The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff part 1

The war between love and revenge 1
Hi dear all,and finally the wait is over..yes as I said I will be updating the first part of this ff on 31st of this month and I fulfilled my promise.yes it’s the first part of 20 dyzz to go.
Dears intro section will be given in between.happy reading and am sorry if it doesn’t satisfied your level.


{tin tin..}
“haan haan..coming..”
(a lady in the age of early 50’s rushed to door,who dressed up royally opened the door)
“kaun hai mumma…”
(a girly voice came from inside who gets shocked seeing someone)
“Ragini..!!”she amazed seeing her in the bridal attire who is lifting her luggage in her hands..!!
“maa..mein aagaye..won’t you do my grahapravesh…!!”Ragini asked pouting making Subhatra stands numb..
(Subhatra Maheshwari -Chairman(only by power)of Maheshwari groups and step mother of laksh and swara and mother of kavitha)
“Ragini..!!why you are here..”kavitha grabbed her hands and took her aside…

Ragini:Kavi..,leave my hands…will you treat your bhabhi like’s really paining yaar…!!
Kavitha(irritated):what the hell..!!look Ragini..,you aren’t married to Lakshya,then how come my bhabhi…??stop your drama and get lost..,laksh is here only.if he found you outside then noone can calm his anger level.just leave from here orelse you need to face the bad consequences..!!
“call him…we know how to face the consequences…”
(kavitha stands dumbstruck when she faced that huge crowd..!!)
Kavitha:Ragini..!!what’s all this..??
“that we will say to your him out…”they says…
Ragini doesn’t react much and she smiles inside..!!
“Lakshya..!!down down…”
“heartless man Maheshwari…down down..”
“Lakshya..!!down down..””
(members in the crowd started shouting the above lines..)
Their screams reached laksh and it disturbed him who was viewing something deeply and also connected with someone on video call..
“Mr.Maheshwari…is something wrong your side…am getting some distortions in your voice..”the client asked him..
Laksh:nope may be due to some media people Mike…
“Lakshya…it’s from your side only…!!let’s discuss about the rest today noon..bye..”mike disconnected the video call…
“damn it..”laksh hits his hand on the table..!!

Laksh then descended the stairs and his face is expressing clearly the anger he gonna blurt out…!!
Subhatra who was convincing the crowd to remain calm jerked when she heard the footsteps…!!
“What the hell..!!”laksh roared like a lion and his gaze turned towards Ragini and he was shooting death glares to her and she just gave him a smile in return ..!!
His legs then travelled towards her unknowingly and he gazed her intensely and dragged her aside by grabbing her elbows and folded her hand behind her back..!!
“why are you creating drama over here..huh..”laksh tightened his grip even more and she winces in pain..!!
Laksh(still tightening his grip):see Ms.Ragini..,I clearly explained you that I don’t love you and I just pretended so just to take revenge from you for harming my little sister, swara.
Ragini:laksh..!!please leave my hand..!!
Laksh:then just leave from here without creating any drama..!!
Ragini:waah..!!am I doing drama or you did with me…!!
“Ragini..!!”he pressed her against the wall…
“aah..!!”Ragini winces and rubs her backhead…
Laksh immediately pulled her towards him and rubbed her backhead…
“I love you laksh..!!”she said crying bitterly…
Laksh immediately pushed her away and says”but I hate you damn it…just stay away from me orelse you have to see other side of me…”

“I have already seen that laksh..!!I have already seen..!!”she sobs by clenching his shirts..!!
Laksh (laughs evilly ):just for cheated you..,you’re creating drama over here but you played in my sister’s life na..,will you bring back my swara..??will you bring back her pretty smile..??will you make her normal like before..??will you..??(his anger reached its peak and he was about to smash her face but instead hits the wall nearby..!!)
Ragini closed her eyes tightly due to fear can’t able to tackle his words and his anger..!!
“tu aata hai seene mein..!!jab jab saasein bharti hoon…”plays in the bg..!!
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and gathered all her courage to face those blood shot eyes..,the next moment laksh pushed her on the ground and walked past her without looking back..!!
Subhatra and kavitha were trying to clear those crowds..!!
Laksh came all of the sudden and says “just leave from here orelse you will be locked in jail for creating nuisance…just leave (a bit rudely)..!!”
“dekh…he is behaving like this with us itself…i can’t imagine why this poor girl is behind him..i pity on her life..”a lady started yelling him from the crowd..!!
“poor girl…!!she…i pity on you guys for wasting your time here…”he laughs evilly..!!
“Mr.Maheshwari…don’t show your highness with us..first answer to this then accept your wife and live happily..!!”that lady showed him the photograph in which laksh was toeing sutr around Ragini’s neck infront of matarani temple was snapped..!!
“this isn’t true…she might have morphed this…maa trust me (to subhatra)..!!”laksh was scratching his head and was behaving madly..!!

