The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff part 3

The war between love and revenge -3
Hi dear friends.,am back with the next part of this ff..!!here is the link for the previous part

Part 2

Part 3
Ragini descended the stairs when she heard subathra’s voice..!!she walks carelessly reminiscing the way how deeply laksh loved her once upon a time and his hated towards her now..!!
She unknowingly stepped on something and her legs got slipped..!!full she felt a sudden pull from the back and she was saved from falling down..!!
She looks deeper into his eyes and she felt the same spark and love for her in his eyes..!!their hearts were fluttering hardly for the other..,laksh got drenched completely in her beautiful eyes.,she felt the pain in his eyes and unknowingly his grip got tightened making her to wince..!!
Laksh came back to reality when he found her got hurt..,he slowly makes her stand straight and squeaked..!!

Laksh:can’t you see before stepping..!!
Ragini:sorry..,I descended in an hurry because maa called me..!!
Laksh:I don’t wanna hear any explanations from you..!!what will I do if something happened to you..!!(he stops there itself)
A small curve crept around her lips and she was happy that his love for her is still the same..!!
Everyone gathered and was blinking at others..!!
Laksh stepped down and goes near subathra and says “how it happened maa..!!”
Subathra:laksh beta..,calm down first..!!nothing has happened to Ragini na..!!
Laksh:but maa..!!

“clean that place..!!”subhatra ordered the servant and turned towards Ragini and says”you must be careful na Ragini beta..!!see because of you laksh got stressed..!!”
Laksh:maa..,I haven’t stressed for this girl..!!I don’t want to get a blame from that woman welfare group that am trying to harm her..!!that’s why I sound rude and I wasn’t concerned..!!
Ragini’s face turned saddened..!!like everyday laksh goes to swara first and then proceeds with his further works..!!
“maa..,I will go..!!”Ragini assured subathra..!!

Subathra:but beta..!!
Ragini:maa.,don’t stress more I will go and attend that pooja from our side..!!
Subathra(caressing ragini’s hairs):thank you beta..!!
Ragini nods and started leaving outside..!!she then asked the driver to start the car…!!
“excuse me..!!stop it hari bhaiyya..!!”
The driver stopped the car and Ragini peeps out through the window and found kavitha rushing towards her panting..!!
“Slowly…slowly..!!”Ragini stepped down from the car and quizzed her..!!
Kavitha:woh Ragini..!!I wanna go to shopping and after that I have an small get together with my girls.,so shall I take this car and you can go along with laksh na..!!he will drop you..hey na laksh (she gestured him to do so sighing something)

Laksh replied something through gesture and Ragini immediately agreed to her and seated in his car..!!
Laksh shooted with death glares to Kavi..,for which kavitha pleads through eyes..!!
Laksh drove off and Ragini reminisces something..!!

“Laksh..,please go slowly na..!!”

“Ragini sweetheart..,chill na..!!”
“please laksh..!!i was getting shivers at this speed..!!”Ragini started squeezing his hands..!!
“ok ok..!!i happy..!!”
Ragini nods her head like a kid..!!
Everything echoed in her mind and a small tears escaped from her eyes making her freeze for a moment..!!

“takkkk takk..!!”a sound brings her out from trance and she found a serious..,stressful and depressed face of laksh..!!
Ragini (gently):I know you aren’t comfortable..!!stop the car laksh..,I will go by my myself..!!
Laksh again gave the same reaction which makes Ragini irritated..!!
Ragini(annoyed):I said stop the car..!!

Laksh:I can’t Ragu..!!
Ragini was admiring him now.,yes she heard Ragu from his mouth after so many days..!!she felt extremely happy but reality strikes her..!!
Ragini(furiously):you ok na..!!

Laksh:not at all..!!everything is not in control..!!
Laksh(puppy face):brake failure..!!
Ragini was shocked like a hell at first but she was happy then admiring him and glances his moves without his knowledge but he was trying hard to stop the car..!!everything failed atlast laksh loses his balance and was uttering his last sayings..,he can’t be silent anymore..,finally gathering all his courage he gently muttered”do you love me..??”
Ragu was astonished.,amazed and what not and without taking an single second she pressed his lips..!!
“yes I do love you..!!”she says bending her head..!!

They were travelling deep into other’s eyes and were lost there itself.,they don’t know the path to come back..!!but they felt they are safe around eo’s .,so they stays there itself..!!
The car was moving in zig zag manner and it wasn’t at it’s path trembling and taking turns..!!

“mein tujhse hi chup chup kar..!!”plays

A truck from the side was about to hit the car..!!
“Laksh..!!”Ragini screams..!!
The screen freezes with the scary faces of Raglak and the truck in the side..!!

To be continued •••

Guys am really really sorry for taking so much time to update it..!!and madhu sissy ur wait is over ..!!am really sorry for this boring chappy..!!
Next time will try to add some raglak moments..!!
Take care dears

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