Warrior High 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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A girl gets ready in uniform costume, watches Vibha passing by the corridor and hides back. The girl dressed in runs into the library, seeing the corridor empty. It was Kamini who lights up the bulb in front of computer. Vibha gets Manik’s call, she was excited to get his call. He asks about her job, she says there are ups and downs in every job, but she is really connected to some students. He says it is great, a teacher has to stay connected to students and offers his help any time. She says sometimes one must solve some problems by oneself. She asks Manik who tells her he is having problems with Dhruv and then Neonika is also irritating, offers his help to her again before hanging up.
The girls prepare for party, Krissane asks the girls to take selfies together. Seemi tells Krissane that

Niti and Siali have still not come. Krissane asks how can they ignore their invitation, they are lucky that we have invited them. She says they aren’t going to wait for them. Siali comes to the party hall and says to herself that she just want if not friends, they don’t stay their enemy. The girls aren’t happy to see Siali, but Seemi says she is happy she has come. Krissane asks about Niti, Siali says Niti had a head ache. Krissane asks to begin the game through with they can know each other well. Krissane says let’s play Never Have I Ever. Siali asks what kind of game is this. A girl explains that they ask her a question, if she had ever done this, she would take a sip from her drink.
Kamini gets a guy online, she opens her collar up before getting him online.
The peon knocks at the door, Ayaz appears. The peon hands him a blue-movie CD. Ayaz asks the peon to point if someone is there.
Krissane asks the question, if you have kissed some guy. She says she has and takes a sip. All the others too, Siali says she hasn’t. Krissane says she knows she wants to kiss Sid, SIali says she has no intentions, why is she saying this repeatedly. Seemi calms them down. Krissane says she must see what she does to her while Siali wishes everything goes on well.
Parth leaves he movie room, Vibha comes to the corridor and asks the peon to ask duty teacher that boy’s movie must have ended. She watches Parth coming in corridor, he says they were being so cruel to that sister in the movie. She says it happens in movies. He says it happens in reality too. She says to Parth that he is so soft and chid like at heart. Parth says he isn’t childish and leaves. In the hall, Ayaz announces the movie time is over. Parth had come to take Utkarsh. Ayaz tells Ukarsh they are going to play another movie, he can stay. Utkarsh insists to stay here. Sid resists to Ayaz but Ayaz says he has invited Ukarsh as well.
Vibha goes to see who is in library as the door was open. Kamini shuts the computer and goes into hiding. Vibha was calling who is there, Parth passes by and enters. Vibha is shocked, Parth says he heard some voices from library. Vibha says she too heard them but she might be mistaken. They hear voices from outside of the peon and the other duty teacher, Vibha takes Parth to a side. She says there are people outside, and might think something wrong, let them go. Parth says what will they thinkg, he is her student. She says he won’t agree. Kamini was watching this when she finds a shadow of rat moving to her. She shuts her mouth up. Vibha also watches books fell, Parth shuts her mouth then holds her into his arms. He asks where is the rat, Vibha says she thought it was there. She heads to go outside, Parth also leaves. Kamini comes out and says this has been cooking, this Vibha always wants what she likes, she has to be taught a lesson.

PRECAP: The girls claps for cutting he cake, Krissane says to Siali she will make her eat and they all rub cake over Siali’s face and throws water over her head.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Hw cn kamini bhve like ths beng a teachr……..ths krissane is jst too much…. wsh tht they dnt do anythng serious wd siali….

  2. Hate kamini chitralehka singh…. stupid.. idiot… senseless…
    and samepinch fairy hate krissane…
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