“Morph…what’s this Laksh…!!you only took me to the matarani temple and got me married over there and now talking like this…!! Why god you have left me still in this world after hearing those words from my pati dev..!!hey ram ji took me with you…,i don’t want to live anymore in this world…”Ragini sheds tears and winks at Laksh who shooted her with death glares..!!
“maa..!!she is creating drama over here..dekh..she is making faces(pointing Ragini…,but when subhatra turns towards her..,Ragini makes sad face and closed her mouth with her palms like controlling her pain)”laksh pulled his hairs..!!
“enough..!!”subhatra’s voice stops everyone and they sealed their mouth..!!
Subhatra(to Ragini):am sorry Ragini for laksh’s deeds and from now on Ragini becomes the bahurani of maheshwari kandhan..welcome to sasural Mrs.Maheshwari(she hugged Ragini and rubs her back lovingly while Ragini winks to laksh..!!)
“chup kar laksh..!!this is our prestige issue..,what else you have left me with…accept my decision orelse I will leave from this house..!!”subhatra glared him…!!
“but maa..!!”kavitha interfered…
Subhatra(anger in peak):stay away from this issue..!!
Laksh clenched his fist and went inside without saying anything..!!
“I will do your aarthi..wait here Ragini…!!”subhatra went inside to bring the thaal and Ragini stands at the entrance..!!

Subhatra comes after few minutes and tooks aarthi and placed the kalash at entrance..!!
“Ragini..!!come inside by using your right leg..!!”
Ragini nods and before that she thanked the woman’s rights commission who helped her..!!
“Ragini..,if you need any help just give us a call…!!”they bids a bye…!!
Subhatra(to woman’s rights members):that won’t happen..,because am there na to take care of Ragini…
They leaves..!!
Ragini entered mm with all rituals and with full respect…!!
She then reminisces something…@@@^^^@@@
Ragini was weeping beside the rock near the bridge and was holding her head with her palms..,she sobs badly thinking about how laksh cheated her in the name of love..!!

The same car which left her alone came…laksh jumped from the car and rushed towards the bridge repeating her name..!!
“Ragini..!!why did you do this to me..!!”
“is the girl related to you..!!”police officer enquired and took laksh with him to identify the body…!!
Laksh was holding his mouth and squeezing his hands in fear…!!
The girl whose face is covered with the white cloth is placed on the stretcher…,laksh neared her and his hands were shivering due to reason of losing his love..!!
Finally he gathered his courage and unwrapped the white cloth..,he closed his eyes and the tears escaped from his eyes..!!
“is this your girl..!!”

Laksh nods in no and leaves from there..!!Ragini who was crying till now wiped her tears after encountering the pain that laksh have gone through thinking that Ragini have committed suicide..!!
She smiles victoriously..!!
“take the body to post-mortem..”police officer says and leaves in his jeep..!!
Laksh then left from there painfully thinking the way how rudely he behaved with Ragini..!!

“jis din tujhko na dekhun,pagal pagal phirti hoon…!!
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega…jaise main karti hoon..!!”plays in bg…

Ragini who watched everything hiding from somewhere sobs out and says”our love was true laksh..!!now you have proved me wrong for thinking that you have betrayed me..!!I will make it clear about everything…I won’t leave you alone laksh bcz I love you..i love you..!!”she falls down on her knees…
Ragini looks around for laksh and the tear drop escapes from her eyes…
She then felt a hand around her shoulders and immediately buried herself into her…
“Ragu…you came home..!!”
“haan swaru…i came back to you..”
“yippie…!!am so hpy…dekh my son gets happier too seeing her maami..”
Ragini hugged her tightly and says”am not responsible for your state swara..!!why can’t your bhaai understand that…!!”

To be continued •••

So guys done with the first part and am sorry if doesn’t satisfied you…!!
Happy birthday to my sweet heart sissy mintu…may all your dreams comes true and live happily forever…
Keep smiling da….ummaahhh…
Love u loads

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