk to, then makes a call. Manik was asleep, he gets up. Vibha says to M she is really worried, thought about talking to her best friend for a solution. Vibha says she feels something which she knows is wrong, she is afraid to love someone whom she shouldn’t. Manik asks if she really loves someone. And laughs. Vibha says she is serious, she couldn’t know how it happened. Manik asks who is that. Vibha says what she knows is that it isn’t possible. Manik asks what is the problem, if the other is a bad person. She says it is wrong. Manik says love just happens and if that person isn’t flirting, they aren’t wrong then. Vibha says she has been unable to explain. Mank tells Vibha that the girl he loves is completely opposite, they are poles apart; but when she is around he feels himself to be the happiest person. He has realized love isn’t about thinking but from heart. Vibha says her situation is really difficult, people would never accept her love. She has to be practical, not emotional. Manik asks what has happened to her, she is so changed. Vibha says time changes everything, she has so much responsibility over herself. Manik says this means she is so confused.
Manik says that someone told him that when you are in love you see fireflies everywhere, may be she sees them somewhere. Vibha asks is she hearing them all from Manik Malhotra. Manik smiles that as she said, everyone has to change with time. She says if this change if for love, it is good. She hangs up saying she has a class. Manik lay down again, saying love and its problems.
The boys comes to Anvesha’s room, she says she isn’t only disappointed at what they have done, but is ashamed that her students have lost humanity. She scolds if the headboys only use power. What has he done to this boy. The was they have beaten the boy together, in the same way they will clean the toilets of the school together with toothbrushes, she will personally check each of the corners. She says to Sid he will clean the toilets personally and make sure they are as clean as new. She tells the boys to leave and stops Siddardh. She confronts him, then says to him that his biggest problem is this ego. He has to control it, else he won’t be able to do anything in life. She knows this punishment is humiliating for him, but even more humiliating is for her to know he is behaving this way. He says sorry, Anvesha says she doesn’t need his apology.

PRECAP: Urmilla tells Sid that she knows it wasn’t his fault but Anvesha is wrong. Sid says he has done wrong and is getting just punishment. Urmilla asks how is he speaking to her. He was irritated, Anvesha hears the conversation. Vibha clarifies to Parth what happened that night was wrong, she is his teacher and he is her student. Utkarsh comes to Vibha and gives her a letter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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