The war of love by Niku( part 1)


hi guys , I am back with an khidkithod ff , this is NIKU here
so here ff starts

in om
gauri is doing aarti of his shivji and thinking
today one year is completed and it looks like our time has stopped , everything changed (tears falling) anika bhauji where are u
on other side
girl – sheena get up naa , its morning
sheena puts the duvet more on her and covers her face
sheena – anika , plz thodi der aur
(yes she is our anika)
anika – sheena get up now , its too late today is papa’s birthday we have to go mandir
sheena just gets up in a second
sheena – oh my god , oh my god , I forgot
anika smiles seeing sheena
sheena hugs tight anika
sheena – anika , I love u , u always remember thinks and handles everything
anika – oyye , he is my papa too
sheena – haan haan I know , he is ur father only kk now
anika gives her khidkithod smile
anika – now go and get ready and I have to go office after mandir , I ll drop u wherever u say
sheena – kk my darling

anika goes to her balcony and sees the scenic beauty of her big bungalow , one side garden and other side a big beach can be seen

in om

rudra in his three piece suit dressed like shivaay comes to his gauri bhabhi
rudra – bhabhi , bless me today I have an important meeting with one of the top businesswoman , and bhabhi if I cracked the deal naa then I believe everything can change back
gauri – rudy bhai , u will take this deal , pakka
rudra – hmm , bhabhi now let me meet oh
rudra goes to omkara who is lying in bed unconsicious (guys he is comma still )
om is on death bed but gauri is taking care of him and has only hope he will survive

rudra – O I am going for a meeting wish me all the best , O see na ur rudy is now going for business wish him

gauri comes – rudy bhai , he is wishing u now go or u will get late
rudra gets tears in his eyes but controls infront of his gauri bhabhi

maheshwari empire

rudra reaches maheshwari empire and sits in the meeting room , yes he is early from others as it is really important meeting as all oberoi empire has been destroyed , rudra is preparing for the meeting and is all set
and slowly all the member occupies there seat and is waiting for miss AR the business tycoon
rudra was thinking that what could be the fullform of AR and even he ask some employes but all nods no that even they don’t know

precap – why rudra is taking care of business , what happened to all other oberois , who is AR , give me the guesses

how was it guys , did u like it , tell me with ur comments , all chamelis and tamatar are accepted

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  1. Sairan

    Anika raichand
    Anika rajput

  2. I think ar must be anika.

  3. Ashwinee

    Great start.?

  4. Niriha

    Interesting…awesome waiting for next update soon

  5. SMC

    Niku it was just amazing..???
    Waiting for the next seems interestingg?

  6. ShailajaBanthia

    ee full of suspense loving it

  7. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dii…. NYC plot… I think ar must be anika…. post nxt asap

  8. Arwa78659

    AR is some what related to anika and shivaay mudt have left OM
    Just silly guesses……..
    by the its amazing..

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Hiiiiii Niku. Interesting start yaar! I liked it. But my very first question is where is Shivaay Singh Oberoi?? What happened to him?? And I think AR must be Anika only donno about her surname.

  10. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  11. Awesome….. AR it’s confusing…. I think it some how related to anika….

  12. Sam-99

    Sure AR is anika right??? Interesting plot …..what happen to oberois no guess? ??? Waiting for next…..


  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  15. VHM

    Awesome …Interesting shot…will be waiting for the next update from you

  16. Fffan1234

    Nice and intriguing part

  17. Sagithya

    Awesome… Interesting too

  18. Kanfi


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