war between LOVE and FATE (chapter 3 and 4 with little changes)


A big lavish room,it is full of pictures of a handsome good looking guy at different places,it seems he loves travelling.
Someone comes in rushing into the room and taps a person on the bed so hardly.

Sid….wake up,it’s getting late we need to go,wake up man
Person said.

Wait Yuvi I am feeling sleepy, Sid replied trying to cover his face with blanket.

Yuvi drags the blanket.
Today we have an interview,do you remember that.

Oh!!!ya…I remember,he wokes up with a bang and rushes to bathroom.

Hufff…god finally,yuvi took a sigh of relief and moved out of the room.

Sid got ready in his blue denims and white formal shirt and came out.He was looking very hot.

Both Sid and yuvi had their breakfast and left to college in their car.

Bro,are you ready for interview? Sid asked.

Yes,completly.What about you?I came to your room yesterday night but you were not there,I thought you were working in your study room…

As yuvi was continuing,Sid burst out in laughter.Yuvi was confused!!!

What happened??yuvi questioned.

Haha…haha…hhaaahha bro,I was not in my study room.


Actually I went for a late night party,Sid replied.

Yuvi was shocked.

Oh my God,how can you go man,I am damn sure you will lose this opportunity,Yuvi replied.

Leave that,You know how rocking yesterday s party was,it was awesome,Sid said with enthusiasm.
You should have joined me,he added.

No way bro,I am happy please dont try to spoil me,he said sarcastically.

You don’t the value of life and enjoyment bro,Sid replied in a teasing manner.

Well,it’s my part of say so as you are becoming too irresponsible these days,if you didn’t get into this job then I will the first to kill you,said yuvi putting his hands around sid s neck.

Ohh…chill bro,let me drive orelse we both will be attended by nurses and doctors in the hospital instead of attending our interviews,he mocked at yuvi.

Yuvi relaxed in his seat and started practicing how to talk and behave in interview.Sid, Who was seeing all this was giggling to himself wondering about yuvi s innocence.

Yuvraj is an ideal person for goodness.He was studious and had a big dreams for his dear life.He too was a jovial guy but not to the extent of high enjoyments.He was a cousin come a best buddy of sid,who lives with sid since childhood.

Sid launghed to himself and he remembered his previous night.

In the late night party he enjoyed a lot drinking,dancing,singing and all.But it didn’t pleased him though he enjoyed a lot his heart popped for something else.
He only knows what was that and what he wanted,as he came out of the pub,he felt the true sulent world which is completely relaxing from all tensions and stress.The cool breeze welcomed him with its whole heart as he went on a drive along beachside which he loved a lot and did so when ever he felt stressed or depressed due to many reasons.
After a drive he parked the car and came out of it and walked towards the water as he continued he felt the smoothness of breeze which played with his hair,coolness of water relaxing him for a moment under his legs,it was a place where he used to spend time with his mom,who left him when he was just 13.

He missed his mom a lot and hindered of mother s love.He wanted her everytime when his father scolded him or when he lost matches while playing or when he cried to  do homework and all but every time he wanted her very badly.
He took out a empty bear bottle and wrote something on a paper,he put the letter into bottle,locked it and threw it into the beach.His mom used to do that before when she missed someone.He also developed this as his habit in the memory of his mother whenever he felt sad or remembered his mother he used to write it on as paper and started throwing it into sea with a bottle so he hoped that it would reach his mom.

He watched the bottle travelling with the waves and he remembered his memories with his mom.Slowly tears started running on his cheeks.

He felt,his heart was crying due to the lack of love,a heavenly love which everyone need.He was a emotional guy but still world knows him only as a easy going,jovial guy.
He was brought up by his Bebe but no one can replace mother and her love.Even for him.
To encourage him and to support him everytime yuvi was there with him since they met.They both shared a special relation of being friends more than cousin brothers.Many times yuvi managed the family people when sid went outside to parties.He was not a party freak but to let out all his frustration and sadness he used to go to noisy places.

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