Do you want Zain and Aaliya to get divorced / separated in Beintehaa?

We have seen how Usman gone stuck in the lift, as it malfunctioned. Usman met with an uncertain accident and got his spinal cord damaged, which led him to get paralysis. Zain and Aaliya were in a marriage function that time, but rushed to Usman knowing about his state. Zain gives hope to Surayya and takes good care of Usman. He brings him home though he is not able to walk, and is on a wheelchair, because of the paralytic attack. Bobby who came to see Usman at the hospital has filled Surayya’s ears against Zubair.

Surayya reports this matter to Zain. Zain sees Zubair’s hand hurt and it makes him think. It’s sad to see Zain doubting Zubair to be behind this accident, why can’t he think of Bobby, who has all the reasons to hurt Usman. Anyways, it’s a serial and the creatives like to play with the good characters and turning them grey the moment they feel like. Zubair will turn grey or stick to his goody goody character, only time can say. Aaliya supports her cousin Zubair knowing he can’t hurt Usman. Zain and Aaliya choose different ways once again and this is the reason Zain and Aaliya starts distancing.

Zain tells Surayya that he will not spare Zubair if he is guilty. Aaliya promises Zubair that she knows he is innocent and she will fight the case for him, by hiring the best lawyer in town, not just any lawyer given by the court. This leads to the entry of a handsome and dashing lawyer Rehaan, who meets Aaliya and being convinced by her, he agrees to fight Zubair’s case. Aaliya will be teaming up with Rehaan. Zain decides to get separated from Aaliya, and it is rumored that he will give her divorce and move on in life.

Aaliya too will move on and get married to Rehaan who is already having two children Zara and Kabir. Nandish Sandhu is going to play the role of Rehaan and its good to see him enter this show. Hope he brings some freshness and have some good scenes with Aaliya. So guys, Aaliya will be becoming the mum of two, if she really gets married to Rehaan. Will Zain really give divorce to Aaliya? Where did their Beintehaa love disappear? Give us your opinion on this upcoming track of the show.


  1. rimi

    dis track is nthng bt absoulute crap nd all zaya fans shud do 1 thing, dat is, quit watchng d show! nd yeah, lots of hate 2 d writers! go kill urselves

  2. rose

    Plz don’t split Zain and aliya it won’t be the same and you will lose viewers they have so much chemistry there funny it’s escapism for us when we come home from work to relax watch tv so plzzzzzzzz make them stay together

  3. zaya fan

    If they do get divorced then I will never watch the shows that the producer of beintehaa makes. Plz don’t do this keep them together.
    we all love zain and aaliya together.

  4. if u r going to separate d 2, the serial will become d worst…coz zaya fans love their chemistry,,,plzzzzzzzzzz producer sahb,,,,we r talking about ur profit, if u do this, u’ll lose many viewers, of course me!

  5. zaya fan

    NOOOO way!!!
    This story is about Zain and Aaliya so why are they bringing Rehan in this.
    It is fine till the fact that they are going to get separated, cauz after a short time I m sure they will come back…BUT why is Aaliya to marry Rehan…. how stupid
    well if this happens then I am so gonna quit the show

  6. Ameena khan

    Never ever think of separatin zain and aliya or else the TRP of beinteha wil come sure

  7. besila

    plzzzzzzzzzz don’t bring the twist we love watching aliya and zain together we watch the serial everyday we don’t want zubair in the serial and we don’t want them to get separated

  8. star

    If they will separated so we should not watch drama I think
    That zain and aliya are made for each other .

  9. noooooo this should not happen if then make them come to each other fast plzzzz dont do this .. no zaya fan will tolrate this plzzzz creatives plzzzz………

  10. nova


  11. preetika

    this serial is one of the best serial because this story is about zain and aliya and if they get separated every one will stop watching thisserial. so i really pray that they donot get separated.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.