Do you want vrushika to return to ishqbaaz ??


As we all know gul Khan removed vrushika mehtas role as ishaana from the show and there might be a chance that sana Amin sheikh ( aradhya from krishnadasi) would be coming opposite kunal jaisingh ( omkaara)

This article is a suggestion and opinion article s do comment whether do you want vrushika to return as ishaana or some other new girl

According to me ishaana was perfect for omkaara as she was totally opposite, she lied did cheats where as om is really honest and does not believe in lying
For me no one can portray that sort of role except vrushika and if it was my choice I would never let her go
From all three brothers Oms story has least progressed with little or no Foucault on his love life at all
Gul Khan shouldn’t have removed vrushy but should have given her a part time break in which she would think of other ways to introduce their story

I would like if all ishqbaazians would comment if they would like some other girl to enter for om or would they want ishaana to renter and do comment how should their story progressed
Please I would like your honest opinions
All types of comments accepted here
I am so excited to know your feedback so comment quickly

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  1. Ishana is perfect for Om, please bring her back!

  2. I also want ishana back.her n oms pairing was nice n liked by all fans dont know why they wrapped up her character even aftr knowing that fans like their couple n had written ff,os etc on them
    Plz bring ishana back

  3. Yesss yessss yessss re entry of vrushika plsssssss ???? dying to see here

  4. We want vrushika back plsssssss ???

  5. SamSun

    I want vrushika to re-enter as ishana cause she is perfect for Omkara. vrushika and kunal look good together and ishana is perfect for Omkara. ishqbaaz is about takkar and truth’s opposite is lie so ishana should be opposite om (vrushika opposite kunal)

  6. we want ishana back ….she is perfect for om

  7. Pls don’t let her leave the show I want her back very badly

  8. I want vrushika back

  9. vrushika plz back

  10. vrushika would look amazing opposite omkara

  11. Sangita chaturvedi

    We want vrushika to come back….. I really wanted to see vrushika and kunal’s love story ????plzzzzzz Plzzzzzz get her back Asap….I am missing her like a hell????….. plzzzzzz??????.

  12. Shayal Chandra

    I want vrushy back in Ishqbaaz

  13. Ishana character is perfect opposite om….as shivay who thinks of keeping relations on the basis of blood line, status,family is being paired with anika…….and rudra who keeps relations on the basis of glamour, body structure, zero size is being paired with Soumya……shivay and rudra are paired with contrasting characters., ishana is the perfect contrasting character for om who keep relations based on trust and honesty.,….so ishana should comeback …..highlight is the last dialogue of ishana saying ” to live life we have to keep a face over face and once when you will learn the truth about me you will regret for it”…. So I think this is the perfect time for ishana reentry during acp sister accident track

  14. I also want Ishanna to come back bcoz she is best and perfect for Om,I think they will be the best jodi and if thought about Sana she is good but not perfect for Om but I think we give a chance to sana too. What do you think guys?

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