War love (shot 2)

Hiii friends iam really sorry I could not update the story yesterday as I was busy in Diwali shopping so iam soooo sorry and thank you all for you comments now let’s go in to the story

The next day a very fine Spring full morning , in the garden nikihl and Aarthi were fighting with each other at that a man shouts what’s happening here , both nikihl and Aarthi were shocked to see Rathore there
R:what are both doing here
A & n: nothing sir
R:is breakfast out here rh?
N:yes sir . The mistress and miss Pragya have just gone in
R:go in and say I’ve come and get me some fresh coffee
N:it’s coming sir
S&p: hello what a pleasant surprise for us
S:have they bought fresh coffee
R:yes and I have a surprise for you dear Pragya
S&p:what’s that
R: see there
S&p: saw guru coming towards them
R:future captain of amans army
G:hi Everyone
S:he will be certainty promoted when he marries pragya
On hearing this Pragya become sad
Guru goes towards Pragya
G:my queen and kisses her on the forehead
Suddenly Pragya remembered that a man is in her room and went out without telling anyone,all become confused
Pragya reached her room but did not found anyone in the room , suddenly guru came in
G:what happened dear
P:nothing wait here I will bring something for you
After Pragya left Aarthi came in
A:mam asked to give this to you and said she will back in five minutes
Suddenly guru started to flirt with Aarthi, where nikihl was seeing this from distance and didn’t do anything as he want to get rid of Aarthi at that time Pragya came in
P:sorry for being late
G:it’s ok my queen I will wait my whole life for you
P:Aarthi you may go
A:sees guru and goes out
Rathore came in
R: iam sorry for disturbing the love birds but guru come with me I want I show you someone
G:who’s that sir
R:come and see
G&p: went behind Rathore
R:it is our jafars captain mr.abhi
G:hello mr
On seeing abhi Pragya become shocked
R:this is my daughter Pragya and ( sarala comes at that time) my wife sarala
Sarala too becomes shock by seeing abhi
Ab simles seeing them
R: me.abhi can I ask you something
Ab:sure sir
R:I heard that someone helped you and you stayed there na tell me there address I want to arrest them sorry but it’s rules
Pragya and sarala become shocked and tense screen freezes with there face

Will abhi say there name lets see it tomorrow

Friends please do comment me only one episode is balance tell me can I continue or not

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