war between LOVE and FATE (chapter 3)

Twinkle was so determined to her dream she was waiting for love of her life.Everyday she used to dream so and would have waited on the beachside like a mad lover waiting for her love and with anxiety for the sign of her love which is a glass bottle with a letter,she had waited for many days,she is still waiting and will wait till she finds her love.


A big lavish room,it is  full of pictures of a handsome good looking guy at different places,it seems he loves travelling.
Someone comes in rushing into the room and taps a person on the bed so hardly.

Sid….wake up,it’s getting late we need to go,wake up man
Person said.

Wait Yuvi I am feeling sleepy, Sid replied trying to cover his face with blanket.

Yuvi drags the blanket.
Today we have an interview,do you remember that.

Oh!!!ya…I remember,he wokes up with a bang and rushes to bathroom.

Hufff…god finally,yuvi took a sigh of relief and moved out of the room.

Sid got ready in his blue denims and white formal shirt and came out.He was looking very hot.

Both Sid and yuvi had their breakfast and left to college in their car.

Bro,are you ready for interview? Sid asked.

Yes,completly.What about you?I came to your room yesterday night but you were not there,I thought you were working in your study room…

As yuvi was continuing,Sid burst out in laughter.Yuvi was confused!!!

What happened??yuvi questioned.

Haha…haha…hhaaahha bro,I was not in my study room.


Actually I went for a late night party,Sid replied.

Yuvi was shocked.

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