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In the morning, Krissane calls Sid to the chair besides her in class. Charlie taunts him but he takes the seat. Parth and Utkarsh enter the class, students call them losers. Kamini enters the class, they all says it in hindi. Kamini appreciates him and tell them all to use Hindi from now on. She asks them to open their books and asks the girl to read. She reads badly, Kamini scolds her for not being able to study. Krissane laughed at the girl, Kamini asks Krissane to begin the reading. Krissane stands up and tries to read. Everyone laughs. Niti laughs at her, Kamini scolds them all saying learning English doesn’t mean they forget their own language. She says that from today, they will read on page of this book daily. She catches Niti laughing, says it seems she has the best Hindi in this class. Niti

stands up and reads fluently. They all nod approvingly. Kamini says alright, does she think if she reads good Hindi she may sit anywhere. She asks the four of them to come and sit forward, she changed the seats of front-seaters as well. The bell rings, Kamini tells the four of them that she doesn’t want any of them be sitting behind in class. She takes leave from class. Siali says till when they will have to get the scoldings just because of others. The students leaves the class.
Vibha comes out from a corridor, a student standing with Ayaz goes to talk to her. He returns Vibha her book, she says thankyou. The boy holds Vibha’s hand, Vibha looks at him angrily and snactches her book with a jerk saying thankyou. He says you are welcome. Ayaz and Anny join him and asks what is going on. He says nothing, still Ayaz teases him. They come out in the corridor where Sid and others had been sitting. He asks how the first class of first semester was. Sid says like always, boring; he says it was Kamini’s class and his ears got cooked hearing Hindi. They talk about girls, and say Esha is the hottest among them all. Charlie thinks for him Niti in more important for him that other girls. He remembers the spark in her eyes when he went to meet her. They get his attention back, Charlie says he doesn’t think any of them as hot. Parth and Utkarsh come behind. Sid says Krissane is hot, but if Siali gets some make-over she is hot too. Utkarsh closes his fists, Ayaz’s friend talked about hotness of Vibha. Parth gets him from behind his neck, Utkarsh asks them not to say a word about Siali. Ayaz tries to calm them that it was a light talk. Parth and Utkarsh ask if this was a joke, he is senior and must teach his friends to respect girls. Siddhard and Parth confronts, Ayaz gets them away and asks Parth and Utkarsh to go and they won’t talk about them again. He takes the others aside too. Parth assures he is with him at Siali’s stance. Utkarsh calls him their true friend, VIbha passes by.
The peon comes to Kamini in staff room. She tells the peon about some work, Vibha comes into the staff room and tells her that she brought the papers she asked for. Kamini scolds her from interfering. Vibha explains that she is taking Rishab’s papers in his absence, Kamini’s phone rings and she leaves staff room. In the corridor, she comes across Parth and stops his way.
She says it is good he met her, she forgot to tell him his mother is a sweet and simple lady. Parth says thank you to her. She scolds the other students in corridor to go to their classes, then smiles and says she didn’t know he is Vivek Samdhan’s son, she began her career with him; he had a big name in this school. He looks just like him, then looks into the corridor as empty and touches his facial features. He resists, she holds his hand to see his injuries. He takes it back saying it is fine now. She says she has so many hopes from him. He heads to leave saying alright. She stops him and says in future he must tell any problem to her, not those who can’t solve it. He leaves.
Utkarsh was getting his dressing, the doctor says he is recovering fast but be careful with his hand. Urmilla comes into the room, she thanks the doctor that Utkarsh is now recovering well. The doctor leaves, Utkarsh says he is feeling much better now, and the doctor seems a good one too. Urmilla says he is the most well reputed doctor of the city. Utkarsh says he got this attention in warrior high, had he been in orphanage they would take him to a nearby quack. She holds his hand, then asks did he come from St. Mary’s orphanage. She asks does he remember who brought him there. He says mother superior told him he was there since he was two, Siali must remember as she was elder and is intelligent. Urmilla is hurt. Utkarsh asks to leave as he has class. Urmilla thinks how would he remember when he was too little.

PRECAP: Krissane asks Niti and Siali for a friend’s party. Sid asks what is in her mind that she is so excited about someone else’s party. Niti is unconvinced while Siali and Utkarsh tell her that it is good they go there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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