The war of love by Niku( part 2)


Part 1

part – 2

all of a sudden quietness felt in the office , all the hustle bustle of the office stopped , everyone is absolutely silent doing their respective work , rudra saw the sudden changed in the office and was in deliemma that what was going in office , when he heard someone saying that miss AR is a perfectionist , she don’t like any mistakes , she needs everything perfect , all in the office are scared of her becoz she doesn’t sphere anyone with a small mistake too
all of a sudden , the gate open of meeting room and miss AR enters . she is in a white shirt and a black pant with black coat on it , her hair were open , carrying drak matte lipststick , she was totally looking hot
all the member stand s up to greet
miss AR greets them and asks them to sit

rudra was astonished to see her becz she was his anika bhabhi , his own bhabhi , tears of happiness was going to flow but to his utter shock , he could not speak a single word , his mouth was shut .

anika – i would like to make it very clear infront of all that I would invest my money in the project which would be beneficial for me , u can all start the meeting hereby

one by one all explains the project but rudra was just thinking of her bhabhi
rudra could not believe his eyes that her bhabhi glared to him to be quiet and she Is acting so normal seeing me

he was so lost in thoughts that he didn’t notice his turned came
and he was out from it
anika – mr. rudra singh oberoi , if u had anything to show for the plan , than show it now or don’t waste our time , I had lot to do
rudra – what , u are calling me rudra singh oberoi
before he can say anything more
anika – yes mr.oberoi , did I commit any mistake , ur name is not rudra singh oberoi
rudra – no no , it is
anika – then are u confused about ur name , I told u if u have anything to explain , then do it fast
rudra could not believe his ears that anika bhabhi was calling him by his name , she used to call him rudy , I was her rudy and she never acted rough to him . he was about to cry

but at this moment he had no other choice to rather to explain , he was feeling very weak but he collected all his courage to speak as it was important for them to get this deal

anika (pov) – I am I am so happy that I met my rudy after 1 long year, he is my rudy my rudy , but I am really sorry rudy that I am being so harsh to u , I am speaking u in this way , no anika don’t be sorry u are not anika now , u are MISS AR now , u cant be weak , u have to be strong , u cant let ur past affect u anymore

all the members were done explaining their programe and now waiting for the answer from miss ar
anika – the meeting was really good and I have decided that whom I am going to invest , it u mr.oberoi , ur plan was really nice and I am investing my money in ur project , the meeting gets over here and all can leave now

all the member leaves except anika and rudra
anika turns back towards the gate and was about to leave but
rudra – anika bhabhi
anika turns towards rudra
anika – excuse me , mr.oberoi , my name is miss ar , I am not ur bhabhi and I hope u will call me miss ar only
rudra – bhabhi , what are u saying , I missed u so much , u don’t know what had happened in past 1 yr , shivay bhaiya….

before rudra can speak further
anika – I told u that my name is MISS AR , and secondly I don’t have any relation with u
rudra – oh really , than why did u give me this project
anika – don’t be in any confusion , mr.oberoi I gave u this deal becz ur presentation was really good and I never do deals with losses
rudra – no bhabhi , u r lying , u are my bhhabi , my anika bhabhi and u have to listen me
anika – its the last time mr.oberoi u are saying me this , I am giving u last warning or u are going to loose this project
by saying this anika leaves

rudra was so shocked that her legs freeze on the place , he could not move , the tears he was controlling came down from there place , he was crying
when a call came , it was the third time when he saw his phone , it was gauri bhabhi’s call , he picked it up
gauri – rudy bhaiya , how was the deal

rudra – bhabhi (crying voice)
gauri – rudy bhaiya , its okay we did not get the deal naa , we will try again , we will succeed bhaiya
rudy – no bhabhi we got the deal
gauri – we got the deal(little bit excited voice ) but why are u crying
rudy – bhabhi vo I met anika bhabhi today
gauri – what u met anika bhauji , u are near him , give her the phone I want to talk , that is a good news rudy bhaiya then why are u sad
rudy – bhabhi she was not our anika , she was someone else
gauri – rudy bhaiya first stop crying and second come home , we will talk her , what are u saying I am unable to understand

on other side in anika’s cabin
manager – mam ,I think u did’nt did right giving this project to oberois , mam there reputation in market is all lost , they are on the verge of loosing their whole oberoi empire
anika – how dare u to talk me like this , did I ask ur suggestion , what do u think of urself , I don’t know what I did , just go out from my sight , leave me alone
manager leaves

anika then started crying loudly In her cabin
anika to herself – how can I be so bad to rudra , how can I speak to him in this manner and how this manger speak about him so rudely , how can I not help my rudy when I know he needs this , I will help them to rise back but I will be strong enough to face him , not my past coming in future , I will not loss my self respect this time

precap – more suspense to get unfold , bu think where is shivaay , why rudy is working , where are all other oberois , how anika changed to miss ar , there are lot of question and u will get the answer simultaneously .

thanku for ur comments , ur love and if u like this episode then give ur love in comment box
your niku

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