War love (shot one)

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At night a young ladies bed chamber in Mumbai is shown , through the open window with a little balcony there was a white and beautiful starlit snow , everywhere in the room things are made with ivory the full room is lightened with candles , on the balcony a young lady with romantic beauty of the night is gazing at the snowy Balkans with a long princess dress where she is thinking about her life scary moment (her engagement) where a voice interrupted her thoughts it was Sarala a women over forty

Sarala : Pragya !! Why are you standing here instead of being in you bed and where is Aarthi
Pragya : I sent her away as I wanted to be alone. What’s the matter ma tell me
S: a great Battle with Kanpur!a victory! And it was won by guru
P: wow ma what a great new and ya is father is safe
S: of course he send me the news and also guru is the hero of that war
P:tell me tell me how was it?
S:you can’t guess how splendid it was he fought with that opposite captain like an tiger
P:ok ma I fell sleepy so….
S:ok I understand but don’t go to balcony and close the shutters ok good night
P: good night
Pragya was not sleeping after sarla left and was thinking about what sarala said about guru and went to deep thoughts about guru suddenly a shot breaks the quiet night and she heard boots sound

P: who’s there? Who’s that ?
A mans voice: shhh don’t shout and don’t call out any one if you I will kill you be good no harm will happen to you
P: but who are you
Amv: remember if you raise your voice revolver will go off , strike the light I want to see you (after seeing her) you are Rathores daughter right
P: yes
Amv(himself) in enemies castle it looks nice and thrilling
Amv:dear lady remember if you raise….
P:you will shoot me
Amv:ah but I suppose I don’t want to shoot you (they hear some some sound) ok young lady let me go and sorry for disturbing you
P: but how in this condition wait i will help you and save you
Amv:you can’t
P: I can and drags him and hide him behind the curtain
Aarthi: Pragya whom are you talking with
P:me what ? Are you joking
A: I saw a man climbing your room so i came with soldiers to search
P: they shall not search here
S:Pragya darling are you safe have you seen or heard anything
P:ya shooting sound
Soldiers:then we should surely search your room man
P:no way and one more thing no can enter into my room without my knowledge
S: soldiers go out and search if anyone is there
Sol:your order hyness
All goes out of the room
P:come out no one is here
M:great you are a genius
At the time sarala came and sees them and was about to shout but Pragya managed her and said her the flashback(man entering to the present)
S:ok Pragya I understand but we can’t keep this man here
P:ma but he is injured
S:but Pragya
P: ma please let us first treat his injury
Both clean and plasters the mans injuries and make him eat something
M:thank you for your help and it’s time for me to leave
P and s : wait don’t go
P:because all are searching for you down
S: yes they may kill you
M:but I want to go
S:please dear stay here for one night at morning you can leave . You stay here don’t come out
Saying this she left the room only the man and Pragya was left. He goes to couch and started sleeping on the couch as Pragya in bed on the other side Aarthi was seeing all this through window

Friends one more change its not Mumbai and its Aman (a kingdom) Rathore is a King

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