war between LOVE and FATE (chapter 2)

As she was wondering she heard the sound of her alarm which was ringing from past few minutes.She stood up and freed herself from her bedspread and offed the alarm.

She got ready and went for her morning jog with her friend Maya.All the time she used to blabber a Lott bt now she was sooo silent,Maya felt amazed of Twinkle s behavior.

Are you fine?Maya asked by tapping on twinkles shoulder.
Twinkle nodded.
After a while twinkle spoke,Do our morning dreams come true???
People say so but I doubt,Maya replied after taking breathe while jogging.
Twinkle stopped for a moment and looked around she could only find sea and sand.Maya noticed it and she came back to her friend to enquiry.

Are you fine?Maya asked.
I feeling wierd here,can we sit for a while,twinkle asked.
They both settled on sand of the beach.

I had a dream where I was jogging some bottle poked into my leg and it started bleeding like hell then I saw a letter in that bottle and it was a love letter a very nice one
I felt like it was written for me as I looked up I saw a boy with rose and bottle coming to me. Before I could stand up…..,as twinkle was about to continue Maya cut her.

Everything vanished in a fraction of second and u couldn’t see him thats it na…u were telling this from many years and I am listening it like a fool…wouldn’t the boy be John Abraham or Varun Dhawan??Maya burst out in laughter saying that.

Twinkle got angry and said,
Shut up Maya if this dream come true I will love that boy only and marry him only at any cost.

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  1. Angita

    Nice episode

  2. Paavu

    hey is this story related to serial mastaangi of v channel as i loved that and now its ended so i wd love to read ur ff

  3. Baby

    hey roshini wow luvd it very cute n short episode pls ppls pls post asap dear

  4. Kritika14

    Amazing! I would like you to read my ff called – the enticing little incident (twinj)

  5. wow . after so many days . aap vanish kiu ho ?

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