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Siali brings a girls to garden and wonders why hasn’t Sid come with the boys yet. She gives the practice list to Annie and comes to boy’s dorm.
Sid had gathered all the boys, he asks the boys to tell who mixed the wine. He says he took risk for them, and he did such a cheap thing. Rahul keeps Rohit back. Charlie asks Sid to leave it, but Sid says he is going to find about it anyway. He asks the boys to leave for sports ground. All the boys past Siali who feels bad for Siali. In the garden Siali watches Sid determined. She thinks why this boy poses to be a bad one when in actual he isn’t, it is so difficult to understand him.
Krissane takes Sid aside and says they enjoyed the party so much. She asks if he liked her dress or not.
Prerna rejects Rahul’s offer to play badminton

with him.
Sid takes an excuse and goes aside Krissane.
Charlie comes to Niti, she goes to a corner and sits on the bench. Charlie couldn’t concentrate on his play as he assumes Niti smiling at him. he beds with her to tie her laces, and smiles at Niti. Siali asks Niti if she played, Niti says she won 10 points over Seemi. Siali notes them.
Utkarsh was with Parth and asks if he would play something. He asks him to play for a while, he would be more relaxed. Parth doesn’t reply. Utkarsh asks if he is hungry and wants to eat something. No response. Utkarsh says they are all playing so well, isn’t it. No response. Utkarsh comes to Siali and asks her to see Parth, he is so upset and he can’t see him like this. Siali says they also can’t, he has even helped them in all the problems. Niti asks how they should do such a miracle to rid him of his tension.
The students were going inside, Vibha hides herself from Parth. Utkarsh asks why he isn’t going to mess. Parth says he is going to dorm. Vibha thinks it is so difficult to face him, she will meet him later. Parth asks the peon about Vibha, Kamini comes there and asks Parth why he is looking for Vibha. Parth says he wanted to talk to her. Kamini asks who the most important teacher for him is. Parth says none for him. Kamini says she notices Vibha is. Parth says here, none of the teachers is important for him and takes a leave. Kamini comes to Vibha and aks her about an assignment, Vibha hands her the typed assignment. Kamini watches this and asks what this is, she tears it in front of Vibha and says she had asked her for 11th chapter not the 1st one. She scolds her for being unattentive else she might lose the job. Vibha was upset.
In the boy’s dorm, Sid asks Charlie to pass a bottle. He smells it and asks if he has mixed something, Charlie says no. Sid says the taste of water isn’t good even. He teases Parth that it feels people are mixing wine in drinks. Parth comes to Sid’s confrontation, Sid warns him to touch him this time. Utkarsh takes Parth out this time. Charlie says to Sid that why he is taking the blame when he is innocent. Sid says he doesn’t need to give any clarifications to anyone.
Utkarsh takes promise from Parth not to fight anyone.
Krissane was cursing someone to for ruining her dress. Niti calls her dress the cut pieces. Krissane comes to argue Niti and says she isn’t worth wearing expensive clothes.
Parth comes to the dorm room, he has a confrontation with Charlie. Both Sid and Parth were bringing clothes looking down and hit each other.
Sid and Parth takes each other through collar. Charlie and Sid beats Parth who fights back. Charlie holds Parth, Sid beats him. Utkarsh comes into the way, Sid pushes him aside. Parth gets Charlie but Charlie beats Parth. Sid comes to confrontation, Utkarsh tries to stop the boys but they beat him. Parth beats Sid, he is hit on his forehead. Charlie and Sid comes to attack on him and beat his head on the table, he bleeds conciousless. Sid was standing aside and asks them to beat him. Each of the boy takes a chance on Parth.
Utkarsh had run away calling someone, crying. He checks for all the teachers, then goes for Siali and Niti. He tells them Sid and Parth are fighting, Sid’s friends are beating Parth badly. Siali asks them not to leave Parth, she will get the teacher. The three of them head to see Anvesha coming from front. She asks Utkarsh what happened? Why are they worried. Utkarsh was about to tell her but Niti says there is a problem, Sid and his friends are beating Parth. Anvesha asks what? Krissane had heard it. Anvesha and the three go towards dorm room. Krissane thinks Gosh, they have got Sid trapped what will happen now.
Parth was still being beatern. Anvesha and the three heading towards dorm room.

PRECAP: Anvesha tells Sid she is disappointed in him, she scolds Urmilla and takes Siddardh’s badge of headboy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s sad that sid has lost his head boy badge.

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