War & love (TpK) part-1


Hey i m ur Bak bak girl ANU
my projects r completed Now
So i m getting bored
Suddenly a new Crazy idea strike my mind & i m back with A new SHOTS
its not a ff
No of epi depend on comments & ur views

We all r crazy thahaanian
We all want full thahaan scenes
bt due to new Dhruv evil track
& vasu truth drama
We have to wait again..
Ah sad

So now i m Giving Info of my shots

here thahaan Hate each other badly
Whenever they saw each other face or If they meet
it was sure that definitely they will fights
From the first of day of college
this Couple r fighting with each other.
Bihaan always teases thapki
& she always Try her best to let him down..
Thahaan friends who Dont like there behaviour Of fighting want that they become friends.
Bt Everytime they fails & thahaan began to hate each other more..

they all decided that One day they will make them friends..

Now i m asking something from u all

How many of u want to be bihaan friends??

Tell me ur names
i will add for sure.

& how many wants to be thapki friends
tell me plz

and one more thing
What kind of match do u want ?
Or something else..

plz cooperate with me

only for u i m writing

do comments

if u like my idea

Give ur views

if its boring so Than tc & bye
I will end it for sure
without wasting a second

Do u want me as A part of this?
Or Writer only?


now bye..

Credit to: Crazy thahaanian (anu)

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  1. ur concept is new n awsm!!..
    I liked it.. πŸ™‚

    1. thanks vini
      bt u havent mention whom.side u will be

  2. rafay don kon

    I am with bihan.and i like basketball.

    1. okay thanks yar πŸ™‚

      i will add ur name

  3. bihaan ki deewani

    i want to be with bihaan n my name is ariya because i like basket ball

    1. thanks Ariya..:-)

  4. I loved it, I am on thapki s side and I want basketball

    1. thanks Ishita
      U will be thapki friend i promise

  5. I want to be on both bihaan and thapki side i m Vennila i like basketball. Nice intro

    1. both sides??:
      how yar
      bt i will.manage

  6. Nice intro just loved it and I am on thapki’s side and I like basketball

    1. tell me ur name first???
      what i will mention??

  7. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

    Nice intro… I m with thapki side n I m like basketball

    1. thanks kumutha…

  8. hi….anu, nice to see u back… i want to be on bihan side…& i’m like basket ball & cricket..

    1. thanks sweety

  9. Nice intro……..

  10. I am also like Basket ball.

    1. thank u nisi
      will u didnt become part of my SHOTS

  11. Akanksha Gupta

    I’ll be thapki’s side. Want basketball match

    1. thanks akansha dear

  12. i am with bihaan…….

    1. thanks anu..

  13. Basketball ?

    1. thanks a lot

  14. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    Hi anu darl welcome back

    I wana b bihaan friend thn i like cricket
    Its weird to c indian boys n girls r saying basket ball

    1. thank u juggu

      May be people love basket ball

  15. I m on bihaan’s side

    1. thanks ruhi g

  16. Hi Anu nice intro. I’m on thapki side and I like badminton?

    1. thanks nisha..

  17. iam thapki’s side
    basketball is good
    badminton also good
    please add me in your ff

    1. surely i will add u in my ff

      1. thank you very much anu….
        I am really excited

  18. I forget to say that it is very nice ff
    just make it long

  19. hey anu welcome back. awesome concept. i want to bihaan’s friend. even i want to be thapki’s friend but i crazily love bihaan. i want a football. it would be awesome. love you dear.

    1. Hi darlo welcome .cing anu asking tis remembered ur ff ending

      Selfie wid bihaan……awesome it was

    2. bt what about ur name???:-)

      thanks for ur comment

  20. Plzz orΔ£anize badminton match as its something new cause basket ball n cricket r so common so u shld try smthng new..n i want to be bihaan’s frend…

    1. thanks rishita

      1. my pleasure

  21. Even ur concept is very intresting…keep it up dear…

  22. Ur track is great I am on bihaan’s side

    1. thank u so much

  23. Hey my name is cia and i want to be on thapki’s side and i want a basketball match

  24. I’m with bihaan and i like cricket

    1. thank u reji

  25. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow anu cool ff finally u r back my dear friend well i m a neutral supporter πŸ˜› bihaan because because most of my friends r guys πŸ˜› n thapki because all my friends are mahaan atma like thapki πŸ˜› haha anyways ur wish and sports u already know the answer cricket πŸ˜› well i wont mind basketball but i injuiredmy nose while playing basketball πŸ˜›

    1. so ur friend of bihaan
      thank u so much…
      waiting for ur comment

  26. im bihaan’s side…i like basket ball

    1. thanks carol

  27. hi Anu I’m your fan of your writing pls continue I’m on bihaan side

    1. thanks manasa

  28. hey guys there r 14 friends of bihaan

    manishians rocks

    6 friends of thapki
    oh.jigs fan where r u
    be quick
    want equal no of friends

  29. Hey anu its awesome…don’t say bye yr just continue n mujhe kisi ki bhi friend bnaa do yr mai thahaan ki fan hoon kuch bhi chlega yr n i think basketball would b good..n i would love to c u a part of it but rest is upto u…tc

    1. thanks prtibha
      i will add u as thapki friend as she has less friends

  30. hey………ANU,welcome back.sorry yaar for the late comments.i really like your new way of writing.IAM ALWAYS WITH OUR B FOR BIHAAN PANDEYS SIDE.keep rocking yaar.

    1. thanks pooja dear
      i will surely add u as bihaan friend

  31. Hai anu u r crazy yaarrrrr……
    Nice intro…..
    I am moti buddh cricket player side….

  32. Hai anu u r crazy yaarrrrr……
    Nice intro…..
    I am moti buddhi cricket player side….

  33. Me..me..me..on bihaan’s side of basketball team… πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Anu….I’m Aruhii πŸ™‚ I’m a Silent Reader of ur ff…I have read it all without fail…I love ur ff’s…I was very sad when u end it… I’m very happy that u r back… Kudos to u πŸ˜‰
    Now i want to be on Thapki’s side… And since ur idea is new… Try out a new game like badminton.

  35. I am big fan of both??

    1. Sorry i forget to write game i will chose basketball

  36. Im with bihaan’though I like football but it would be better if you use badminton as in this way you can only focus on thahaan being on opposite or same side….same side would be better, as it will lead to no coordination between them… and then….Nok jhoks

  37. I am gatima please i am on bihan side .please anu

  38. Sorry my name is garima

  39. I like cricket and basketball

  40. Hi anu, awesome story. i want to be thapki’s friend will u add me? and i want basketball game.I also want u to be a part of this

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