War love (shot three – the end)

The episode starts with Rathore asking about the person who helped abhi
And pragya and saralas tensed face
Ab:okay sir I will tell you actually what happened is…. The people of the house don’t know I stayed there actually i mean that without there knowledge I stayed in there house and moreover I don’t know at whose house I sheltered myself and iam sorry for that and if you want punish then you can punish me sir not them
R:Ho come on mr.abhi it doesn’t matter and I just asked to know the persons that’s it
Ab:thank you sir
R:join with us mr.abhi we will have lunch come on
Ab:thank you sir but I have some work so I need to go iam sorry
P:why it’s more important please join lunch with us today
Abhi seeing Pragya’s innocent request accept immediately
R:come on let’s go to garden for lunch and sarla could please bring my old coat
Sarala to herself won’t eat without coat
S:yes ! Nikihl bring that old coat
Nikihl bought the coat and after lunch Rathore found something on his pocket he see that and kept it back
All Left the place only abhi and Pragya were left
P:you look ever so much nice than when we last met!what have you done to yourself
Ab:washed,brushed,good sleep and breakfast that’s all
P:did you safely that morning and you didn’t inform me before going
Ab: sorry I was in a hurry and quite thanks
P:are you angry with you for running away from gurus charge
Ab:no they were glad because they’d all just run away themselves
P:it must have been a lovely story for then
Ab:may be

At the same time guru was romancing with aarthi
N:what the hell are you doing with this man
On hearing nikihls voice all came
R:what happened nikihl why are shouting
N:it’s all because of this guru
S:why what happened
Guru trying to coverup
G:nothing he just got angy with me nothing more than that
N:no sir he was flirting with this Aarthi being engaged to your daughter
R&s: what?
R:guru tell me is this true
G:sir its
S:you idiot tell is that true
A:yes mam I love him and he to loves me
Pragya become happy but dint show it whereas sarla and Rathore become shocked
R:I know this will happen very well and showed the photo to Pragya and asked about it
P:yes father I only wrote it and I wrote it for abhi but I don’t know that he is married
Ab:married who me never iam not married
P:you said you where
Ab:when ? I never married in my life

Rathore at the peak of anger
R:can anyone explain me what’s happening here
N:sir I will sir
1st of all me and Aarthi are not engaged its was a lie that we told to you for taking leave and 2nd is sir that aarthi is liking your daughters to be husband guru and he too the same sir
G:yes sir iam extremely sorry I just got engaged to your daughter for your sake neither I like her nor she like me
R:what you mean by
G:sir at that time you’re very firm in your decision and made the way that we have to accept your choice so with no other go we both did this sir
R:then why you both tell me truth
P:because it hurts you father
S:but Pragya what about you now who will marry you
R:she can marry sarla the person to whom she gave the photo letter
P:no father I can’t
Abhi become shocked on hearing this
R:but why you wrote the letter but saying no now
P:because he didn’t like me
A:who said that to you
P:then why you did not reply the letter
A:ya I didn’t because you’re a kid below majority and I want to do everything right
P:I agree with you.you are a romantic idiot and the next time I hope you will know the difference between a 17years school girl and 20years women
Ab:twenty !!! Twenty!!! Saying this abhi ran to Rathore and said major Rathore I beg to propose formally to become a suitor for your daughter hand
P:you dare
Ab:if you were twenty I will take the things seriously what you said in the afternoon
R:keep your romance apart and tell the position what you are
G:he is having nothing except the captain position
Abhi gave a death glare to guru
Ab:I have two hundred horses , 500 work men , a big palace about 50 acres and a small family with mother father and a sister that’s it
All become amazed
R:who are you in real
Ab:iam Abhisek the future king and now the price of jaffar kingdom
Guru become shocked hearing this
S:then captain sorry price abhi you are my daughters choice
P:no he is not
Ab:why you will not forgive me and love me
P:never I will and iam not in love with you
Ab:really see my eyes and tell
P(seeing ab his eyes): I love you more than myself
Both hugged each other
Ab:ok by lady love and family I have a impossible work to be done and I will be back here with my parents for the proposal and after saying this abhi went in his horse while Pragya was shouting “bye my chocolate cream solider ”


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